Tankadin Guide Playing as a Protection Paladin in Vanilla WoW
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: December 3, 2018
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

This guide is written to help players that want to try tanking as a Protection Paladin in World of Warcraft Classic. Note that there are a few things to keep in mind as this is not an easy role to fill:

  • Most people will think you’re completely useless.
  • Use all consumables that you can.
  • Soulforge is not good for any spec PVE.
  • You have to be VERY dedicated to even have a chance at making this work.

Why Tankadins Are Good

  • They have the best AoE threat generation in the game.
  • The ability to generate threat without having to worry about being rage starved.
  • Being able to Cleanse.
  • More block value from talents then Warriors due to Shield Specialization and 10% Strength. Although once Warriors reach Tier 3 they start getting more then you.
  • Being able to wipe out every debuff in the game – for 15 mana (Only Paladins are capable of doing this).
    (I will explain this later and give a link to an add on that lets you do this).

Obviously there are a few bad things as well such as no taunt and no shieldwall.
Mana and threat generation are not problems, these can easily be solved with massive amounts of consumables.

Protection Paladin Stats in Vanilla WoW


  • Stamina: 1 Stamina gives 10 health. Obviously this gives you more health. (Important).
  • Defense: Less chance you will be crit and also gives more mitigation. Crit cap is at 440. Don’t worry too much about getting the cap. It wont happen until you have half AQ40 gear and Styleens. Don’t count on it. Just get as much as you can and you will be fine. (Important).
  • Agility: Agility gives dodge and chance to crit. (Important).
  • Strength: Gives you attack power and more block value. Attack power increases the damage of your auto attacks for single target threat. (Important).
  • Intellect: 1 Intellect gives 15 mana. If you have any gear with Intellect it’s a wasted gear slot. Get this only from buffs and consumables. (Not important on gear).
  • Spell Damage: This ups the damage of your Seal of Righteousness, Judgment, and Consecration. You should never need more then shoulder enchant and a spell weapon for swapping on Consecration. You can get plenty from consumables as well as some other threat bonus’s from having a Retribution Paladin in your party. (Not very important on gear).
  • Mana per 5: Obviously helps your mana regeneration. You don’t need this on your gear but some from the good Deathbone pieces help when starting out. You shouldn’t need this with consumables and raid buffs. That on top of the fact that you should be spamming Major Mana Potions and Demonic Runes. (Not very important on gear).


Righteous FuryRighteous Fury:

If you are tanking you want this up at all times, DO NOT forget to use this before a boss fight or whenever you are just sitting not doing anything and have the mana. Obviously it makes you do more threat I shouldn’t have to explain anything else.

Seal of RighteousnessSeal of Righteousness:

The seal of choice when tanking. It will give you more threat on every weapon swing. Also another good thing about this seal is that it scales with your weapon speed. Which means Spineshatter is actually better than Bloodlord’s Defender for Paladins.

Seal of WisdomSeal of Wisdom:

Useful mainly for its Judgment. If you are not tanking during some fights and end up attacking with Nightfall or off healing, use Judgment of Wisdom so Hunters and Casters will love you. On fights like Golemmagg the Incinerator or Sulfuron Harbinger where you are tanking adds that no one is hitting feel free to use Judgment of Wisdom and Seal of Wisdom and just spam Holy Shield and Consecrate, Consecrate Rank 3 might even be good enough.


A utility that does different things depending on what seal you have up. Personally if you somehow get into a raid guild that wants you, you should invest in having a Retribution Paladin as well that way it can use Judge of Crusader. Although I usually use Judge of Righteousness when I pull the kill target and refresh Seal of Righteousness. Other then that its sort of a waste of mana. Also some of you may think Judge of Wisdom is very good, you would be correct although if you are main tanking a boss you would want to use Judge of Righteousness first thing for burst aggro then put up the Wisdom Judge on your 2nd Judgment, although depending on how fast that certain boss dies it might be a waste of mana.


This is why we are the best AoE tanks in the game. Consecration you may think is a huge mana dump but it is another one of our highest threat abilities. This now scales with spell damage. You should have every rank on your bar so you can have the most control over your threat and mana. Also if you have a spell damage weapon equipped and use this you can then switch to a tank weapon immediately after its used and still buff your entire Consecrate duration. So in the future with a good spell damage weapon you can macro all of your ranks to automatically switch weapons back and forth for you.

Holy ShieldHoly Shield:

Gives 30% chance to block until you block 4 times unless it ends in 10 seconds. This is one of our best threat generation abilities due to the fact that it does 130 holy damage whenever you block with a 20% additional threat modifier.

Blessing of SanctuaryBlessing of Sanctuary:

Makes you take 24 less damage from all sources and also does holy damage when you block. You should always have this up due to the fact it helps your defenses and your threat. Also every Paladin needs to have Pallypower to make buffing a more pleasant experience. If you don’t please download it from this link. http://www.mediafire.com/?970de11b5exvcjj

Vanilla WoW Devotion AuraAuras:

Now that Retribution Aura doesn’t proc on dodges and parries like it used to on this server it makes Devotion Aura a little better. Although if you want to put Retribution Aura up on AoE pulls feel free. Also another important tip. Equip Libram of Truth and use Devotion Aura, Then switch back to Libram of Hope. You will still benefit from the 55 armor.

Blessing of ProtectionBlessing of Protection:

Obvious protection on people if you lose aggro, also if you have 2nd aggro you can bubble the person with the highest threat as a form of taunt. Can be useful at times.

Divine Protection Rank 1Divine Protection Rank 1:

For 15 mana this is a bubble that last 6 seconds. Now I have an add on that debuffs it as soon as I use it. What this does is gets rid of ALL debuffs, including some of those special boss debuffs. Now you might think. OMG THAT DROPS AGGRO WTF!! No it doesn’t. In fact you keep all the aggro you previously had. With the add on when you use it the boss drops you for half a second, which isn’t enough time for it to hit anyone. This is one of our greatest utilities in the game and because I recently found this it gives another thing Protection Paladins have over other tanks. Experiment some with it.


Gets rid of certain debuffs, self explanatory.



If you don’t have this exact spec you are not giving 100% to PVE Protection.

Vanilla WoW Protection Paladin Talent Spec

The reason I get One-Handed Specialization is for single target threat. Strength over Intellect due to the fact that it gives more threat and block value, that and you will have no Intellect on your gear. Reckoning isn’t useful in PVE because you barely get hit by critical attacks. Holy Paladins should have Blessing of Kings. It is a wasted talent for us.

Gear List

Click here to view our guide that shows the BIS Pre Raid list for Protection Paladins.


Also I am going to put a list of consumables you NEED to use to even be good raiding. If you raid without these you will be bad. I am warning you.

The EXTREME MINIMUM amount you will need. I will list more you can use after this list.

  • Elixir of the Mongoose x20 (25 Agility 2% Crit).
  • Elixir of Greater Intellect x20 (25 Intellect).
  • Greater Arcane Elixir x20 (35 Spell damage).
  • Mageblood Potion x20 (12 Mana per 5).
  • Brilliant Wizard Oil Try to have at least 4 charges for any raid you do. (36 Spell damage, 1% Spell crit). (Good for both Tank and Conc Swap Weapons).
  • Brilliant Mana Oil Good to have a few charges in case you are needed to put on a heal set. (12 Mana per 5, and 25 Healing).
  • Demonic Rune x20 (Restores 900 to 1500 Mana, Hurts you for 600 to 1000, some of this can be resisted, watch your health bar before you use this).
  • Major Mana Potion x20 (Restores 1350 to 2250 Mana).
  • Tender Wolf Steak x20 (16 Stamina).
  • Flask of Titans x2 (Not really needed in 20 mans but smart to use starting out). (Gives 1200 more health).
  • Flask of Distilled Wisdom x2 (If asked to heal these are nice to carry around). (Gives 2000 more mana).

Added consumables you can use. You don’t need all of these for a majority of the content, use them to push the limits of your tanking ability.

  • Elixir of Giants (25 Strength).
  • Elixir of Superior Defense (450 Armor).
  • Gift of Arthas (Attackers receive 8 more damage from all sources). (Useful for AoE).
  • Limited Invulnerability Potion (Immune to physical attacks for 6 seconds). (Useful for Satura in AQ40).
  • Swiftness Potion (50% Run speed for 15 seconds). (Useful for kiting Gluth Adds and Satura in AQ40).
  • Winterfall Firewater (35 Attack Power).
  • Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimaerok Chops (25 Stamina). (Yes Dirge’s Kickin’ Chimearok Chops stack with Tender Wolf Steak).
  • Nightfin Soup (8 Mana per 5).
  • Rumsey Rum Black Label (Only obtainable through fishing). (15 Stamina). Southshore no longer sells this item.
  • Rumsy Rum Light (Only obtainable through fishing). (5 Stamina). (Light/Dark Rums stack, Black Label counts as a Dark).
  • Gordok Green Grog You can get this from Stomper Kreeg in Dire Maul North after completing a Tribute Run. (10 Stamina).
  • Spirit of Zanza x1 ​requires Revered with Zandalar Tribe. Trade in a Honor Mark for a Zanza. (50 Stamina, 50 Spirit). (Doesn’t stack with Dirges).
  • Swiftness of Zanza x1 requires Revered with Zandalar Tribe. Trade in a Honor Mark for a Zanza. (20% Run speed). (Useful for kiting Gluth Adds).
  • Stratholme Holy Water You can get this from respawning boxes after a cleared Undead Stratholme run. (438-562 AoE Holy Damage to Undead). (1 minute cooldown). (Good for Threat in Naxx). (Shares a cooldown with Thorium Grenade).
  • Thorium Grenade If your Engineer this is very useful on AoE pulls. Also can be used to pull. Doesn’t work on bosses though. (Does 300-500 AoE damage and stuns for 3 seconds unless they take damage). (1 minute cooldown).
  • Goblin Sapper Charge If your Engineer this is useful on AoE pulls. (Deals 450-751 AoE damage and 375-626 damage to you). (5 minute cooldown).


  • Scroll of Stamina IV World Drop or Vender Cooldown. (16 Stamina).
  • Scroll of Agility IV World Drop or Vender Cooldown. (16 Agility).
  • Scroll of Protection IV World Drop or Vender Cooldown. (240 Armor).
  • Scroll of Intellect IV World Drop or Vender Cooldown. (16 Intellect).
  • Scroll of Strength IV World Drop or Vender Cooldown. (16 Strength).

Consumables from Quests

  • Bloodkelp Elixir of Dodging Obtained from the quest “More Components of Importance” during the Dungeon Set 2 chain. (3% Dodge). (Limited to 12 per character).
  • Lung Juice Cocktail x1 Obtained from the repeatable quest “Spirit of the Boar” in Blasted Lands. (25 Stamina).
  • Ground Scorpok Assay x1 Obtained from the repeatable quest “Salt of the Scorpok” in Blasted Lands. (25 Agility).
  • Cerebral Cortex Compound x1 Obtained from the repeatable quest “Infallible Mind” in Blasted Lands. (25 Intellect).
  • R.O.I.D.S. x1 Obtained from the repeatable quest “Rage of Ages” in Blasted Lands. (25 Strength).
  • Juju Guile Obtained from the repeatable quest “Wildkin E’ko” from Witch Doctor Mau’ari in Winterspring. (30 Intellect).
  • Juju Power Obtained from the repeatable quest “Winterfall E’ko” from Witch Doctor Mau’ari in Winterspring. (30 Strength).
  • Juju Escape Obtained from the repeatable quest “Ice Thistle E’ko” from Witch Doctor Mau’ari in Winterspring. (5% Dodge for 10 Seconds). (Use for enrages).
  • Crystal Ward Obtained from the repeatable quest “Crystal Ward” at the Western Crystal Pylon in Un’goro Crater. (200 Armor).
  • Crystal Spire Obtained from the repeatable quest “Crystal Spire” at the Eastern Crystal Pylon in Un’goro Crater. (Deals 12 damage whenever you are attacked).

You can also set your Hearthstone to Goldshire and ask for a Summon to go retrieve a Darkmoon Faire Buff from Sayge. (2 Hour Cooldown).

  • 10% Stamina Combination: Confiscate the Corn, Speak against your brother openly. (3,1).
  • 10% Armor Combination: Slay the man, Let your friend go. (1,3).
  • 10% Damage Combination: Slay the man, Execute your friend painfully. (1,1).
  • 25 All Resist Combination: Turn him over to liege, Remain Quiet. (2,3).
  • 10% Intellect Combination: Turn him over to liege, Show not so quiet defiance. (2,2). (In case you need to heal).

Also consider getting an Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator, This you can use for the buff then switch back to your tank helm. (Reflective shield that deals 5 damage whenever you are attacked). (Drops in Gnomeregan and is easily solo farmed).

I am going to be completely honest – If you have anything less then this, you won’t be very good at all. I was serious when I said, “You have to be VERY dedicated to even have a chance at making this work”.

This guide was originally posted by Cysthen on the WoW One forums and has been preserved here.


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10 days ago

Yeah, I agree. So much wrong information. First of all the defense cap you want to aim for is 390, which is the crush cap. Secondly reaching that without sacrificing too many important stats like sp and int, which in turn would diminish your threat and endurance in fights. Paladin is super weirdly talented so getting crit sometimes is actually helpful, because Redoubt + Holy Shield ramps up your avoidance with 60% block chance for 10 seconds.

Divine Strength vs Divine Intellect – Well, each to their own but I’d rather have more Int than Str for Boss fights. GBoK is your best threat generator in raid bosses because it’s mana-efficient compared to all other greater blessings, so you really need that talent. So a bigger mana pool and mana regen helps there alot. Fast weapon like Flurry Axe, which has a great chance-on-hit effect, helps your mp5 ridiculously and thus helps you generate more aggro with GBoK.

I’d advise to look from Holyfrog, he has pretty valuable information about Paladin tanking skill rotation, pre-raid gear and video footage about the boss fights.

Reply to  Tirionfordring
10 days ago

Correcting my error. 390 defense is not the crush cap. In boss fights, you should prioritize for higher defense, but you should also aim for the maximum avoidance 102,4 % (dodge, parry & block combined). So higher defense increases the avoidance.

3 months ago

Lol. Except the part on consumables, this is so wrong.

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