• Author: OrinDac
  • Date: April 19, 2020
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

Winterspring is a high level zone in the northeast of Kalimdor to the north of Azshara and to the east of Felwood. As its name suggests, it is a land of constant winter, where snow covers everything no matter the season. Within its borders are a number of Night Elf settlements, as well as the goblin city of Everlook, controlled by the Steamwheedle Cartel.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Everlook

Winterspring is the ancestral home of the Blue Dragonflight, and many blue dragons can be found here. There are also many wild creatures in the zone, including yeti, wildkin, chimaeras and of course, furbolgs.
Many players will want to get to Winterspring at some point for one reason or another. Warlock’s in particular must venture to Darkwhisper Gorge, in the southern part of the zone, to acquire which is heavily populated with demons.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Winterspring Darkwhisper Gorge

For all of these players, there are only two real ways to get into Winterspring at all.

Option One: Azshara or Durotar

For anyone whose read my How to Get to Moonglade Guide, both of these options are going to sound familiar, though this one is a little different. First, strip off all of your gear and store it, because you are going to die – a lot if you’re lower level. Instead of going to Darkshore like you might if you were trying to go to Moonglade, head on over to Azshara and move to the most Northeastern point on the map that you can get to. at sea level. Don’t try and go up onto the cliffs, or you’ll die first from having to jump down.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Azshara Map

From there, circle back Northwest along the northern coast and then just north, when you can’y go West any longer. Hug the coast Northward until your hud indicates that you’ve left Azshara, and keep going until it says that you’ve entered Winterspring. Keep on going until you’re well into the zone, so that you don’t accidentally get pulled back to Azshara. If you open you map up and you are more than halfway to the north end of Winterspring, you’re good. You’re looking for that little divot in the coastline.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Winterspring Map

Now, just drown yourself, or otherwise lower your hit points to zero and release your spirit. You will immediately spawn at the Spirit Healer near Everlook in Winterspring. Just resurrect at her and head into Everlook to get the flight path. Easy peasy.

Lower level players may want to head to the Orc starting zone of Durotar, instead of Azshara. Horde players will have the easiest time with this and even Alliance players will find that, even despite it being the Horde capital, the zone is easy enough to traverse if you stay away from settlements. Probably the easiest way to do this is to start in Ratchet. Like with Azshara above, you’re going to want to head for the most Northeastern point of the zone on the map. You’ll likely pass the cave of Skull Rock as you go. Circle around the coast and head straight North until you hit Azshara.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Durotar Map

This is where it might get tricky. You’re already lower level, so mobs are already going to be more likely to pull from a greater distance. So you have to keep your distance from the shore, as there are just ALL of the sea monsters and naga on the shores of Azshara. So give the coast a wide birth and swim all the way to the Northeastern most tip of the zone. From here, follow the exact same instructions as above and head north until you’re in Winterspring, then kill yourself and release your spirit.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Azshara Ruined Reaches

Alternative to both of these, you can simply follow the same instructions from my How to Get to Moonglade Guide and hug the coast westward from Darkshore, past Moonglade until you reach Wintersprind, then..ya know…suicide. It’ll be a LOT farther to go and will definitely be more time consuming, but it’s totally an option.

Option Two: Timbermaw Hold

This easiest way here is to use the same trick from option one and just die in Felwood and run through the tunnel in Felwood to get to Winterspring, then just find the Spirit Healer there are resurrect.

Just like Moonglade, access to Winterspring is guarded by the Timbermaw Tribe of Furbolgs and if you don’t want to have to kill yourself to get there, you will either need to deal with them, or trick them. To deal with them, simply be of suitable level for Felwood and complete the Timbermaw Hold starting faction quests, or grind through Deadwood Furbolgs to get to at least Unfriendly with the Timbermaw, so they don’t attack you on site. Now you can traverse the tunnel that leads to both Moonglade and Winterspring. Remember, the North tunnel leads to Moonglade and the East Southeast tunnel leads to Winterspring.

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Timbermaw Hold Map

If you are a high level Rogue, or Mage, you can also simply sneak your way through Timbermaw Hold and trick your way past its guards. Rogues can use Stealth and Mages have Invisibility. There’s also a potion that most high level Alchemists can make that will provide the Invisibility effect for other classes.

Unfortunately, or luckily depending on how you look at it, there isn’t a super boring third option for getting to Winterspring. Unlike with Moonglade, you can’t simply wait for some festival to have some special event portal to take you to Winterspring. You have to do it the hard way…or the dead way.
Well, that’s how you get to Winterspring. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful to you, or at least enjoyable. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Wow Classic How To Get To Winterspring Guide Images Winterspring Zone Shot


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6 months ago

I tired this today as a 36 human priest, I got to the place on the map you have circled and drown myself. It sent me to the spirit healer in Westfall.

2 months ago

lmao i tried this and for some reason it resurected me in sentinel hill. what in the….

Terrible Idea
Terrible Idea
1 month ago

This is a complete waste of time, do not do it, you will spawn in westfall

1 month ago

I tried it and for me it didnt work, i will suggest you not to waste your time.
Thank you!!

11 months ago

Quality. See also my guide on the Wintersaber Trainers reputation grind if you’re headed to Winterspring!

TL Gamer
6 months ago

Not sure why there is this huge big thing with complex instructions Aside from reputation and being summoned by warlocks, There are 2 straight forward ways to get Winterspring that aren’t mentioned.
1. Use an invisibility potion (get to a safe spot when it wears off then wait the allotted time, use another one…repeat)
2. Corpse run (take off all your gear and run through)

1 day ago

Yeah you’ll get sent to westfall this is bullshit

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