TBC Classic Dungeon Leveling Guide

tbc classic dungeon leveling guide

Finding Groups

  1. Using the Looking For Group chat channel (Press “Enter” to begin chatting, and then type “/4” and then press “Space” to begin using this channel)
  2. Many players choose to also utilize “Trade” chat – to do this we use the same method as above, except we’ll use “/2” instead
  3. TBC Classic introduces a revamped version of the “Looking for Group” tool
  4. The World of Warcraft community is constantly looking for ways to improve the average player’s experience – most notably, through the creation of add-ons. There are several add-ons that players enjoy using, including ones that help make forming groups easier

Dungeons Per Level

There is little difference between Horde and Alliance when it comes to completing dungeons. One of these differences is the first few dungeons that you’ll likely complete. Below we have compiled a list of dungeons for both factions according to level for your reference.


  • The Deadmines: Westfall (Level 16-22) As a tank or DPS you may find it better to wait until level 18 to run Deadmines since at 16 you may notice your spells and abilities missing or being resisted. Healers are able to enter as low as level 15.


Both Factions

Dungeon Quests

Many dungeon quests are worth completing throughout your journey. However, some dungeons aren’t worth completing for the quests alone. For example, Alliance wouldn’t find enough benefit from quests in dungeons like Razorfen Kraul and Horde in Gnomeregan, even though both factions have quests in those dungeons.

Some dungeons include what is called class quests, such as Test of Righteousness which sees the Paladin completing both The Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep.

We recommend checking our Dungeon Quest Guide so you can see which are beneficial for you and plan accordingly!

Are You Prepared for Outland?

“You are not prepared!” We’ve all heard Illidan’s famous quote, and we’ve made it our goal to prove him wrong and help prepare every player for the challenges Outland has to offer. Once you have conquered Azeroth and are ready to enter into Outland, regardless of your faction, Warcraft Tavern has you covered from your first steps in Outland to becoming a veteran in the battle against Illidan Stormage with these two faction-specific guides below!

Moonfury’s TBC Alliance Leveling GuideBladefist’s TBC Horde Leveling Guide


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2 years ago

you missed some dungeons like uldaman in badlands, maradon in desolace, sunken temple in swamp of sorrows, strathome in east plaugelands, and scholomace in west plaugelands

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg
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