Where to Farm Fish Oil in Season of Discovery

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Once an incredibly irrelevant item used only for casting Water Walking, Fish Oil received a significant promotion in Season of Discovery. You will need 24 Fish Oil to be able to finish Grizzby’s quest in Ratchet and unlock one of your classes runes.

Unfortunately, Fish Oil is typically a drop from fish-related enemies around level 30 to 45. With a level cap of 25, we are severely limited in the farming spots available. One obvious answer is that various enemies in Blackfathom Deeps drop Fish Oil, making them a reasonable way to get your hands on some. The downside to this is of course that they are Elites and inside a raid. This makes it more functional as a supplementary source of Fish Oil rather than a farming method.

The best bets for farming Fish Oil are to farm Murlocs. There are two decent options for this.


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The Wetlands has two relevant spots for Murlocs. North of Menethil Harbor you can find a lower level Murloc camp. The Bluegill Oracles here have a roughly 1/3 chance of dropping Fish Oil. The caveat to this is that Bluegill Oracles are not the only Murloc that spawns there, and are in fact one of the more uncommon spawns. To get any value here, you will likely need a hyperspawn and a very solid kill speed.

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The other option is south of Menethil Harbor, killing Bluegill Raiders. These are a lot more common, but they are also level 28-29 instead of 25-26. At level 25 this is definitely manageable by yourself, but running as a duo will significantly speed up this farm.

It is worth noting that while both of these zones are available for Horde players, they are very close to an Alliance town, and you can very easily be outnumbered by Alliance players here.

Hillsbrad Foothills

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Farming in Hillsbrad Foothills gives you a lot more enemies to kill, with fast spawns, bigger camps, and more options. All along the southern coast you will find a variety of fishy goodness. East of Southshore is a large camp of Nagas, stretching significantly down the coast. To the west instead are Murlocs, and lots of them. The entire coast is covered with them.

season of discovery hillsbrad murlocs 2

All of the enemies along this coast are around level 30, meaning they definitely do pose a challenge. As Murlocs are want to do, they also consistently pull in larger groups, meaning you won’t even get a fair 1v1.


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