How to Tame a Young Pridewing in Season of Discovery

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Chimaeras were one of the few un-tameable Beast families in Classic, alongside others such as Devilsaurs, Kodos, and Core Hounds. Later expansions brought the ability to tame Chimaeras as an Exotic pet as a Beast Mastery Hunter.

One of the new additions in Season of Discovery is the ability to tame Chimaeras – Well, one Chimaera. Specifically, Hunters can gain the ability to tame Young Pridewings, level 19-20 Chimaeras found in Stonetalon Mountains. This ability does not extend beyond that, meaning you will not be able to tame for example Fledgling Chimaeras found elsewhere in Stonetalon Mountain. Nor will you be able to tame any color variants.

As a consequence of this, you will need to spend some time leveling your Young Pridewing all the way to 25 to bring the poor feller up to speed.

Wild Wyvern Wrangling

The ability to tame Young Pridewings comes hand in hand with the Kill Command Rune. The three primary steps needed for this can be done in any order, but you will need to complete all three.

Jixo Madrocket

jixo madrocket location in stole talon mountains wow sod

The new quest Wild Wyvern Wrangling is given by Jixo Madrocket in Stonetalon Mountains. He will task you to obtain a Hypnotic Crystal and a Gnarled Wand of Wild Magic. As previously mentioned, these can both be obtained without having the quest, and he doesn’t even bother telling you where to get them anyway!

Hypnotic Crystal

mutanus the devourer 2

The Hypnotic Crystal is dropped by Mutanus the Devourer, the final boss of the Wailing Caverns dungeon. I’m sure many Hunters have coincidentally picked this up during a run and had no idea what to do with it.

Gnarled Wand of Wild Magic

This is a bit more time consuming than the Hypnotic Crystal. To obtain this you will need to combine a Greater Magic Wand with a Wild Magic Essence, creating the Gnarled Wand of Wild Magic.

Greater Magic Wands are easy enough, they are crafted by Enchanters and are usually used as a cheap method to level Enchanting. This means you can almost always find them for next to nothing on the Auction House. Pick one up whenever you’re nearby and you’ll have it ready to go.

ashenvale furbolgs

The Wild Magic Essence is dropped by Furbolgs in Ashenvale, specifically from Foulweald Shamans, Foulweald Totemics, Thistlefur Shamans, and Thistlefur Totemics. These Furbolgs are split between two camps and range from level 23 to 25. Foulweald Furbolgs are found southwest of Raynewood Retreat, just above the lake. Thistlefur Furbolgs are found northwest of Astranaar, east of Maestra’s Post. The drop rate is fairly high, so you shouldn’t need to spend too long on this.

Combine the Wild Magic Essence with the Greater Magic Wand and then head back to Jixo Madrocket.

Wrangling a Wild Wyvern

After turning Wild Wyvern Wrangling, Jixo Madrocket will offer you a new quest, Wrangling a Wild Wyvern. Upon accepting this quest, Jixo will immediately head walk off to tame a Wyvern for himself. Follow him into the trees and watch him tame a Wyvern for himself. Turn in the quest to receive the Kill Command Rune as well as a Wyvern Taming Wand.

stonetalon goblin shack

Wyvern Taming Wand

This is the item we were after. Carrying this in your inventory allows you to tame a Young Pridewing. Once you have tamed your Chimaera, you can freely put this item into your bank. In Season of Discovery, Young Pridewings are classified as Wind Serpents. This makes them one of the most powerful Phase 1 pets, giving them access to Lightning Breath.


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