Explorer Imp Guide for Warlocks – Season of Discovery (SoD)

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The Explorer’s Imp is a newly available companion introduced in Phase 3 of Season of Discovery. In this guide, we will cover who and what the Explorers Imp is, how to get the Imp, and what kind of treasures await you with the Imp.

What is the Explorers Imp

The Explorer Imp is a newly available companion for the Warlocks in Season of Discovery Phase 3. Throughout Azeroth, different Fel Portals have appeared. Whenever the Warlock finds a portal, he can send the Explorer Imp happily into the rift to explore it for new treasures!

explorer imp sending into portal

Whenever he enters a rift, he disappears and you get a buff called “Imp on a Mission” preventing you from summoning another Explorer Imp, whenever the Imp finishes his mission, he will return, and the buff will be removed. Once your Imp returns from his adventure, he will present you with an Otherworldly Treasure. It takes the Imp 18 minutes and 30 seconds to complete his adventure. You do not need to stay in the same zone as your Imp went into the rift, he will spawn next to you wherever you are. Hozever, if you took a Flight Path you might need to resum your Imp.

sending the imp into a portal

How to get the Explorers Imp

The Explorer Imp can be obtained straightforwardly, whenever a warlock finishes off a mob with Drain Soul there is a chance that Explorer’s Soul will drop. This special soul teaches the Warlock how to summon the Explorer Imp. After which you can summon the Imp whenever you please.

The Explorer Imp is different from a regular demon pet, it can not attack and does not have a pet bar. The little friend can also be summoned alongside your other Demons!

Fel Portal Locations

season of discovery fel tear

There are five distinct types of rifts, each of which drops loot depending on the level of the zone in which they are found. You can use the following macro to help you more quickly find the portals:

/Target Fel Sliver
/Target Fel Tear
/Target Fel Crack
/Target Fel Rift
/Target Fel Scar

The rifts are located at set points in the world. Whenever a warlock uses a portal, it stays open for 5 seconds, allowing another Imp to also phase into the rift before the rift closes. After 8 minutes the portals respawn, and it takes your Imp 18 minutes and a half to complete his journey and return to you.

Click on the maps to see the locations of the portals!

Fel Sliver

Fel Crack

Fel Tear

Fel Scar

Fel Rift

So far no Fel Rifts have been discovered, but they will be added as they are.

Otherworldly Bag Rewards

The biggest treasure is without question the those related to runes! Rune of the Felguard as far as we know currently drops from any type of rifts. This rune teaches you how to summon the Felguard, Warlock demon pet. Worldcore Fragment are dropped from Otherworldly Treasure found in Fel Scar portals. These are used to attune Ley Crystals which are scattered across Azeroth. All of this is part of your chain to discover the Backdraft Rune!

Scroll of Spatial Mending is a new enchanting recipe that can be found inside the bags. It allows you to craft a special item called Scroll of Spatial Mending that only costs wood and four strange dusts. The Scroll allows you to close the Fel Portals instantly, upon closing, a Fel Enemy is spawned. When you kill it, it will drop the loot instead. This also allows other classes to interact with the Fel Portals. Note that if you use the Scroll others can steal the tag on the Fel Enemy and get the loot, something to be mindful of. Something else you can do is double dip on the reward by sending your Explorer Imp in first and closing the portal after by using the Scroll. Don’t worry, he’ll still find his way back to you.

Some of the loot includes new items with unique names, such as Zila Gular a trinket which changes the entire gamestyle for Affliction Warlocks, Tor Kieldaz a great tinket, or even Modas Karkun! Other Rare and Uncommon items also drop which are Bind on Equip with random enchantments (including “of Restoration“, “of Sorcery“, and “of Striking“!). This means that on top of providing great items to use for yourself, you will also be making some gold with your time invested. Aside from the gear that can be found, there are also junk items that can be sold to vendors and Common items such as materials used in various professions such as Silk Cloth, Iron Ore, or things such as Mana Potions, drinks, etc.… which can be all be sold on the Auction House for a nice penny on the side.

The item level of items and loot that you receive depend on the Portal type your Explorer Imp returned from, with portals located in higher level zones returing the strongest rewards.

Named Items


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3 months ago

Fel Scar’s are in Azshara

3 months ago

8 minutes is not actual spawn time atleast in aszhara stood in the same area for hours nothing spawned.

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