PvE Destruction Warlock Talents & Builds

tbc classic pve destruction warlock talents & builds burning crusade classic

Destruction is the best option for endgame content in Phase 2 and later because we can more easily reach the cap for spell hit. At that point, this is the build for maximum DPS while raiding, in 5-mans, and in heroics at level 70.

Shadow Build

Unfortunately, there are no talents that directly give us an increase in spell hit rating, so this build won’t max out damage until we can reach hit cap from gear. We have the option of going for maximizing shadow damage, mixing shadow and fire, or maximizing fire damage.

Shadow & Fire Build

In this spec we will be using Immolate and therefore need the 5 points in Improved Immolate. Conflagrate deals some great instant-cast damage and is to be used just before refreshing the Immolate DoT effect on a target. This build will revolve around using Incinerate instead of Shadow Bolt.


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I am a Classic WoW enthusiast, maining a Dwarf Rogue from Vanilla through Cataclysm. It makes me so happy to be able to play through Classic content again, this time bringing my Prot Paladin and PvP/PvE Warlock dreams to life. The lore in Warcraft has always been appealing to me, and I am excited to be a member of the Classic community!
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2 years ago

Great shadow build!

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