tbc classic alliance leveling guide hellfire peninsula [level 58 – 61]
  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Expansion: TBC Classic

Hellfire Peninsula can be challenging if you head to Outland as soon as you’re level 58. That being said, who wants to wait? Until you ding 60, just make sure you’re killing mobs to and from the various objectives (you hopefully won’t have to grind a lot of extra mobs, but it’s a good idea to kill stuff as you go). You’ll want to hit level 60 before step 23 of part 2 of this section. Doing quest 20xHellfire Fortifications is also a good way to get to 60, if you don’t mind doing some PvP.

Part 1

alliance leveing guide hellfire peninsula part 1 steps 1 13
  1. Ride north to Nethergarde Keep (63, 16) in the Blasted Lands. Once you go through the main gate, take the first left to enter a stone building, then take your first left inside to find Bernie Heisten. Buy a Nethergarde Bitter from him, and make sure you don’t drink it — you’ll need it later for a quest.
  2. The first quest is in Blasted Lands, outside of the Dark Portal. Find Watch Commander Relthorn Netherwane (58, 55) and accept quest 20x Through the Dark Portal.
  3. Enter through the Dark Portal then:
    1. Go downstairs, and find Commander Duron (87, 50) to turn in quest turn in x20 Through the Dark portal and accept quest 20x Arrival in Outland
    2. Head directly south to find the gryphon master Amish Wildhammer (87, 52) to turn in quest turn in x20 Arrival in Outland and accept quest 20x Journey to Honor Hold.
  4. Talk to the gryphon master to travel to Honor Hold, and find Marshal Isildor. Turn in quest turn in x20 Journey to Honor Hold and accept quest 20x Force Commander Danath.
    • Once you get to Honor hold, go to the nearby inn, get new food and water, and set the inn as your home.
  5. Find Force Commander Danath who is located on the 2nd floor of the castle (56, 65). Turn in quest turn in x20 Force Commander Danath and accept both quest 20x The Legion Reborn and quest 20x Know Your Enemy.
  6. Leave Honor Hold heading west, and head to the tower (50, 60):
    1. Find Dumphry to accept quest 20xWaste Not, Want Not.
    2. In the same tower, find Lieutenant Amadi to turn in quest turn in x20 Know Your Enemy and accept quest 20x Fel Orc Scavengers.
  7. Northeast of the tower, you’ll need to find 8 metal cogs and 8 wooden planks on the ground, and kill 20 Bonechewer orcs. Stick to the area overlooking the canyon where the broken siege equipment is.
  8. Head back to the tower (50, 60):
    1. Talk to Amadi to turn in quest turn in x20 Fel Orc Scavengers and acceptquest 20xIll Omens.
    2. Find Dumphry again to turn in quest turn in x20 Waste Not, Want Not and accept quest 20xLaying Waste to the Unwanted.
  9. Head back to Honor Hold, and leave the town heading east. Find the destroyed tower (61, 60) and talk to Sergeant Altumus by the cart of supplies outside to turn in quest turn in x20 The Legion Reborn and accept quest 20x The Path of Anguish.
  10. Now head east northeast to (65, 58) and find the imps and infernals in the area. You’ll need to kill 4 Flamewalker Imps, 6 Infernal Warbringers and a Dreadcaller to complete The Path of Anguish.
  11. Now go north until you cross the Path of Glory, then go left to the siege engines overlooking the path (the catapults on the opposite side of the path from Honor Hold). Clear your way through the orcs you find, and keep heading west until you find the first orc catapult. Stand near the catapult and right click the Flaming Torch in your inventory; this should set the catapult on fire. There are 3 more catapults that need the same treatment, just keep heading west until you find them all.
  12. Once you’ve burned all the catapults, return to the tower (61, 60) and talk to Sergeant Altumus to turn in quest turn in x20The Path of Anguish and accept quest 20xExpedition Point.
  13. Return to Honor Hold, exit via the west gate, and go to the tower at (50, 60) to turn in quest turn in x20 Laying Waste to the Unwanted with Dumphry.

Part 2

alliance leveing guide hellfire peninsula part 2 steps 1 28
  1. Head southwest to the Zeppelin Crash area at (49, 75) and grab the two quests there:
    1. Speak with Legassi to accept quest 20x Ravager Egg Roundup.
    2. Speak with the zeppelin pilot “Screaming” Screed Luckheed to accept quest 20x In Case of Emergency…
  2. Continue southwest and you’ll hit a trail. Follow it to Razorthorn Trail (42, 83) and collect 12 Ravager Eggs
    1. While you’re near Razorthorn Trail, it’s a good idea to get the flight path to Shattrath. This will allow you to conveniently return to Azeroth for training, auction house, etc.
    2. Follow the Razorthorn Trail going southwest and reach Shattrath. Once you reach Shattrath, find the flightmaster at the northeastern gate (63, 41) and get the flight path. Then travel back to Razorthorn Trail.
    3. If you have finished collecting 12 Ravager Eggs, return to Zeppelin Crash (49, 75) and talk to Legassi. Turn in quest turn in x20 Ravager Egg Roundup and accept quest 20x Helboar, the Other White Meat. You’ll now need to kill Helboar until they drop Tainted Helboar Meat. When they do, you can use the Purification Mixture in your inventory to cleanse it. Repeat until you have 8 Purified Helboar Meat.
  3. Go east towards (57, 73), staying north of the Expedition Armory area. Pick up any Zeppelin Debris you find. Once you reach (57, 73) you should find the Valley of Bones. Follow the valley, killing any enemies you encounter, and continue collecting Zeppelin Debris until you have 30. If you don’t find 30, that’s OK, you’ll have another opportunity to collect it soon.
  4. At the end of the canyon, look south to find the orc fortress of Zeth’Gor (68, 75). Head there and kill orcs until one of them drops the Cursed Talisman.
  5. Head northeast to the Expedition Point (71, 63), where there’s a handful of NPCs you’ll need to find:
    1. Talk to Corporal Ironridge to turn in quest turn in x20 Ill Omens and accept quest 20x Cursed Talismans.
    2. Find Forward Commander Kingston and talk to him to turn in quest turn in x20 Expedition Point and accept quest 20x Disrupt Their Reinforcements.
    3. Finally, find Wing Commander Dabir’ee to accept quest 20x Zeth’Gor Must Burn.
  6. Now head back to Zeth’Gor (68, 75) the way you came, and head to the eastern side of the fortress. You’re going to need to use the Smoke Beacon to mark 4 towers, and be on the lookout for Helboars and Zeppelin Debris if you still haven’t collected enough.
    1. Fight your way to the first tower at (71, 71) outside the fort, and go under the tower to use the Smoke Beacon in your inventory. If you do this correctly, the message “Foothill Tower Marked” should appear.
    2. Now go northwest down the hill to the next Forge Tower, and mark that one too (it should be around 70, 69).
    3. The next tower is the Northern tower (68, 67) and lies to the north of Zeth’Gor, in front of the gates. Mark that one too.
    4. The last tower is the most difficult to get to, as it is inside the gates of Zeth’Gor. Enter via the western gate (66, 74) and fight your way south to the last tower at (66, 77). Mark it!
    5. With all 4 towers marked, check your inventory and see how many Cursed Talismans you’ve collected while fighting in Zeth’Gor. If you don’t have 12 yet, leave Zeth’Gor and find orcs in the surrounding area to kill until you’ve collected 12 Cursed Talismans. Don’t forget to continue killing Helboars (you need 8 Tainted Helboar Meat) and collecting Zeppelin Debris (you need 30).
  7. Once you’ve collected all the talismans and debris you need, ride northeast back to Expedition Point (71, 63). Talk to Corporal Ironridge to turn in quest turn in x20 Cursed Talismans and accept quest 20x Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow. You’ll also need to find Wing Commander Dabir’ee to turn in quest turn in x20 Zeth’Gor Must Burn!
  8. Return to Zeth’Gor (by now you should know the way), and fight your way to the main building (69, 76) east of the southern tower. There you’ll need to defeat Warlord Morkh — loot his armor.
  9. Head back to Expedition Point. Find Corporal Ironridge and turn in quest turn in x20 Warlord of the Bleeding Hollow, accept quest 20x Return to Honor Hold.
  10. Head north from Expedition Point to the area Legion Front (71, 60), and kill demons until they’ve dropped 4 Demonic Rune Stones.
  11. After collecting 4 Demonic Rune Stones, go to the Portal Kaalez, which should be nearby (72, 60), east of where you first found the demons. Stand inside the portal and right click it.
  12. Start moving north, and continue killing demons — you’ll need another 4 Demonic Rune Stones — and then you can disrupt Portal Grimh (71, 55) the same way you did Portal Kaalez.
  13. Head back south to Expedition Point and talk to Forward Commander Kingston to turn in quest turn in x20 Disrupt Their Reinforcements and accept quest 20x Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways.
  14. You should have Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator in your inventory. We suggest to put it in your action bar and give it a hotkey if it doesn’t have one. Once you’ve done this, go talk to Wing Commander Dabir’ee, who will send you on a bombing mission on the back of a gryphon.
  15. You’ll be flown over two demonic portals — aim at them with your mouse, and when you fly close to one, press the hotkey you assigned to your Seaforium PU-36 Explosive Nether Modulator to drop a bomb on the portal.
  16. Once you’ve sucessfully destroyed both portals, return to Wing Commander Dabir’ee to turn in quest turn in x20 Mission: The Murketh and Shaadraz Gateways and accept quest 20x Shatter Point from Forward Commander Kingston. Ask Wing Commander Dabir’ee to send you to Shatter Point.
  17. Once you are in Shatterpoint:
    1. Speak with Gryphon Master Runetog Wildhammer when you land. Get the flightpath from him, turn in quest turn in x20 Shatter point, and accept quest 20x Wing Commander Gryphongar.
    2. Next, head into the tower on the island and speak with Gryphongar to turn in quest turn in x20 Wing Comander Gryphongar and accept quest 20x Mission: The Abyssal Shelf. Just like the last bombing mission, you’ll need to put the bombs in your action bar with a hotkey assigned. This time the bombs are called Area 52 Special. When you’re ready, find Gryphoneer Windbellow on the western edge of Shatterpoint and she’ll send you on your bombing mission. This bombing mission has quite a few more targets than the last one, but don’t worry — you can do more than one run if you need to. Try to hit overseers that are near cannons if possible. To complete the mission, you’ll have to destroy:
    3. Once you’ve destroyed all the targets, return to Wing Commander Gryphongar to turn in quest turn in x20 Mission: The Abyssal Shelf and accept quest 20x Go to the Front. Then talk to Gryphoner Windbellow and ask her to send you to Honor Point.
  18. Once you land at Honor Point, speak with Field Marshal Brock to turn in quest turn in x20 Go to the Front and accept quest 20x Disruption – Forge Camp: Mageddon.
  19. Head west to Forge Camp Mageddon and kill 10 Gan’arg Servants and the aptly named Razorsaw (you’ll see what we mean once you find him). Once finished, return to Field Marshal Brock in Honor Point to turn in quest turn in x20 Disruption – Forge Camp: Mageddon and accept quest 20x Enemy of my Enemy…
  20. Head right back to Forge Camp Mageddon but this time, destroy 3 Fel Canon Mk1. When finished, return once more to Field Marshal Brock to turn in quest turn in x20 Enemy of my Enemy… and accept quest 20x Invasion Point: Annihilator.
  21. You’ll now need to head west quite a ways (hugging the mountain to your right) to the area Invasion Point: Annihilator (52, 28). Once you find the demons in front of the camp:
    1. Hug the northern cliff and fight your way through them. Find Warbringer Arix’Amal in the northern section of the camp (he’ll be hanging out by a furnace) . Kill the mobs first, then take out Arix’Amal.
    2. Loot the Burning Legion Gate Key and Burning Legion Missive from Arix’Amal, and right click the Burning Legion Missive to accept quest 20x The Dark Missive.
    3. Fight your way to the nearby portal. Step into the portal, then use the key on the stone floating inside by right clicking on the key in your inventory, then left clicking the floating stone. After that you can right click the stone to close the gate.
  22. Leave the camp and head east back to Honor Point. Talk to Field Marshal Brock to turn in quest turn in x20 Invasion Point: Annihilator. If you aren’t level 60 at this point, you need to get it before you return to Honor Hold. If you’re very close, you can grind demon’s at the nearby camp, or else head south and clear your way through the Felspark Ravine to make your way southeast to the Legion Front — grind demons here until 60, then you can ride or hearthstone to Honor Hold.
  23. Hearthstone to Honor Hold, and:
    1. This is a good chance to stock up on supplies if you’re low, also to repair armor and free up some bag space.
    2. Speak with Father Malgor Devidicus in the inn to accept quest 20x An Old Gift.
    3. Find Assistant Klatu upstairs to turn in quest turn in x20 Return to Honor Hold and accept quest 20x Fel Spirits and quest 20x Digging for Prayer Beads.
    4. Go to the next room over and find Hama the Grand Master Tailor to buy a Silken Thread.
    5. Go to the tower in the southwest corner of Honor Hold and speak to the Reagents vendor Magus Zabraxis to buy a Maiden’s Anguish.
    6. Next, use the quest 20x icon on your minimap to find Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell to accept quest 20x Hellfire Fortifications. You also need to buy a Fei Fei Doggy Treat from her.
    7. Talk to Proudwell’s dog Fei Fei and give her the treat you just bought, then follow that dog! He’ll lead you to Fei Fei’s Cache, which you can loot to get the Prayer Beads.
    8. Now head to the main keep in Honor Hold, and find Warp-Scryer Kryv on the 2nd floor talk to him to turn in quest turn in x20 The Dark Missive and accept quest 20x The Heart of Darkness and quest 20xThe Path of Glory.
    9. Now find and speak with Force Commander Danath Trollbane to accept quest 20x Overlord, and then talk to Lieutenant Chadwick to accept quest 20x Weaken the Ramparts.
  24. Leave Honor Hold heading west, find the guard tower and talk to Honor Guard Wesilow to accept quest 20x Unyielding Souls.
  25. To the south of the guard tower, you should see a mine. Speak with Foreman Biggums to accept quest 20x A Job for an Intelligent Man and quest 20xWhen this Mine’s a-rockin’.
  26. Next you’ll need to go southwest of the mine, where you’ll find the Marauding Crust Bursters you’re looking for. There may also be some Helboars which you can kill and get their meat if you still need some (remember that you need to collect 8 meat and purify it). You only need to slay 15 of the big worms, but you also want to wait until one of them drops an Eroded Leather Case before you stop killing them. Once the case drops, pick it up and right click it in your inventory to accept quest 20x Missing Missive.
  27. Head southwest to Gor’Gaz Outpost (45, 74). Get as close as you can to the orcs without aggroing them, and then use the Anchorite Relic in your inventory. Now, if you kill orcs while near the relic, they will spawn Fel Spirits, of which you’ll need to kill 10.
  28. Now go southeast to Expedition Armory (55, 76) and kill the following enemies:
    1. 12 Unyielding Footmen
    2. 10 Unyielding Sorcerers
    3. 5 Unyielding Knights

You should now be at least level 60. This is a good time to visit a main city to train new skills or visit the auction house. To do so, fly to Shattrath and use one of the 3 main city portals.

You can also do some PvP to break up the grind if you like. You’ll pass through the area containing The Overlook, Stadium, and Broken Hill during your questing, and if you help capture these areas, you’ll complete quest 20x Hellfire Fortifications.

You should also be friendly with Honor Hold now, so you’ll be able to see the Quartermaster in the main keep for upgrades.

Part 3

leveling guide hellfire peninsula part 3 steps 1 25
  1. Hearthstone to Honor Hold. Check gear for repairs and sell junk.
    1. Go to the 2nd floor of the Inn and talk to Assistant Klatu to turn inquest turn in x20Fel Spirits andquest turn in x20Digging for Prayer Beads, and to acceptquest 20xThe Exorcism of Colonel Jules.
      1. As we did with the bombs during level 60, you’ll want to put the Ritual Prayer Beads in your action bar with a hotkey assigned. Make sure you are full HP and mana, and then go find Anchorite Barada. He’s in the back room of the 2nd floor of the inn where you talked to Assistant Klatu. Talking to him will allow you to begin the ritual
      2. Enemies will start to spawn in the room, and will eventually overwhelm you. You can use the prayer beads, and they only have a 15 second cool down, so as long as you wait until a good amount of enemies have spawned to use them, you should be fine. Note that you have to keep Barada alive in order to complete the quest.
    2. Once the ritual is complete, go and speak with Colonel Jules, and then return to Assistant Klatu to turn in quest turn in x20The Exorcism of Colonel Jules and accept quest 20xTrollbane is Looking For You.
    3. Head to the main keep and talk to Force Commander Danath Trollbane to turn inquest turn in x20Trollbane is Looking For You and accept quest 20xDrill the Drillmaster.
  2. Leave Honor Hold heading west, go to the guard tower at (50, 60) –which should be familiar by now — and speak with Honor Guard Wesilow to turn inquest turn in x20Unyielding Souls and accept quest 20xLooking to the Leadership.
  3. Head just south of the guard tower to the mine and speak with Foreman Biggums to turn in quest turn in x20A Job for an Intelligent Man.
    1. Head into the mine and kill 12 Gan’arg Sappers, then return to Biggums to turn in quest turn in x20When This Mine’s a-Rockin’ and accept quest 20xThe Mastermind.
    2. Once more into the mine! This time, you’ll have to push all the way to the bottom of the mine to defeat Z’Kral. Once you’ve done so, return to Biggums again to turn in quest turn in x20The Mastermind.
  4. Now ride northeast to the Path of Glory (63, 49) and get all the way on the path, where the road is all bones, then start right clicking the skeletal remains you’ll find scattered around. They respawn, so if you can’t find 8 that you can safely snag (some of the mobs here are tough), go grab a snack, and by the time you return there should be plenty more. Once you’ve cleansed 8 skeletons, return to Honor Hold.
  5. In Honor Hold, head to the 2nd floor of the inn and talk to Warp-Scryer Kryv to turn in quest turn in x20The Path of Glory and accept quest 20xThe Temple of Telhamat.
  6. Leave Honor Hold heading west, pass through the wall and continue west until cross two bridges. Then, look to the right side of the road as you continue west and you’ll see blue crystals above a town — head thataway to find the Temple of Telhamat (23, 40). Once there:
    1. There are 3 NPCs you’ll need to get quests here near entrance of the temple:
      1. Talk to Scout Vanura (who walks up and down the stairs) and accept quest 20xDeadly Predators.
      2. Talk to Anchorite Obadei to accept quest 20xIn Search of Sedai.
      3. Talk to Ikan to accept quest 20xCruel Taskmasters and accept quest 20xThe Rock Flayer Matriarch.
    2. Go to the inn and find Amaan the Wise to turn in quest turn in x20The Temple of Telhamat and accept quest 20xThe Pools of Aggonar. If you’re level 61, you can also accept quest 20xAn Ambitious Plan now, otherwise we’ll just skip it.
    3. Talk to the innkeeper to accept quest 20xThe Longbeards.
    4. From the inn, head east to (25, 37) to find the gryphon master and get the new flight path.
    5. Just past the gryphon master down the cliff at (26, 37) you should see Sedai’s Corpse. Go down the cliff and click the corpse to turn in quest turn in x20In Search of Sedai and accept quest 20xReturn to Obadei.
    6. Head back to the temple entrance to turn in quest turn in x20Return to Obadei. Now talk to Makuru (who is next to Obadei) and accept quest 20xMakuru’s Vengeance.
    7. Go south to the road, then head west on the road to reach the Cenarion Post (16, 51), and find Thiah Redmane to turn in quest turn in x20Missing Missive.
  7. Leave the Post heading southeast and find Dustquill Ravine (24, 66). Continue south through the ravine, and hug the western edge. Keep an eye on your minimap for the yellow quest turn in x20, which will lead you to Gremni Longbeard (24, 72). Speak with Gremni to turn in quest turn in x20The Longbeards and accept quest 20xThe Arokkoa Threat and quest 20xRampaging Ravagers.
  8. Now find Mirren Longbeard. Remember that Nethergarde Bitter we bought at the beginning of the guide? You can now accept quest 20xGaining Mirren’s Trust and accept quest 20xThe Finest Down.
  9. Head down the hill from the dwarves and turn right to find the Den of Haal’esh (26, 71), making sure to kill any Arrakoa and bird you encounter. Once at the Den:
    1. Go downhill, staying on the main path, and keep an eye on the left side of the path. You should see a small, rocky path with torches lighting the way — follow it upwards, cross the bridge and then head left. You’ll find Avruu, who you should try to pull him away from the other birds that are around. Also look to interrupt his Dark Mending while you fight him. Once he’s dead, you’ll find Avruu’s Orb on his body.
    2. Right click Avruu’s Orb in your inventory to accept quest 20xAvruu’s Orb.
    3. Return to the main path, and this time keep heading southeast, until you reach Haal’eshi Gorge. Continue in the same direction to find the Haal’eshi Altar (29, 81). Clear the area around the alter, and then Right click the altar to spawn Aeranas.
    4. Get Aeranas to low hp and he’ll become friendly; you can then turn in quest turn in x20Avruu’s Orb.
    5. Head back to the dwarves (northwest) the way you came, clearing mobs as you go. Make sure to take out the arakkoa in the Den of Haal’esh until you’ve collected 8 Kaliri Feather for quest 20xThe Finest Down, and kill at least 4 Haal’eshi Windwalker and 6 Haal’eshi Talonguard for quest 20xThe Arokkoa Threat. There are also nests you can click that will spawn birds if you can’t find enough feathers.
  10. Head back to the dwarves once you’ve completed the requirements for both quests, and speak with Gremni Longbeard to turn in quest turn in x20The Arokkoa Threat and then Mirren Longbeard to turn in quest turn in x20The Finest Down.
  11. Leave the dwarves location heading northwest, kill 10 Quillfang Ravagers. There probably won’t be enough at first, so kill other Quillfangs while you wait for respawns. Then return to Gremni again to turn in quest turn in x20Rampaging Ravagers.
  12. Head out from the dwarves again, northeast this time, and find The Great Fissure (27, 70). You’ll want to ask around in the general chat channel here if there’s anyone who wants to do quest 20xThe Rock Flayer Matriarch with you. While you wait, you can kill Stonescythe Whelps and Alphas for Deadly Predators as you approach the matriarch’s cave at (34, 63).
  13. If you reach the cave and haven’t found anyone to help you with quest 20xThe Rock Flayer Matriarch, you can try to solo Blacktalon the Savage. If you’re ranged, you should be able to kite it, but make sure you clear the area first. Otherwise, feel free to leave this quest for later.
  14. This is a good point to go do some PvP as we mentioned at the start of the guide, while waiting for help with step 12 or 13. You’re pretty close to Broken Hill at this point.
  15. If you’re a kiting class, you can try to complete quest 20xDrill the Drillmaster solo; otherwise, you’ll want to ask in chat to see if anyone wants to complete it with you, and you can continue to step 16 while you wait for help. To defeat the drillmaster:
    1. Head northeast from the great fissure to the Hellfire Citadel, which lies at the western end of the Path of Glory, just about dead center of the map, to find where the Drillmaster hangs out.
    2. Find the bridge to the Hellfire Citadel (approaching from the south), and down to your left you should be able to see Drillmaster Zurok with some other orcs hanging around. Jump down at (49, 55)
    3. Clear the other orcs first, both around Zurok and behind you (he has a knockback attack).
    4. Now take on Zurok — watch for his Whirlwind attack, which hits hard but can be avoided by simply moving away when he starts it.
  16. If you still haven’t finished collecting meat for quest 20xHelboar, the Other White Meat, you’ll need to do so now. Southwest of Honor Hold at (50, 69) is a good place to do so.
  17. Go to the Zeppelin Crash (49, 75) and talk to some goblins:
    1. Talk to Legassi to turn in quest turn in x20Helboar, the Other White Meat and accept quest 20xSmooth as Butter.
    2. Talk to “Screaming” Screed Luckheed to turn in quest turn in x20In Case of Emergency… and accept quest 20x Voidwalkers Gone Wild.
  18. Head south to the Warp Fields (46, 82) and find the Warp Portal surrounded by Voidwalkers. You’ll need to kill Voidwalkers until you have 10 Condensed Voidwalker Essence.
  19. If you accepted quest 20xAn Ambitious Plan: Find an Uncontrolled Voidwalker, and get it to sub-15% hp and then click on the Sanctified Crystal in your inventory. You should then see a red crystal, which you can click to receive Glowing Sanctified Crystal. Once you’ve completed the objective for quest 20xVoidwalkers Gone Wild and obtained the Glowing Sanctified Crystal, you’re all done here.
  20. Go east to Expedition Armory, and kill mobs as you fight your way to the southern part of the armory.
  21. Find Lieutenant Commander Thalvos at (55, 84) and kill him.
  22. Now go northwest to (54, 81) to find Arch Mage Xintor, and kill him.
  23. Head south, and behind the armory you’ll see a destroyed house (55, 87). In front of that house is a white book you need to grab, Mysteries of the Light.
  24. Now go northeast to the Valley of Bones (56, 73) and kill buzzards. They’ll drop Plump Buzzard Wings; collect 12.
  25. Return to the Zeppelin Crash (49, 75) and talk to Legassi to turn in quest turn in x20Smooth as Butter and “Screaming” Screed Luckheed to turn in quest turn in x20Voidwalkers Gone Wild.

Part 4

leveling guide hellfire peninsula part 4 steps 25 44
  1. Hearthstone back to Honor Hold. Now’s a great time to repair, sell junk, and buy supplies. The real reason we’re here is to turn in some quests:
    1. Go to the inn and speak with Father Malgor Devidicus to turn in quest turn in x20An Old Gift.
    2. If you did the PvP quest, you can Find Warrant Officer Tracy Proudwell (the lady with the dog Fei Fei) — she’s near a table outside the forge building) — and turn in quest turn in x20Hellfire Fortifications.
    3. If you killed Drillmaster Zurok, go to the main keep and talk to Force Commander Danath Trollbane and turn in quest turn in x20Drill the Drillmaster.
    4. At the guard tower (50, 60) west of Honor Hold, talk to Honor Guard Wesilow and turn in quest turn in x20Looking to the Leadership.
  2. Catch a gryphon to the Temple of Telhamat, and turn in some more quests. Head to the inn:
    1. Find Scout Vanura to turn in quest turn in x20Deadly Predators.
    2. If you managed to slay Blacktalon, you can talk to Ikan and turn in quest turn in x20The Rock Flayer Matriarch.
    3. If you accepted quest 20xAn Ambitious Plan, you can turn that in at the inn at the top of the stairs now.
  3. Head northeast from Telhamat, killing any Hulking Boars you encounter. Find the path through the mountains at (28, 36) and follow it until you find Mag’har Orcs.
  4. Kill Mag’har Orcs until you’ve collected 10 Mag’har Ancestral beads — note that they’ll only drop from Grunts and Debilitated Grunts.
  5. Leave the mountain the way you came in, then head east on the road to the Pools of Aggonar (38, 44). At this point, you should ask in general chat to see if people want to do the quest quest 20xOverlord. If you can’t find anyone to help you, continue to step 31. Once you get a group together, here’s what you’ll need to do for Overlord:
    1. Follow the canyon northward until you find Arazzius the Cruel.
    2. Pull the two Mistresses of Doom and kill them before you engage Arazzius.
    3. Arazzius casts Pyroblast, Shadow Bolt Volleys and Inferno; you’ll need to interrupt Inferno if you don’t want to fight a swarm of Infernals.
  6. While at the Pools of Aggonar, kill 10 Terrorfiends and 6 Blistering Rot to complete quest 20xThe Pools of Aggonar and quest 20xThe Heart of Darkness. If you haven’t found anyone to help you with quest 20xOverlord, it’s OK to skip it and do it later.
  7. Return the way you came, heading west and then south, and return to The Temple of Telhamat, then:
    1. Find Makuru at the temple entrance and turn in quest turn in x20Makuru’s Vengeance. Wait for the dialogue between the NPCs to finish, then talk to Anchorite Obedei to get quest 20xAtonement.
    2. Enter the inn at the top of the stairs and talk to Amaan the Wise to turn in quest turn in x20The Pools of Aggonar and quest turn in x20Atonement, and accept quest 20xSha’naar Relics and quest 20xCleansing the Waters.
  8. Leave Telhamat and take the road east to return to the Pools of Aggonar. Battle your way north through the mobs to find the giant skeleton (40, 31), and clear out any enemies from around the skeleton.
  9. Use the Cleansing Vial in your inventory while standing near it. This will summon Aggonis — kill him.
  10. Now head south to the road, then travel east on the road through the great wall, then northeast to (51, 31) to Thrallmar Mine to find Foreman Razelcraz. Speak with him and accept quest 20xOutland Sucks!
  11. Now head to the valley southwest of Razelcraz to around (47, 42) and look for wooden crates — these are the Shredder Spare Parts you need to bring to Razelcraz. You’ll need 6 to complete the quest. You may also find some outside the canyon near the eastern orc camp. If you get really unlucky, you’ll have to wait for them to respawn; just grind the area while you wait.
  12. Return to Foreman Razelcraz to turn in quest turn in x20Outland Sucks! and accept quest 20xHow to Serve Goblins.
  13. Now return towards the great wall heading southwest, but stop at the orc camp that you’ll see on the northern side of the road. Go to (45, 41) to find Manni’s Cage. You’ll have to fight your way to it, then free him.
  14. Head south to another orc camp and find Moh’s Cage at (46, 45) and free him too.
  15. Keep going south to (47, 46) to find and free Jakk.
  16. Return to Foreman Razelcraz at the mine to turn in quest turn in x20How to Serve Goblins and accept quest 20xShizz Work.
  17. While standing near the foreman, go into your inventory and click on the Felhound Whistle. You’ll know you did it correctly if a Fel Guard Hound shows up and follows you around. Once that’s done, head west of the mine and kill Helboars; your new Fel Hound friend will eat them and leave behind Felhound Poo. Dig through the poos until you find the Shredder Key.
  18. Return to Foreman Razelcraz to turn in quest turn in x20Shizz Work and accept quest 20xBeneath Thrallmar.
  19. Enter the mine and stay to your right. You’ll find Urga’zz at the bottom of the mine, kill him and return to the foreman to turn in quest turn in x20Beneath Thrallmar.

Part 5

leveling guide hellfire peninsula part 5 steps 44 70
  1. Hearthstone back to Honor Hold, and go to the main keep. Sell junk and repair armor if needed.
    1. Talk to Warp Scryer Kryv to turn in quest turn in x20The Heart of Darkness.
    2. Talk to Force Commander Danath Trollbane to turn in quest turn in x20Overlord.
    3. NOTE: You’ll need to be level 61 to take the next quests at the Temple of Telhamat, so if you haven’t dinged it yet, walk there and clear mobs rather than taking a flight path.
  2. Fly to the Temple of Telhamat. In the inn: Talk to Amaan the Wise and turn in quest turn in x20Cleansing the Waters, accept quest 20xHelping the Cenarion Post.
  3. Go to Cenarion Post (16, 52) and talk to Thiah Redmane to turn in quest turn in x20Helping the Cenarion post, accept quest 20xDemonic Contamination. To complete Demonic Contamination, head east and find Hulking Helboar, kill them until you’ve collected 6 Bood Samples from them return once more to Thiah to turn in quest turn in x20Demonic Contamination and accept quest 20xTesting the Antidote.
  4. Leave the camp, and nearby it should again be easy to find Hulking Helboar. Get it to about 1/3 HP, then use the Cenarion Antidote in your inventory while you’re near it. Instead of curing the Helboar, it will transform it into a Dreadtusk. Kill it, and return to the Cenarion Post and turn in quest turn in x20Testing the Antidote to Thiah Redmane.
  5. Now speak with the rest of the NPCs in Cenarion Post:
    1. Mahuram Stouthoof to accept quest 20xKeep Thorngfang Hill Clear!
    2. Tola’thion to accept quest 20xColossal Menace.
    3. Amythiel Mistwalker to accept quest 20xThe Cenarion Expedition.
  6. Leave the Cenarion Post heading south to the Ruins of Sha’naar (14,55). Once there, keep an eye out for Arzeth the Merciless, who patrols the path in the middle of the ruins. You don’t want to fight him… not yet, anyway.
  7. Take out Taskmasters but ignore their pet Dreghood Brutes, who wont attack you once you kill their taskmaster. Also collect the 10 Sha’naar Relics as you do so.
  8. In one the undestroyed house at (15, 59) you’ll find Akoru the Firecaller. Speak with him and accept quest 20xNaladu.
  9. Now you’ll have to find Naladu. Wait for Azreth to leave the stairs, then quickly go up them and take a left; you’ll find Naladu at the end of the path in the hut at (16, 65). Speak with him to turn in quest turn in x20Naladu and accept quest 20xA Traitor Among Us.
  10. Head back towards the stairs, and don’t forget to avoid Azreth. This time, enter the hut right across from the stairs, and open the Metal Coffer and loot the Sha’naar Key.
  11. Now return to Naladu in the hut at (16, 65) and turn in quest turn in x20A Traitor Among Us and accept quest 20xThe Dreghood Elders.
  12. Go back to the stairs, and once Azreth leaves them, go down them and take a left and then enter the first tent (13, 60) on the left to find and free Morod the Windstirrer.
  13. Leave Morod’s hut and go north a little ways to find Aylaan the Waterwaker in a tent (13, 58), who you can also free.
  14. Now free Akoru the Firecaller from the tent on the east side of the ruins (15, 58).
  15. Return to Nadalu (16, 65) at his hut up the stairs and to the left, and turn in quest turn in x20The Dreghood Elders and accept quest 20xArzeth’s Demise.
  16. Finally, no more hiding from the big blue boy! Get fairly close to Arzeth and use the Staff of the Dreghood Elders in your inventory by right clicking it. This will transform Arzeth from an elite monster to a regular monster, making him much easier to take down. Note that he is immune to movement impairing effects, so you’ll have to slug it out with him still. Slay him, and return to Naladu to turn in quest turn in x20Arzeth’s Demise.
  17. Check to see if you’ve completed the objectives quest 20xCruel Taskmasters and quest 20xSha’naar Relics — if you haven’t don’t leave the ruins before you do so.
  18. Leave the ruins and head northwest to Thornfang Hill (12, 50) and start asking in chat for help with quest 20xColossal Menace. While you wait for help, kill Ravagers and Venomspitters (you need to kill 8 of each for quest 20xKeep Thornfang Hill Clear!)
  19. Once you’ve got a friend or two to help you, head north and start killing giants. The first one you kill will drop a Crimson Crystal Shard, grab it and right click it to accept quest 20xCrimson Crystal Clue. Try to kill the little giants when they spawn from the big ones, as they hit pretty hard but die much faster.
  20. Once you’ve killed 5 of the Raging Colossus, return to the Cenarion Post (16, 51) and:
    1. Talk to Tola’thion and turn in quest turn in x20Colossal Menace and quest turn in x20Crimson Crystal Clue, accept quest 20xThe Earthbinder.
    2. Find Mahuram Stouthoof and turn in quest turn in x20Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!.
    3. Be ready for a fight before doing this step! Talk to Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze to turn in quest turn in x20The Earthbinder — she’s at the top of the hill behind the other NPCs. An Elite Colossus will grow from a seed Galandria plants, make sure she tanks it and then help her take it down. Once the big boy is dead talk to Galandria again and accept quest 20xNatural Remedies.
  21. As with quest 20xColossal Menace, you’re going to need help for quest 20xNatural Remedies. If you don’t want to bother with this challenging quest, just skip it. It does grant 13,550XP however, so if you can gather a group to help you, it’s 100% worth it to do this one: You’ll need to head back to Thornfang Hill and continue north to where the Colossus are. Kill all the enemies around the large red crystal, then use the Seed of Revitalization while standing in the green glyph at (13.6, 39.1). An extra tough Colossus will spawn — kill it.
  22. If you completed quest turn in x20Natural Remedies, return to the Cenarion Post and speak with Earthbinder Galandria Nightbreeze to turn in the quest.
  23. Return to the Temple of Telhamat, and talk to Ikan at the temple entrance to turn in quest turn in x20Cruel Taskmasters. Next, go to the inn and speak with Amaan the Wise to turn in quest turn in x20Sha’naar Relics and accept quest 20xThe Seer’s Relic.
  24. Find the gryphon master, and go down the cliff behind him east towards Sedai’s Corpse. While standing near the corpse, right click the Seer’s Relic in your inventory; hang out for a bit while the scene plays out, then return to the inn and talk to Amaan once more to turn in quest turn in x20The Seer’s Relic.
  25. You’re pretty much done with the Hellfire Peninsula for now. If you like, you can try to find a group for quest 20xWeaken the Ramparts, or go do some PvP to complete quest 20xHellfire Fortifications before you head to the Zangarmarsh.
  26. Whatever your choice, get back to the Temple of Telhamat if you aren’t there already, and then leave heading south and then west to get to Thornfang Hill (10, 50).

Extra XP In Hellfire Peninsula

leveling guide hellfire peninsula part 6 dungeons and grinding spots

Grinding Mobs

We recommend grinding mobs at the Legion Front. Specifically, the Wrathguards here die easy and give decent XP, find them around (71, 55). The Legion Front spot will be useful for players starting at lvl 58. Here you can effectively grind up to 59, if you can’t complete some quests due to competition.

Another excellent location for griding is the Expedition Armory. This place is packed with mobs with a smaller health pool, which makes grinding easier. It’s a good location for up to level 61.

Hellfire Peninsula Dungeons: Hellfire Citadel

The Hellfire Citadel, headquarters of the Fel Orcs in the Outland, lies in the middle of the Hellfire Peninsula. There are 3 dungeons and a raid you can find at the Hellfire Citadel, however you’ll only really be able to do the first two when you first venture to Outland:

  • Hellfire Ramparts (Recommended Level 60-62)

While you can enter this instance right when you arrive in Outland, you’ll be better off waiting until at least level 60 to run it. That being said, it’s fairly easy, and you can net yourself up to 40,000 bonus XP from all of the quests from this instance, so it’s worth doing if you can find a group, as the gear the bosses will drop should outshine what you’ve got on when you run it.

  • The Blood Furnace (Recommended Level 61-63)
    • Requires completing Hellfire Ramparts
    • Entrance is located at (46, 52).
    • Quest: quest 20xHeart of Rage

A decent step up in difficulty from the Hellfire Ramparts, you should make sure you have an optimized (or at least skilled) group to run this instance. Pay attention to the mines the technicians lay in between the bosses, as they’ll do a lot of damage if you miss them while pulling.


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