Doom Lord Kazzak Strategy Guide (Outland World Boss)

Doom Lord Kazzak Strategy Guide TBC

Doom Lord Kazzak is a World Boss in Hellfire Peninsula, who spawns on an inconsistent basis, and typically draws a crowd of Horde and Alliance to see through to his defeat. The encounter is often approached as engaging Kazzak, and bursting DPS to avoid his Enrage at a face paced 54 seconds. Because this boss is in the open world, this encounter can also be approached with a full raid of 40 players.

You may also remember Lord Kazzak from the Tainted Scar in the Blasted Lands Zone in the original World of Warcraft Classic. This Ered’ruin Demon is a pivotal character in Warcraft history, as he utilized an artifact uncovered in the Tainted Scar which allowed him to reopen the Dark Portal. This led to him being promoted to Doom Lord, and he now resides at the Throne of Kil’jaeden where he commands the Burning Legion.

This area in Hellfire Peninsula is only reachable by flying mount, so only level 70 players (and 68 druids) will be able to participate in the encounter.

throne of kiljaeden hellfire peninsula map location of doom lord kazzak burning crusade world boss
Map Coordinates: (63.2 X , 16.0 Y)

New in Phase 4 of The Burning Crusade Classic, Doom Lord Kazzak’s loot is now Bind-on-Equip, meaning that you sell, trade, and mail loot to other players or your alts.

Role Summaries

  • Everyone in the Raid will first of all need a flying mount to get to the Throne of Kil’jaeden area of Hellfire Peninsula to engage with the boss.
  • As Doom Lord Kazzak is a world boss, you will need to be part of a coordinated group that gets to the boss soon after he spawns, as there will be other groups looking to be the one’s who get his spoils. This may also mean that on PvP servers you may need to beat out the opposite faction as well as other groups.
  • This fight is best approached with full consumables and buffs, as ideally the encounter only lasts about a minute.
  • All members of the raid with mana need to be aware of whether or not they are targeted with Mark of Kazzak, and if they are, to run away from the raid to avoid dealing AoE damage to your raid members.
  • This fight is nothing short of a DPS race. Prepare all cooldowns maximize your output to try and keep the fight under a minute.
  • Be sure to remain behind the boss to avoid taking damage from Cleave.
  • Retribution Paladins and Enhancement Shamans may be targeted by Mark of Kazzak, so be prepared to run away from the rest of the group quickly.
  • Rogues should prepare to use Cloak of Shadows when the Enrage comes around at 54 seconds.
  • If targeted by Mark of Kazzak, be sure to run away from the rest of the group as fast as you can.
  • This fight is nothing short of a DPS race, so be prepared to utilize all of your damage dealing cooldowns and other abilities.
  • Mages can use Ice Block to drop the Mark of Kazzak debuff.
  • Healers need to be sure to dispel Twisted Reflection right away to avoid Doom Lord Kazzak healing significantly.
  • Holy Paladins will want to be prepared to use Divine Shield at the Enrage point to avoid damage from the back to back Shadowbolt Volleys, and continue focussing their healing on the tank.
  • Priests need to be using Mass Dispel to remove the effects of Twisted Reflection.
  • Dispel Thunderclap from the Tank to help increase threat generation. Melee will be grateful of Mass Dispel, which Priests will already be casting on the Melee group.
  • There will without a doubt be heavy raid damage throughout the encounter, so prepare healing assignments to help prevent overhealing.
  • Whenever a member of the raid dies, Doom Lord Kazzak gains 70k health via Capture Soul. Read that again. You will need to be consistently healing through this sprint of a fight to ensure that Kazzak does not gain too much health from a raid member’s perish.
  • The main tank need only to treat this as a tank and spank style fight, keeping Doom Lord Kazzak positioned in the center of his platform and facing away from the remainder of the raid.
  • Any off tanks should be building threat while standing with the melee group, behind the boss, because the frontal Cleave does not split damage between targets.
  • Save Shield Wall for the Enrage at 54 seconds into the encounter.


Kazzak will send out Shadow Bolts to everyone in the raid, dealing 1500-2800 shadow damage. You can not LoS it by trying to hide behind the pillars around his platform, but it can be outranged.

At 54 seconds, marking the Enrage phase of the encounter, Doom Lord Kazzak will send out 6 waves of Shadowbolt Volley back to back.

This is the primary magical attack that Doom Lord Kazzak will use against the main tank. This ability deals 4400-5100 shadow damage, so healers will need to be aware of when these bolts are landing.

A debuff cast on random players that cause the boss to heal for an incredible amount of damage each time that player damages the boss. Dispelling this should be made a huge priority for healers.

This spell is akin to a mana bomb – the raid member targeted will have their mana drained, and once none remains the player will explode and deal AoE damage to all other nearby raid members.

Targets effected by this debuff should run away from the rest of the group to avoid dealing unnecessary damage to the raid.

A melee frontal sweep attack that deals damage to all targets positioned in front of the boss.

Damage from Cleave is not split between targets, and for this reason any off-tanks should be standing with the melee group (behind Doom Lord Kazzak) building threat.

A typical Thunderclap attack which slows movement speed by 60%, slows attack speed by 30%, and deals 2200-2500 AoE nature damage to targets within range.

While this ability can be removed by Dispel or Cleanse, the priority for Healers to remove Twisted Reflection . If possible, attempt to remove this debuff as well to help increase the Tanks threat, Melee’s DPS, and positioning management.

This is another of Doom Lord Kazzak’s massive healing abilities. Whenever a raid member dies nearby the boss, he heals for a massive 70,000 health.

At 54 seconds into the encounter, Doom Lord Kazzak will enter his Enrage period. At this time, the boss will cast Shadow Bolt Volley back to back 6 times as well as dealing increased damage through his other abilities.

Raid Composition & Preparation

All members of the raid will require flying mounts to be able to enter the Throne of Kil’jaeden area of Hellfire Peninsula.

This fight is an immense DPS race, and the raid will often take pretty significant damage through the boss’s mechanics. Healers and DPS all need to be on high alert and make good use of Super Healing Potions and Master Healthstones.

Because this boss spawns irregularly it is often a competitive kill with other groups. All members of the raid need to bring their consumables in hopes that their first attempt at the boss will be a success, as there may not be a second chance!

On PvP servers and during encounters where members of the opposite faction are competing for the kill, consider using your PvP trinket. It may be more worth being able to break out of a Polymorph or Entangling Roots than whatever your preferred trinket would be.

All DPS should come fully prepared with damage increasing cooldowns to help get ahead in this race of a fight.

Because this fight is such a DPS race, it is incredibly beneficial to have an abundance of Shamans of different specs. Coordinate a Shaman in each group to use their Heroism / Bloodlust to help get along in this DPS race. Most groups will want to use this ability within roughly 15 seconds into the fight to allow the Tank to establish threat and defeat the boss within 54 seconds.

An equal balance of Melee and Ranged DPS is recommended in this fight. Ranged DPS will be more likely targeted by Mark of Kazzak (as they all have mana), but melee are more likely to take raid damage from Thunderclap.

Mages are powerful in this fight, as they can use Ice Block to remove Twisted Reflection and can Blink away from the group if they catch a Mark of Kazzak.

Retribution Paladins are valuable in this fight not only for their DPS output, but because they can use Divine Shield to stay alive through the Enrage Shadow Bolt Volley and help to heal the Main Tank, then switch right back to DPS.

It is recommended to use 6-7 healers in this encounter, more if your group is a full 40 or if you are not necessarily all geared to the nines.

Assign your Restoration Shamans and Holy Priests to raid healing. There will in general be more raid damage in this fight than Tank damage, so it is beneficial to have more of these classes than Holy Paladins and Restoration Druids which are more traditionally assigned to Tank healing. These classes may also raid heal depending on the balance of the group, and Holy Paladins should make good use of their Cleanse hotkey.

Holy Paladin are valuable in this fight in particular not only for their ability to Cleanse magical effects, but because they can use Divine Shield and heal the Main Tank through the Enrage, should Kazzak survive to 54 seconds.

One of the best compositional things you can do to have success in this fight ensure that there are a plethora of Priests prepared to make good use of their Mass Dispel. Consider coordinating which priest will use this spell on which groups when Twisted Reflection goes out.

Only one Tank is needed for this encounter. Tanking this fight does not involve much more than establishing and maintaining threat while keeping the boss in position.

It is recommended to use a Feral Druid or Protection Warrior Main Tank, as they will not be targeted by Mark of Kazzak. Having another Feral Druid or Protection Warrior building threat as a back up is not a bad idea – of course ideally the Main Tank will always be topped off and survive the whole fight.

A Warrior Tank should plan to save their Shield Wall for the Enrage at 54 seconds as this will help to ensure their survival.

The Pull

Once all of the adds are cleared from the area, groups will typically position themselves on one of the ledges above Doom Lord Kazzak’s platform to make sure the group is buffed and all ready to go.

Mount up, and allow the Main Tank and their assigned Healers to lead a flying entry down onto the center of the boss’s platform. The Main Tank will need to turn the boss away from whichever direction the rest of the raid is coming from as everyone else flies in and lands.

Ranged DPS and Healers will want to roughly group behind the boss at maximum range, so that members afflicted by Mark of Kazzak can easily run away from the other members of the raid. Melee DPS should be in their comfortable place behind the boss.

The Fight

This encounter is a one phase DPS race and healing fest. Once the boss is in position and the Main Tank has established themselves at the top of the threat meter, DPS should open up on the boss.

Melee and Ranged DPS will want to maintain their maximum DPS rotations throughout the fight while paying attention to the mechanics as they occur. In this case, that is really just moving away from the group if you are targeted by Mark of Kazzak. You have 54 seconds to burn the boss before he enrages, so use your cooldowns and other damage dealing abilities early on!

Healers in this fight will have a lot of work to do, keeping the raid alive between regular Shadow Bolt Volleys and other raid damage as it occurs. Whenever a member of the Raid dies, the boss will heal for 70k health. Thus, it is incredibly important to keep everyone alive through this short fight.

Priests should coordinate their usage of Mass Dispel in order to not cast simultaneously and negate other raid member’s efforts. All healers should be dispelling Twisted Reflection from their fellow raid members to avoid the boss gaining back significant amounts of health from the ability. Be sure that one healer is also dispelling the Thunderclap debuff from the Main Tank to allow for sustained maximum threat generation – this is a good job for a Holy Paladin who is already assigned to healing the Main Tank.

If Doom Lord Kazzak is alive after 54 seconds when the Enrage comes around, have the entire raid run off the platform except for your Main Tank and Holy Paladins – other Paladin classes can also participate to make it easier to survive. All the Paladins should use Divine Shield to negate the effects of the 6 waves of Shadow Bolt Volley that will go out, and focus heals on the Main Tank. Ideally the rest of the raid can get off the platform in time to out range the Shadow Bolt Volley, and healers will not have to worry about keeping other raid members alive. Once the Shadow Bolt Volleys are done, everyone should return to the platform and execute the boss.

Congratulations! The Field Commander of the Burning Legion, Doom Lord Kazzak has been defeated!


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