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This is a Fire Resistance Gear Guide for World of Warcraft Classic players. I have done my best to compile and package information from various guides into an easy-to-read, singular one-stop-shop guide for any of your Classic Fire Resistance needs. My goal is for you to not have to need much information outside of what’s in this guide to find what you need for FR in Classic. I consider this a work in progress with a lot of details to keep track of so please don’t hesitate to let me know if I’ve gotten anything wrong and in regards to the guide in general, I am always open to constructive criticism.


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I’d like to preface that it is a widely held belief that most players outside of Tanks don’t need to stress much about Fire Resistance beyond getting your Onyxia Cloak and Fire Resistance potions. I feel that’s worth noting out the gate but if you aren’t a tank and still want information on fire resistance gear then this is still the guide for you.

How do Resistances work?

So I’m going to give a very generalized breakdown of how resistances work because I’m far from a theorycrafting expert. If you want a complete 100% technical breakdown of these mechanics, you are in the wrong spot and google can yield lots of what you are looking for. I’m just trying to amalgamate all these different chunks of info that I’ve found into something approachable by all skill levels of players.

Also this guide is assuming you are level 60. Resistance gear is valued differently as your character levels up. 100FR gear at level 20 has roughly the same affect as 300FR gear at level 60 for example. ANYWAY…

You have two chances to resist a spell.

  • The first is based on your character level. If you are significantly lower level than your target, you have a higher chance of your spell being flat-out resisted or missed (no effect whatsoever). If you are a significantly higher level than the person targeting you, there is a high chance of the spell being resisted.

    The effect is exponentially stronger as the level disparity grows. For example: Equal level mob = 4% chance to miss. 1 level above you = 5%, 2 levels = 5%, 3 levels = 17%, 4 levels = 28%, and for each additional level after that it’s an additional 11%
    (For PVP folks it’s 4%, 5%, 6%, 13%, 20%, and 7% for each additional level)

    Despite how this PVP math works out, I feel it’s worth noting that in general this isn’t much of an issue with PVP. A level 10 mage can typically land sheep on a level 60 player without missing much.
  • The second chance is based on what all of you beautiful people are here for: FIRE RESISTANCE
    Generally, it’s believed that 4 resistance = 1%

    So up to the 30% mark (since that is the limit), it follows basic math:

    10 resistance = 2.5% chance to resist
    100 resistance = 25% chance to resist
    125 resistance = 30.125% chance to resist

    Note: 125 resistance does not mean you have as much resistance as you’ll ever need. Monsters/players have an inherent 5%/level (this is a generally believed value) level-based resistance. So if we are dealing with a boss, they will have 3 more levels than you if they are max level which adds around 15% inherent resistance, mitigating your 125 resistance gear down to a 15% chance to resist.

Now on to the actual ‘resist’ part in action

When you receive damage from a spell you can receive either 0% (fully resisted), 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of it. Nothing in between

Let’s say you have 125 FR gear on and you are fighting a Fire Elemental Boss that fires 2,000 fireballs at you.

You are NOT going to receive a flat 30.125% reduction in damamage from every one of those 2,000 fireballs at you.

What WILL happen is, throughout the course of receiving those 2,000 fireballs, you will get a mix of these 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% fireball damage hits that will AVERAGE out to 30% damage resisted roughly.

To reiterate: Once all 2,000 fireballs have been cast at you, the total damage of those 2,000 fireballs will have been lessened by 30% on average as you receive this aforementioned mix of 0/25/50/75/100% hits

Cloth Gear

Crafted Engineering

Wizardweave Set

Materials for Wizardweave

Flarecore Set

Core Materials for Flarecore


Scarlet Monastery
Blackrock Depths
Upper Blackrock Spire

Farming Goals

  • Runecloth
    • High level humanoids
  • Felcloth
    • Azshara: Legashi Mobs in Legashi Encampment in Northern Azshara (52, 19)(65, 16)
    • Felwood: Jadefire/Satyr Mobs (level 53) at Jadefire Run, Northern Felwood (43, 20)
    • Blasted Lands: Felguard Mobs in Southern Blasted Lands near the Dark Portal
    • Dire Maul: Most demons drop Fel Cloth

Leather Gear

Crafted Non-set

Molten Helm +29

Corehound Set

Core Materials


Dire Maul
Sunken Temple
Blackrock Depths
Molten Core
Random World Drop

Farming Goals

Mail Gear

Crafted Non-set



Black Dragonscale Set

Total FR: 55

Core Materials


Blackrock Depths
Upper Blackrock Spire
Molten Core

Farming Goals

Farming Goals: Level 50+ Skinnable Mobs, Skinning Elite Dragon mobs in Burning Steppes, UBRS, and Blackwing Lair

Plate Gear

Thorium Set

Runic Plate Set


Dark Iron Set



Molten Core
Random World Drop
Blackrock Depths
Quest Reward



Quest: A Hero’s Reward in Azshara. It rewards Tidal Loop and Ocean’s Breeze.


Quest: Jail Break! in BRD. It rewards Ward of the Elements
Onyxia Head Turn-in: Rewards Onyxia Blood Talisman



Random World Drop BoE

Onyxia Scale Cloak

The Onyxia Scale Cloak is one of the most go-to items in Vanilla WoW. To learn the recipe you have to have leatherworking at level 300 and turn in Onyxia’s head. You will learn the recipe automatically upon turn-in. It offers +16 Fire Resistance as well as the Shadow Flame protection you will need in BWL.





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