How to Farm Humbert’s Helm in Season of Discovery

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Humberts Helm is an amazing Helmet for any level 25, only replaced by items from the Blackfathom Deeps Raid. Humberts Helm is also Bind on Equip, meaning it can be farmed for profit if you are so inclined. The Helmet is only dropped by one enemy in the game, Dun Garok Rifleman. Unfortunately, Alliance players will have to look elsewhere for a decent Helmet, as these dwarves are only hostile to Horde players. It can be sold on the Neutral Auction House, giving Alliance players the ability to obtain one if they manage to get a hold of a Horde player willing to lend a hand.

dun garok rifleman how to farm humberts helm

Dun Garok Riflemen are level 29-30 Elites found exclusively in Dun Garok in Hillsbrad Foothills. Some classes may be able to solo these if they catch them alone, but they tend to spawn close to each other, and being 4-5 levels higher than the player means they have a large aggro radius.

where to farm humberts helm in season of discovery

Dun Garok also has several other enemy types, primarily Dun Garok Mountaineers and Dun Garok Priests. If you go deep into the fortress you might also stumble upon Captain Ironhill, a level 32 Elite Dwarf that is a required part of the quest Battle of Hillsbrad. If you do intend to farm here, consider progressing that quest chain up to the relevant part, as finishing the whole chain at level 25 awards a lot of gold.

Each flavor of Dun Garok Dwarf drops its own “Humbert’s…” item, with Mountaineers dropping Humbert’s Chestpiece, and Priests dropping Humbert’s Pants. Unfortunately, neither of these are particularly good items, with the Helmet being the big reason to farm them. All of the dwarves also drop Humbert’s Sword, if you pick up the quest Humbert’s Sword from Tarren Mill.

Because the dwarves are all Elites that are potentially 5 levels higher than you, I strongly recommend bringing a group. You could even bring a raid group and zerg the dwarves down. Humberts Helm is not a quest item and thus can drop in a raid group. Make sure everyone is on the same page with how loot is dealt with though!


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