Fathom-Lord Karathress Strategy Guide (SSC)

tbc classic fathom lord karathress strategy guide (ssc)

In this encounter, we’ll notice four enemies that need to be killed: Fathom-Guard Tidalvess, Fathom-Guard Sharkkis, Fathom-Guard Caribdis, and Fathom-Lord Karathress.

Quick Notes

Fathom-Lord Karathress will periodically cast Cataclysmic Bolt, dealing 50% of the target’s max health on random mana users. As a result, healers must keep the raid’s health up at all times. It’s also worth remembering that Warlocks will have to keep this in mind for times they are going to use Life Tap.

Hunters can use Misdirection to ensure the pull goes smoothly.


tbc pve ssc fathom lord karathress positioning
After Sharkkis is defeated, Caster DPS should focus on defeating Caribdis while Melee DPS and Hunters should focus on damaging Karathress.

Positioning is important but mostly for the tank assigned to tanking Fathom-Guard Caribdis, since we’ll want her tanked in one of the corners away from the rest to avoid damage from her AoE. During this encounter, DPS and healers will be moving frequently to avoid Summon Cyclone from Fathom-Guard Caribdis.


Tank #1: Tank Caribdis in one of the corners away from the rest to avoid damage from her AoE.

Tank #2: Tank Karathress where he spawns.

Tank #3 and #4: Tank Tidalvess and Sharkkis away from the other two. Exact positioning doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as they are tanked away from the others.

Kill Order – Fathom-Guard Tidalvess (Shaman), Fathom-Guard Sharkkis (Hunter), Fathom-Guard Caribdis (Siren), Fathom-Lord Karathress (Main Boss)

Fathom-Guard Tidalvess – The main reason we want to kill this mob first is because they are able to summon totems. The worst of which is Spitfire Totem. To better handle killing this totem as quickly as possible, you can utilize a macro:

/target Spitfire Totem

With that macro in place, it’ll automatically target the totem, and you can begin your attacks. You can also include a command in the macro to use of your abilities. For example, /cast Shadow Bolt. The totem does have the capability to wipe your raid group.

Once Fathom-Guard Tidalvess is defeated, Fathom-Lord Karathress receives the ability to use Spitfire Totem, so you’ll want to be focusing down those totems consistently.

Fathom-Guard Sharkkis – This particular enemy benefits from the ability, The Beast Within, which heavily increases its damage output, so it’s important to kill them as quickly as possible. During this kill, you’ll still be killing Spitfire Totem to avoid certain death. Keep in mind that you will also be avoiding tornadoes from Summon Cyclone.

Once Fathom-Guard Sharkkis is killed, Fathom-Lord Karathress receives the ability to use The Beast Within.

Fathom-Guard Caribdis – For this portion of the encounter, Melee DPS should not be fighting Caribdis due to Tidal Surge, so they should remain on the boss while the caster DPS focus down Caribdis.

All DPS should do their best to avoid the tornadoes from Summon Cyclone. Caribdis also has Healing Wave, which should be interrupted as much as possible. It is recommended that you have a small group dedicated to this comprised of Mages and Shamans to avoid Tidal Surge.

Once Fathom-Guard Caribdis is defeated, all DPS will focus on downing Fathom-Lord Karathress, ending the encounter.


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/target Spitfire Totem this does not work now. so any other alternative

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