pve tbc shadow priest rotation, cooldowns and abilities
  • Author: Kurathis
  • Date: May 20, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Shadow Priests don’t have a specific rotation that we follow. Instead, we have a priority list to maintain. Below you will find the list and explanations for some spells.

Single-Target/Boss Rotation

  1. Make sure to keep up Vampiric Embrace on the target to assist with passive healing
  2. Maintain Vampiric Touch on the target
  3. Maintain Shadow Word: Pain on the target
  4. We’ll want to use Mind Blast every time it comes off cooldown
  5. Shadow Word: Death is a strong instant-cast spell but be careful not to kill yourself while using this
  6. Our main filler spell is Mind Flay

You should use Inner Focus with Shadow Word: Pain since this will allow it to not cost any mana.

AoE Rotation

While Shadow Priests aren’t gifted with direct AoE damage, we can tab-target through the mobs, applying Shadow Word: Pain and carry on with our single-target rotation afterward.


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10 months ago

Inner Focus should be used on Mind Blast not Shadow Word Pain….

Reply to  Kurathis
4 months ago

it just makes absolutely no sense to pair this ability with another that can’t even benefit from crit…lul…so that’s why everyone needs to pair it with Mindblast. BIS

22 days ago

i use it with devouring plague since it is 15% of my mana at full mana.

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