Yojamba Isle Location in WoW Classic

yojamba isle featured image

The Yojamba Isle is a place that many will seek as it grants some of the best Enchanting and Alchemy recipes, along with some purchasable high-quality items. The items and recipes can be acquired by farming reputation with the Zandalar Tribe.

While difficult to spot on the map if you don’t pay enough attention, players can easily reach the Yojamba Isle by venturing into the Stranglethorn Valley. Once you reach Stranglethorn Valley, you can either directly head west of Zuuldaia Ruins as an Alliance player coming from Duskwood or swim south from Westfall. Horde players can head directly head north of Grom’Gol Base. The fastest way to reach the isle is by swimming from the Zuuldaia Ruins, although you can make your way by swimming from the Savage Coast as well.


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