PvE Enhancement Shaman Talents & Builds

pve tbc enhancement shaman talents & builds

In this section we will be covering the two different builds that are most commonly used among Enhancement Shamans for TBC Classic. Since most of the talents found under the Enhancement tree are fairly self-explanatory, I will be covering why we pick up talents in the other two trees (Restoration and Elemental)

Enhancement with Elemental

This first build revolves more around mana sustainability with Convection and Elemental Focus. Unfortunately, this build does not benefit from Nature’s Guidance, so you would have to receive that Hit Rating bonus elsewhere, be it from gear or gems, etc.

Concussion, Call of Flame, and Reverberation all affect your potential damage output. With Magma Totem and Fire Nova Totem being used on AoE pulls, Call of Flame is a perfect addition for this.

Enhancement with Restoration

This second build revolves around the idea of “totem twisting” a little more by utilizing Totemic Focus and Totemic Mastery. It does sacrifice some personal damage, most notably in AoE encounters.

We do pick up Nature’s Guidance, so we would require less Hit Rating to reach the cap.

While most points are fairly imperative, if you’d like you can remove the two points from Improved Reincarnation and place them into Concussion for a slight damage boost.


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