The Nightmare Incursions Event Guide for Season of Discovery (SoD)

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Unlike the previous phases, Phase 3 brings a new type of PvE content to the Season of Discovery that can be accessed by level 50 players as endgame content for reputation and gear, and by lower-level players as a viable leveling method. Nightmare Incursions are PvE-oriented events taking place in four different zones of Azeroth, more specifically, around the Emerald Dream Portals which used to host the Emerald Dream Dragons World Bosses.

The event can be accessed as early as level 23, having an emphasis on group play, as quests can be shared between players. The event was intentionally created to incentivize grouping up, especially as the portals spawn a large number of NPCs at the same time which can overwhelm a solo player.

This guide will offer a complete overview of how the event works, what you can expect from it, and what rewards it offers!

The Nightmare Incursion Event

Nightmare Incursions are PvE-oriented events that focus on questing in the Emerald Nightmare! All the Nightmare Incursion events start with an introductory quest that takes place outside the Emerald Nightmare, near the Emerald Portals, granted by four different specific NPCs. The NPCS are faction-neutral, meaning that both Horde and Alliance players can access them. The four NPCs that grant the introductory quest are Field Captain Palandar, Field Captain Hannalah, Field Captain Korlian, and Field Captain Arunnel.

Each Field Captain can be found in the vicinity of an Emerald Portal, granting you an introductory quest. The quest is the same for both factions in all four different zones, requiring you to kill the demons spawning next to the Emerald Portal. The quest itself has a different title depending on the zone you are currently in, however, they each have the same prefix: “Recover Incursion Field Report”. The introductory quests are: Recover Incursion Field Report: Duskwood, Recover Incursion Field Report: Ashenvale, Recover Incursion Field Report: Hinterlands and Recover Incursion Field Report: Feralas.

Besides killing a specific amount of each demon type found near the entrance of the portal, the quest also requires you to interact with a scout NPC that grants you a mission report. The scouts can be found next to the entrance of the portal, as shown in the images above. The scouts are in Stealth, meaning that it can be quite difficult to locate them without a (/Target “NPC Name”) macro.

Once you kill all the demons and retrieve the mission report, you must return to the Field Captain who assigned you the quest to unlock the Emerald Nightmare quests. It is worth mentioning that you can enter the Emerald Nightmare through the Emerald Portal without actually completing the introductory quest for each zone, however, you will require the introductory quest to be able to complete the Nightmare Incursion quests.

Upon delivering the introductory quest, you will now be able to pick up new quests from the zone-specific Field Captain. The quests don’t work traditionally as with the other quests available in the Season of Discovery, but rather through an interactable quest item that you receive. Upon turning in the quest, you will receive an envelope containing two randomly generated items. The first is a mission, such as Nightmare Incursions: Ashenvale Mission I. Once you use it, you will receive the corresponding quest such as the Ashenvale Mission I: Defeat Satyrs. You will also receive another item, the Deputization Authorization: Ashenvale Mission I.

The Deputization Authorization: Ashenvale Mission I along with other similar items tied to their specific quests serve a unique purpose, the ability to share said quest with other party members up to 4 times. While traditionally you would be able to share the quest from your Quest Log, in the Nightmare Incursion Event you can only share quests through the specific Deputization Authorization items. This mechanic is specifically placed to incentivize group play, allowing you to gather a large amount of quests if you run 4 to 5-member party groups. Through this mechanic, solo play is considerably less advantageous, as you would have to run back to the Field Captain after completing each quest to acquire a new random one.

The effect of this mechanic can easily result in a Quest Log filled with Nightmare Incursion quests if proper quest sharing occurs.

The Nightmare Incursion quests are split into 5 separate types of quests, each revolving around a specific task. They all take place inside the Emerald Nightmare, which can be accessed by walking through one of the Emerald Portals!

Kill Quests

The kill quests are typically split into two separate categories: Mob Kills and Boss Kills. The first category can be easily completed, working similarly to every other kill quest in the game. The second category involves killing a Boss that can be tagged by your entire faction, meaning that multiple groups can assist in the endeavor. The Boss Kill quest rewards a large amount of reputation with the Emerald Wardens compared to the Mob Kill quests.

Gathering Quests

The gathering quests are based on the Gathering Professions: Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning. They usually revolve around gathering 10 x of a specific item that can only be acquired by one of the three professions inside the Emerald Nightmare, however, the items themselves function as “Conjured Items”, meaning that they can be freely traded in between players outside of the Emerald Nightmare. Through quests like the Gathering Quests, players can gain large amounts of gold by stockpiling said items and selling them to other players wishing to complete the quests. The issue with “Conjured Items” is that they will disappear upon logging out for extended periods.

Recovery Quests

The recovery quests are based on finding specific items inside the Emerald Nightmare. These quests typically revolve around finding an object in the dream, such as a crate, egg, or piece of paper. The recovery quests are some of the easiest quests that can be completed in the Emerald Nightmare.

Intelligence Quests

The intelligence quests are all about discovering Stealthed NPCs such as the scouts you’ve discovered during the introductory quests. They can be easily found inside the Emerald Nightmare, each of them having the same spawn locations.

Rescue Quests

Lastly, the rescue quests better known as “Escort Quests” are one of the most antagonized types of quests by the WoW community. Those quests revolve around saving an NPC from the Emerald Nightmare and guiding them to a specific Dream Portal. At the current moment, it is rumored that only one such NPC spawns per layer, resulting in troublesome situations if multiple groups are trying to complete the quest.

List of Quests for the Nightmare Incursion Event

Each of the four different zones has exactly 18 Nightmare Incursion quests available in the Emerald Nightmare. The quests themselves have the same pattern, with each zone featuring a total of 6 Kill quests, 3 Intelligence quests, 3 Recover quests, 3 Rescue Quests, and 3 Gathering quests. Feralas is the only known zone to feature a Faction-based gathering quest, with Alliance having the Feralas Mission: Greator Moonstone while Horde has Feralas Mission: Greater Moondragon Scale.

Below you can find a list of all the available quests in the Nightmare Incursion Event!

Duskwood Quests

  • Duskwood Mission I: Defeat Worgen
  • Duskwood Mission II: Defeat Ogres
  • Duskwood Mission III: Defeat Dragonkin
  • Duskwood Mission IV: Ogre Intelligence
  • Duskwood Mission V: Worgen Intelligence
  • Duskwood Mission VI: Dragon Intelligence
  • Duskwood Mission VII: Recover Shadowscythe
  • Duskwood Mission VIII: Recover Ogre Magi text
  • Duskwood Mission IX: Recover Dragon Egg
  • Duskwood Mission X: Nightmare Moss
  • Duskwood Mission XI: Cold Iron Ore
  • Duskwood Mission XII: Dream-Touched Dragonscale
  • Duskwood Mission XIII: Defeat Ylanthrius
  • Duskwood Mission XIV: Defeat Vvarc’zul
  • Duskwood Mission XV: Defeat Amokarok
  • Duskwood Mission XVI: Rescue Kroll Mountainshade
  • Duskwood Mission XVII: Rescue Alara Grovemender
  • Duskwood Mission XVIII: Rescue Elenora Marshwalker

Ashenvale Quests

  • Ashenvale Mission I: Defeat Satyrs
  • Ashenvale Mission II: Defeat Treants
  • Ashenvale Mission III: Defeat Dragonkin
  • Ashenvale Mission IV: Dragon Intelligence
  • Ashenvale Mission V: Satyr Intelligence
  • Ashenvale Mission VI: Treant Intelligence
  • Ashenvale Mission VII: Recover Dreamengine
  • Ashenvale Mission VIII: Recover Azsharan Prophecy
  • Ashenvale Mission IX: Recover Dream-Touched Dragonegg
  • Ashenvale Mission X: Dreamroot
  • Ashenvale Mission XI: Fool’s Gold Dust
  • Ashenvale Mission XII: Dream-Infused Dragonscale
  • Ashenvale Mission XIII: Defeat Larsera
  • Ashenvale Mission XIV: Defeat Zalius
  • Ashenvale Mission XV: Defeat Shredder 9000
  • Ashenvale Mission XVI: Rescue Alyssian Windcaller
  • Ashenvale Mission XVII: Rescue Doran Dreambough
  • Ashenvale Mission XVIII: Rescue Maseara Autumnmoon

Feralas Quests

  • Feralas Mission I: Defeat Children of Cenarius
  • Feralas Mission II: Defeat Harpies
  • Feralas Mission III: Defeat Dragonkin
  • Feralas Mission IV: Dragon Intelligence
  • Feralas Mission V: Cenarion Intelligence
  • Feralas Mission VI: Harpy Intelligence
  • Feralas Mission VII: Recover Moonglow Dragonegg
  • Feralas Mission VIII: Recover Keeper’s Notes
  • Feralas Mission IX: Recover Harpy Screed
  • Feralas Mission X: Moonroot
  • Feralas Mission XI: Greater Moonstone
  • Feralas Mission XII: Greater Moondragon Scales
  • Feralas Mission XIII: Defeat Tyrannikus
  • Feralas Mission XIV: Defeat Alondrius
  • Feralas Mission XV: Defeat Slirena
  • Feralas Mission XVI: Rescue Mellias Earthtender
  • Feralas Mission XVII: Rescue Nerene Brooksinger
  • Feralas Mission XVIII: Rescue Jamniss Treemender

Hinterlands Quests

  • Hinterlands Mission I: Defeat Moonkin
  • Hinterlands Mission II: Defeat Giant Turtles
  • Hinterlands Mission III: Defeat Dragonkin
  • Hinterlands Mission IV: Dragon Intelligence
  • Hinterlands Mission IX: Recover Dreampearl
  • Hinterlands Mission V: Turtle Intelligence
  • Hinterlands Mission VI: Moonkin Intelligence
  • Hinterlands Mission VII: Recover Star-Touched Dragonegg
  • Hinterlands Mission VIII: Recover Elunar Relic
  • Hinterlands Mission X: Star Lotus
  • Hinterlands Mission XI: Starsilver Ore
  • Hinterlands Mission XII: Starshells
  • Hinterlands Mission XIII: Defeat Florius
  • Hinterlands Mission XIV: Defeat Doomkin
  • Hinterlands Mission XV: Defeat Ghamoo-Raja
  • Hinterlands Mission XVI: Rescue Elianar Shadowdrinker
  • Hinterlands Mission XVII: Rescue Serlina Starbright
  • Hinterlands Mission XVIII: Rescue Veanna Cloudsleeper

Nightmare Incursion Event Locations

The Nightmare Incursions take place in 4 specific locations, with each location hosting an Emerald Portal. The locations are split into 3 distinct level ranges, with Duskwood starting at level 25, Ashenvale at level 40, and Hinterlands and Feralas at level 50. Each Nightmare Incursion can be accessed at any time, this event being the first that is not time-gated in the Season of Discovery.

While it is possible to access the Emerald Nightmare in a zone such as Feralas or Hinterlands while being at a lower level, it is counterproductive as the mobs themselves will be too tough. Additionally, you won’t be able to access the Ashenvale Field Captain unless you’re level 37, and the Feralas, and Hinterlands Field Captains unless you are at least level 47.

Duskwood (Level 25-40)

Ashenvale (Level 40-50)

The Hinterlands & Feralas (Level 50)

Nightmare Incursion Event Rewards

The Nightmare Incursion Event grants a plethora of rewards, ranging from Gold, Experience, Reputation with the Emerald Wardens, and even access to a special Quartermaster that offers access to Runes, Trinkets, Chests, Rings, a strong Staff, and even powerful sets of PvP armor! The Quartermasters can be found next to the Field Captains, with each zone having its own Quartermaster.


2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold
2 Gold

General Items

18 Silver
38 Silver 9 Copper
38 Silver 9 Copper
44 Silver 17 Copper
74 Silver 66 Copper
Catnip (Wow Druid Icon Druid Only Item)
45 Silver
5 Gold 8 Silver 10 Copper
5 Gold 8 Silver 10 Copper
to be added later

PvP Sets

The armor types below will belong to one of two groups that share reputation requirement and gold cost:

  • Once you reach Friendly reputation, you will be able to purchase all Gloves, Boots, and Shoulders items at 2 Gold 70 Silver each.
  • At Honored reputation, you will be able to purchase all Head, Chest, and Legs items for 5 Gold 49 silver each.
Cloth Healer
Cloth DPS
Leather Caster DPS
Leather Healer
Leather Physical DPS
Mail Caster DPS
Mail Healer
Mail Physical DPS
Plate Healing
Plate Physical DPS


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