How to Get to Stormwind as a Night Elf in WoW Classic

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Decided that you’ve grown tired of Teldrassil and wish to level in Elwynn Forest with your fellow Human guildies? Be prepared for a long voyage, as Night Elves that wish to level in the Human Starting Zone will have to take multiple boats, walk a long distance in dangerous lands, and even use a gnomish underwater tram to reach their destination. This guide will teach you how to safely take a journey from Darnassus up to Stormwind.

Leaving Teldrassil

Your journey begins in Shadowglen, the starting zone of Night Elves. You will want to follow the road to the Moongate where Night Elves sentries are posted on guard duty and continue down the path until you reach Dolanaar. This part of the journey is completely safe, especially if you stick to the road.

Once you move past Dolanaar, keep following the road, and you will eventually find the gates of Darnassus. The road is mostly safe, especially since there is a group of sentinels on Nightsabers patrolling it. The only danger you may encounter on this road is one isolated Webwood Venomfang on the left side of the road but that peril can be easily avoided.

Upon entering Darnassus you will simply want to move forward on the main road until you find a pink tree that serves as a gateway. You can easily spot it once you move past the bank that is located in the center of the town in the Temple Gardens.

Reaching Darkshore

ruttheran village map location
Rut’Theran Village Map Location

Once you enter the portal in Darnassus, you will be teleported to a small patch of land to the south of Teldrassil named Rut’Theran Village. From there, you have two ways of reaching Darkshore. You can either take a Hypogryph ride to the flight path in Darkshore or take a boat that reaches the Darkshore port. Both ways are entirely functional, however, the Hippogryph ride is faster since you don’t have to wait for the boat while also more efficient since it doesn’t require any fee.

After you decide on your preferred means of travel and use it, you will reach Auberdine on the coast of Darkshore. This small village acts as a port that connects you to the Eastern Kingdom. You can take a boat from Auberdine that leads to Menethil Harbor, allowing you to begin your long and perilous journey through the Wetlands.

The boat to Menethil Harbor can be embarked from the opposite side of the pier as opposed to the side that leads to the Rut’Theran Village boat. In case you choose to fly over to Auberdine instead of using the boat, all you have to do is choose the boat on the left side of the pier.

The Wetlands Run

This part of the journey is infamously known as the “Wetlands Run”. It caused many deaths among the Night Elf population, with many of them often meeting violent ends due to the Savage Orcs, Crocolisks, Fen Dwellers, and even terrible Spiders that inhabit the area. While it might be tempting to simply jump off the ship and make your way across the marshes of Wetlands, the zone is completely infested with dangerous creatures that can potentially kill you in one or two hits. This means that you will always want to stick to the road! However, there are some scenarios where even the road is not safe.

The biggest issue that you will encounter is that mobs will aggro you from quite a long distance, meaning that you will most likely die, even by following the road. In case you don’t manage to outrun the mobs or avoid them entirely, you can rest assured that there is a graveyard you can use to respawn conveniently placed in the middle of the map. Your best to efficiently traverse the region is to let yourself killed as far away as possible from Menethil Harbor to be respawned at the graveyard located in the middle of the map. However, you might have to respawn a couple of times to reach the point where you will no longer be respawned at the graveyard near Menethil Harbor.

Below you can find an example of the best location that should guarantee a respawn at the second graveyard.

From this point onward, you will move past an Orc encampment and a marsh filled with Crocolisks. The issue is that you will possibly be able to avoid the Orcs, however, you will most certainly not manage to avoid the Crocolisks. This means that you will have to respawn a couple more times by doing a “Corpse Walk”.

After you manage to pass the Orc encampment, the road should be entirely safe for you, with only a few gnolls and Leech Stalkers being a possible threat. If you manage to stick to the road at this point of the journey, you will safely avoid both of them. By following the road, you will reach the gates of Dun Algaz, completing the “Wetlands Run”.

Arriving in Dun Morogh

While you might be happy to escape Wetlands, the danger has not entirely passed. Before arriving in Dun Morogh, you will have to pass through the Orc-infested passage of Dun Algaz. Just like on the roads of Wetlands, violent death is almost impossible to prevent as you will quickly find out that an Orc is sitting right in the middle of the road.

The main issue with the Dun Algaz Passage is that its respawn point is tied to the graveyard that can be found in the middle of the Wetlands. Luckily for us, our Wisp Spirit racial effect allows us to respawn quicker, even if the distance is quite long. Once you reach your corpse location, you should attempt respawning at max range, as you will greatly reduce the chance of grabbing aggro again.

Unfortunately, once you pass the first orc, you will encounter an entire Orc encampment, meaning that you will have to repeat the process a few times. This part is especially annoying since some of the orcs are ranged mobs.

If you carefully plan your death location, you will only have to go through this process twice, after which, you can safely greet the Mountaineer Dwarves as they guard the rest of the passage that leads to Loch Modan.

Once you reach Loch Modan, you can quickly access a nearby passage to Dun Morogh. Simply walk to the west side of the map and seek the gate shown above. There is also another entry point that leads to Dun Morogh on the southwest side of the map, however, accessing that path would result in a massive detour. After crossing this small tunnel, you will finally reach Dun Morogh!

The Way to Stormwind

Now that you’ve made your way to Dun Morogh, your journey is almost completed. All you have to do now is traverse the dwarves’ homeland and make your way to their capital city. You will arrive on the far northeast side of Dun Morogh once you cross the passage in Loch Modan, all you have to do from now on is follow the road until you reach the middle of the map where Ironforge is located.

Luckily for us, the journey through the dwarven lands poses no threat, meaning that you safely follow the road without a care in the world.

Once you reach inside Ironforge, all you have to do is go to Tinker Town and enter the Deeprun Tram. Once inside, you can wait for a gnomish tram and embark on it to quickly reach the Deeprun Tram Stormwind Station. You may also choose to jump down the tram rails themselves and walk the entire distance, however, that will take a lot of time.

After a rather swift ride on the Deeprun Tram, you will reach the Deeprun Stormwind Station. All you have to do now is exit it to finish your long journey. You will find yourself in the Dwarven District of Stormwind, from which point, you are free to explore Elwynn Forest with all of your friends!


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