PvP Item Sets in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery (SoD)

New PvP Item Sets in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery (SoD)

Each class has seen a new six-piece set of level 50 PvP gear added to the game for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery. These items are intended as a starter set, with better rewards coming from battlegrounds and the Blood Moon Event.

Below you can see each of the sets along with their set bonuses and all of the items in the set. Blood Guard sets are likely to be available for Horde while Knight-Lieutenant should be the sets for Wow Alliance Crest Alliance. The sets can be purchased from PvP vendors in Wow Alliance Crest Stormwind City or Orgrimmar, with 4 of the pieces (Helm, Shoulders, Chest, and Legs) requiring rank 6 or higher to access the vendor (Wow Alliance Crest Knight or Stone Guard).

Blood Guard’s Chain

Blood Guard’s Crackling Leather

Blood Guard’s Dreadweave

Blood Guard’s Inscribed Mail

Blood Guard’s Leather

Blood Guard’s Mail

Blood Guard’s Plate

Blood Guard’s Pulsing Mail

Blood Guard’s Restored Leather

Blood Guard’s Satin

Knight-Lieutenant’s Chain

Knight-Lieutenant’s Crackling Leather

Knight-Lieutenant’s Dreadweave

Knight-Lieutenant’s Imbued Plate

Knight-Lieutenant’s Lamellar Plate

Knight-Lieutenant’s Leather

Knight-Lieutenant’s Mail

Knight-Lieutenant’s Plate

Knight-Lieutenant’s Restored Leather

Knight-Lieutenant’s Satin


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2 months ago

i am rank 7. been that way ab a week or so and i still only have up to rank 5 at the quartermaster

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