PvE Feral Druid DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, & Abilities

tbc classic pve feral druid dps rotation, cooldowns, & abilities burning crusade classic

Mangle (Cat) → Shred (use till 5 combo points) → Rip
Use Rip with 4 combo points if Mangle (Cat) debuff has run out on the target


Powershifting is shifting out of form and instantly shifting back into form to gain more energy to use for skills. Furor will give you 40 Energy, Wolfshead Helm will give you another 20 energy, which is faster than waiting until it restores on its own.

This will be very mana intensive and you will need to be mana potting and using other mana consumes/ abilities as well as, being smart about when and when not to shift in and out of form. Once you run low on mana, you will want to stay in cat form and wait for a large chunk of mana to come back or mana cooldowns to come up and start powershifting again.

Powershifting does increase your DPS massively and once you perfect it doing so will give you a real DPS boost. It will be on the more expensive side due to mana potting and mana giving consumes (that don’t conflict with damage consumes). While powershifting, you should continue your normal rotation. This is only really beneficial on bosses and not so much on farming or trash fights.


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