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Getting Runes

Many classes have a handful of Runes that are incredibly strong, especially at lower levels than you would usually obtain them naturally. For example, Starsurge will easily one shot enemies for the first handful of levels, and doesn’t fall off in power for the entire leveling process.

While some Runes are level gated, meaning you need to hit a certain level before you can get them, a lot of the time the only thing stopping you is access to the zone, your ability to cast a certain spell, or the level of a required enemy. You can absolutely run to the Wetlands at level 1 and pick up Starsurge if you are so inclined, or even better, you could get summoned there.

A lot of players have had great success leveling Mages by getting summoned to Regeneration and Living Bomb right out of the gate, allowing them to AoE level right away. With help from a higher level player, Warlocks can run to Redridge and grab Incinerate, which is just a better, cheaper version of Shadowbolt while leveling.

Getting Runes earlier than intended also refreshes the leveling experience a bit for players that have done it plenty of times before.

Dual Wield for Shaman

Tauren Rogue Season of Discovery

Something easily overlooked is that Dual Wield for Shamans is not specifically linked to a Rune, and can be learned by all Shamans. This means that Restoration and Elemental Shamans can Dual Wield Spell Power weapons as long as they are not main-hand or off-hand specific. This also allows you to Dual Wield weapons with Rockbiter Weapon on them, giving you even more bonus Attack Power for Shamanistic Rage.

To learn how to Dual Wield, you will need to unlock the Lava Lash Rune. Upon completing this quest chain you will gain both the Lava Lash Rune and the Dual Wield ability, but you do not need to use them together.

Blackfathom Deep Logout Skip

Players on PvP servers may struggle to get into Blackfathom Deeps, being repeatedly killed by the opposite faction and having to repeatedly spirit run isn’t exactly fun or fast.

Luckily for players there is a way to quickly reach the entrance. Once you enter the water at the beginning, you can jump into the wall as pictured:

bfd skip 2

Log out here, and once you log back in you will be right in front of the raids entrance. You are still vulnerable to being killed while logging out, but if you die, don’t release spirit! Simply log out as a corpse in the skip spot, and when you log back in both you and your corpse will be at the entrance to the raid.

bfd skip

Turn in your Supply Crates

Waylaid Supplies are a new feature in Season of Discovery, and are not very self explanatory at first. Supplies are unique, meaning you can only ever carry one at a time. Each crate will ask you to fill it with a specific profession related item, either materials or the finished product. Once you have filled it, the Supplies are no longer Unique, meaning you can pick up an unfilled Waylaid Supplies.

supply shipments hotfix season of discovery

What a lot of people are unaware of is that you can turn in the Supplies without filling them. You receive significantly less Reputation with the Supply Company factions by doing this, but if the materials needed are too expensive, handing in empty Supplies will still get you some Reputation.

Sharpening Stones & Windfury

This may be an obvious one for a lot of long time players, but now that Windfury is available to both factions, this does deserve reiterating. Abilities like Windfury Totem do not stack with temporary weapon enchants, such as Sharpening Stones, Weightstones, and Poisons.

On the other hand, Windfury does not apply to or interact with off-hand weapons. This means that you can freely put a temporary enchant on your off-hand without losing the incredibly powerful Windfury buff. It is better to be cautious as well, as you cannot remove temporary enchantments, they simply have to run their duration out. This means if you absent-mindedly use a Blackfathom Sharpening Stone on your main-hand only weapon, you’re out of luck for Windfury.


Questing for Gold

Even though the level cap is lowered, questing at the Phases max level still functions the same as any other level cap. This means that extra experience is converted into Gold instead of being wasted. This makes questing a fantastic source of income for players, with many quests giving 1-2 Gold even for simple tasks.

Pooling Quests For The Next Phase

A lot of players are opting to pool their quests for the next Phase, giving them an immediate chunk of experience on release. This is a simple way to get ahead a level or two right away, but plan ahead, because you may end up leaving yourself with barren zones, having to either do dungeons or grind mobs to level instead.


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