How to Get Wildwhisper Draught – Season of Discovery

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In World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery Phase 3, you’ll need to obtain Wildwhisper Draught as part of The Wild Gods quest. This quest unlocks a special rune for each class, and is also a way to get pre-raid BiS gear and Darkmoon Cards. In this guide, we’ll explain how to obtain the Wildswhisper Draught, and go over when and how to use it.

Where to get Wildwhisper Draught

To get your hands on a Wildwhisper Draught, you’ll first need to grab the quest The Wild Gods from the Shadowtooth Emissary in the Emerald Sanctuary, Felwood at (51.5, 82.1). This is not a shareable quest, so everyone in your party needs to go to Felwood and get it.

season of discovery phase 3 shadowtooth emissary location the wild gods questline wildwhisper draught guide
The Shadowtooth Emissary’s location

That done, head to The Hinterlands. There, make your way to Jintha’Alor in the southeast portion of the area. Once you arrive, start killing Elite Trolls. Eventually, one of them will drop a Wildwhisper Draught. Only one player in your party needs the item, so once someone finds one, you can stop farming the trolls.

jinthaalor hinterlands wildwhisper draught season of discovery p3
Jintha’Alor’s location

How to Use Wildwhisper Draught

After getting a Wildwhisper Draught, you’ll next need to head to The Barrens, and make your way to the Razorfen Downs instance. Clear the final boss, Amennar the Coldbringer, and all enemies in the immediate vicinity. Once the coast is clear, have someone drink the Wildwhisper Draught, then speak to the Spirit of Agamaggan. Doing so will allow you to receive the next quest in this chain, plus Agamaggan’s Roar (which is required for the next step).

sod maps razorfen dows location the barrens
Razorfen Downs instance location

For the quest steps following the use of the Wildwhisper Draught, please see our Shadowtooth Emissary & Wild Gods Quest Guide.

Rewards from Using Wildwhisper Draught

Each class can earn a specific rune by completing the quest chain that involves the Wildwhisper Draught. Note that you’ll have to continue the Wild Gods Quest for a number of steps beyond using the Wildwhisper Draught in order to receive these rewards.

Additionally, the Shadowtooth Emissary becomes a vendor at the end of the quest chain, and sells the following items that can be purchased with Wild Offerings. The Shadowtooth Bags are a way to get Darkmoon Cards!


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