PvE Balance Druid Boomkin DPS Stat Priority

tbc pve balance druid boomkin dps stat priority
  1. Spell Hit (Until 16%)
  2. Spell Crit
  3. Spell Damage
  4. Intellect
  5. haste

Spell hit at 16% on boss fights allow for a 1% chance for your spells to miss. Spell crit is what brings the boomkins abilities to life. A crit procs nature’s grace making your next spell 0.5 seconds faster. We also have a bonus to Crit damage from our talents. 

Spell damage is always a solid option due to the fact you had 1 point of damage from each spell damage added. Haste makes the cool down and cast times shorter. With our main damage spell being 3 seconds even .1 seconds off every cast will increase our damage. Moonkins have mana issues and intellect allows for a higher mana pool. 


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