Festering Rotslime – Sunken Temple 20-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

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The Festering Rotslime, ruler of the hallways and devourer of candles is the second boss in the Sunken Temple. Why is it here? Who knows. We need it to not be here.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with the Festering Rotslime, by stuffing it with inanimate objects.


  • Don’t stand in poison
  • DPS objects until they switch position
  • Be careful with wasting mana
  • Dispel everything that can be dispelled


Festering Rotslime

The boss periodically gains stacks of Slime Time, gaining movement speed with every stack. Stacks can be removed by having the boss Devour objects.

The Festering Rotslime will periodically fill the hallway around itself with poison gas. Being inside this deals heavy Nature damage to the player as well as reducing their attack and cast speed significantly.

Festering Rotslime tosses Gunk onto the entire raid, dealing heavy Nature damage every 2 seconds and slowing their movement speed for 20 seconds. This is a Disease and should be immediately dispelled before the raid is overwhelmed by damage, or simply can’t outrun the boss anymore.

Festering Rotslime will eat any object in its path, slowing it down and removing a stack of Slime Time.

Raid Composition & Preparation

For this fight you will need one tank and at least 4 healers, but preferably 5. Mobile ranged DPS is particularly effective as the fight is very movement-heavy.

The Pull

You do not necessarily need a designated tank for this fight, as you will ideally not want to stay in melee range of the boss. That said, it can be easier to have someone holding aggro for consistency’s sake. Once you pull the boss, the fight begins, and the entire raid should start moving away from the boss, down the hallway.

The Fight

festering rotslime strategy map

The Festering Rotslime will constantly move down the hallway, launching poison clouds at the raid, requiring them to constantly move away from the boss. As you run down the hallway, you’ll find floating purple objects such as candles, drums, tablets, etc. DPSing these objects will cause them to move to the center of the hallway.

Each time the Festering Rotslime passes over an object, it will devour it, losing a stack of Slime Time. If the boss reaches 0 stacks, it will be stunned for a few seconds, allowing the raid to swoop in and burst the boss down.

This fight can be very long, so players should be well-prepared with mana consumables and patience. Melee DPS should try to focus on the objects whenever they can’t safely hit the boss.

Here are some of the main things that can typically go wrong in this fight:

  • Players are not dispelled, overwhelming the team.
  • The boss is not fed objects, causing it to gain speed and eventually be too fast to outrun.
  • Mana is poorly managed, leading to players being unable to keep up with the fight.

Congratulations on defeating the Festering Rotslime! Next up is the gauntlet of Defenders.


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3 months ago

Does the speed of the boss decrease with each stack of slime time removed?

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