PvE Elemental Shaman Talents & Builds

tbc pve elemental shaman talents and builds

In this section we will cover the optimal talent build for Elemental Shamans and then further explain why we select each talent.


Convection – Reducing the mana cost of various of your spells will assist with mana conservation, damage output and overall longevity in fights

Concussion – Increasing the damage done by various spells will increase your DPS

Elemental Warding – As we need three talent points spent to reach the fifth tier of talents, this talent will assist with surviving various endgame fights such as Shade of Aran in Karazhan

Call of Flame – Because we use our Fire Totems in most pulls, especially AoE pulls, it’s a great idea to increase their damage as much as possible

Elemental Focus – In our Pre-Raid gearset, our Critical Strike Chance exceeds 30%, which means we will often be landing critical strikes, increasing the frequency of this talent’s benefit

Call of Thunder – While increasing the Critical Strike Chance of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning will potentially increase your damage output, it will also assist with triggering Elemental Focus, as well

Storm Reach – Increasing the range at which we can attack will help us stay out of range of a boss’s cleave ability, if they have one, or AoE damage. An example would be Nightbane, incase two Scorched Ground are laid side-by-side and you are forced to be behind them to avoid the damage, causing you to be further away from Nightbane

Elemental Fury – Increasing our Critical Strike Damage bonus will always be beneficial

Unrelenting Storm – This will aid us in mana conservation and longevity in fights

Elemental Precision – This helps us achieve our required Spell Hit Rating (drastically, I may add!) and reduces the threat we cause with our Fire, Frost and Nature spells – a gift to any tank

Lightning Mastery – Reducing the cast time of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning will increase our damage output

Elemental Mastery – This will essentially be used on cooldown since the effect is phenomenal for damage

Lightning Overload – Hello, free damage! With a 20% chance, theoretically, we could see 1 in 5 spells triggering this, and with zero threat caused by the free spell, it’s a gift!

Totem of Wrath – A treat for any caster in your group that isn’t already Spell Hit Capped, since it increases their chance to hit with spells by 3%. It’s also a treat for ANY caster in your group since it also increases their chance to critically hit with spells by 3%, too


Tidal Focus – It’s always possible that you may find the need to throw out a healing spell every once in a while, especially when your healer is getting low on mana, or stunned, so reducing the mana cost of them is always beneficial

Improved Reincarnation – While we all hope that you don’t find yourself dying too often, being able to have a reduced cooldown on Reincarnation is always a welcomed treat

Totemic Focus – Because some of our totems can cost upwards of roughly 800 mana by default, it’s a great idea to reduce this wherever possible, since we’ll use them on nearly every pull

Nature’s Guidance – The third talent that reduces our required Spell Hit Rating

Totemic Mastery – This is very useful since in some fights you may be further away from your group members than on other fights

Tidal Mastery – This allows for our lightning spells to have a 5% increased chance to critically strike


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2 years ago

You said elemental warding is necessary to progress but it most definitely is not and is a waste of those talent points, also not maxing out your unrelenting storm? Trash

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