Avatar of Hakkar – Sunken Temple 20-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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The Avatar of Hakkar is an optional boss within the Sunken Temple. To summon it, you will first need to obtain an Egg of Hakkar by completing a long quest chain, ending with the quest “The God Hakkar” in Tanaris.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with the Avatar of Hakkar, the final boss of the new Sunken Temple raid.


  • Move behind the tank with Corrupted Blood
  • Don’t kill your friends if you go insane
  • Dispel Curse of Tongues on casters and healers


Two players will become infected with Corrupted Blood, dealing Shadow damage to them every 2 seconds. Each time this deals damage, it has a chance to spread to a nearby player. Mitigate this by moving away from the group and going behind the tank, looking to be hit by Drain Blood.

The Avatar deals damage in a frontal cone, removing Corrupted Blood from those hit. Whenever you are hit by Drain Blood, you will be unable to receive heals for 5 seconds. This makes it vital that you are at full health and preferably have a Power Word: Shield on you when you go to cleanse yourself.

Throughout the fight, the Avatar of Hakkar will cast Blood Nova, dealing moderate AoE damage to the raid. This is unavoidable and needs to be handled by simply healing players.

The Avatar drives a player insane, causing them to be hostile to all other players. This is not a Mind Control effect, and you will still have full control of your character. This effect can be Purged or Dispelled, but you are likely to remove other important buffs at the same time. You could also simply wait out the duration, not attacking anything.

The Avatar casts an AoE Curse on all nearby targets, slowing their cast time by 50%. This has a limited range, so make sure all ranged players stand at max range to avoid being hit. If any casters or healers are hit by this, make sure to dispel it ASAP. Anyone that doesn’t have cast times doesn’t need to worry and can simply wait for it to fall off naturally.

Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight you will need at least one tank, but preferably two. This isn’t an incredibly healing-intensive fight, so I recommend bringing 4 healers.

The Pull

The Avatar of Hakkar is purposefully spawned, so make sure everyone is in position ahead of time. Keep the boss in the center, facing either the eastern or western wall.

The Fight

avatar of hakkar strategy map

This is one of the simplest fights in the entire raid. Occasionally two players will be hit by Corrupted Blood. They need to move away from the raid immediately, positioning themselves behind the tank. Once the boss has cast Blood Drain, Corrupted Blood will be removed and players can return to their stack. Periodically, players will be driven to Insanity. You can either simply stand there for 15 seconds and wait it out, or have your raid use Dispel Magic or Purge to remove the effect. That’s pretty much the fight.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Corrupted Blood is allowed to spread
  • Players with Insanity decide it’s very funny to kill their raid members

Congratulations on defeating the Avatar of Hakkar, claim your prize and have some well earned rest.


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