Mechanical Menagerie – Gnomeregan 10-Player Raid Guide (Season of Discovery)

mechanical menagerie
  • Author: lettara
  • Date: February 16, 2024
  • Updated: February 16, 2024
  • Expansion: WoW Classic

The Mechanical Menagerie, a chaotic mix of gears and mayhem deep within Gnomeregan. While dodging fire and avoiding a deceptively cute sheep, you’ll need to bring the entire quartet of bosses down simultaneously to achieve victory.

This guide will offer a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to deal with the Mechanical Menagerie encounter in the revamped 10-player Gnomeregan raid.


  • Don’t get near the Sheep boss or you’ll be silenced and take heavy nature damage.
  • Keep an eye on the Dragon boss and avoid his fire Sprocketfire Breath.
  • Kill Explosive Eggs left by the Chicken boss.
  • Interrupt the Squirrel boss’s Widget Volley.
  • If you are a healer, be ready for heavy tank damage after the Chicken boss casts Cluck! and heavy raid damage after the Dragon casts Overheat.


Chicken (STX-37/CN)

Deals a large amount of physical damage to the Chicken’s primary threat target. This is unavoidable.

Increases the attack speed of all bosses by 50%. Tanks and healers should be aware of when this buff is active so they can use defensive cooldowns. This mechanic is typically healed through, but if it proves to be too much for your raid team, you can tank the Chicken boss 30 yards away from other bosses, preventing them from gaining the attack speed buff. Note that this will significantly reduce your DPS output as the Chicken will not be in range of cleave effects.

Every so often the Chicken boss will spawn an egg underneath them. If players make contact with the egg, it will explode for a moderate amount of fire damage in an 8-yard radius around the egg. It has a relatively low amount of health and should be quickly killed.

Squirrel (STX-25/NB)

Deals a massive amount of physical damage to the raid if left uninterrupted. Assign at least two kickers to this target to ensure that no casts of Widget Volley go off.

The Squirrel spawns a large yellow shield at his feet that reduces the damage that bosses take by 50% while standing inside it. Tanks should quickly move bosses out of this to prevent DPS loss.

A permanent buff on the Squirrel boss that reduces the damage it takes by 25% from all sources.

Dragon (STX-04/BD)

The Dragon boss will frequently drop a fiery patch at his feet. Tanks will need to move the Dragon boss periodically in reaction to this so that melee can safely attack.

The Dragon will breath fire at a random player, dealing moderate fire damage and leaving a DoT effect on any player hit by it. This effect can be dispelled via Dispel Magic.

Every time the Dragon boss loses 25% health, he will cast Overheat, giving himself and all nearby bosses an AoE fire effect. This mechanic is typically healed through, but if it proves to be too much for your raid team, you can kite the Dragon boss 30 yards away from other bosses, preventing them from gaining the Overheat buff. Note that separating the Dragon boss from the other two bosses will hinder your raid teams ability to cleave them down. The Dragon may require special attention from ranged DPS in this instance.

Sheep (STX-13/LL)

Silences all players within a few yards of the Sheep boss.

Zaps all nearby players with heavy lightning damage. The lightning damage is so intense that it is virtually impossible to get within 15y of the Sheep boss without risking death.

Raid Composition & Preparation

role icon 0000 tank Two to three tanks are recommended, but daring groups could attempt it with a single tank.
role icon 0003 healer Two to three healers are recommended. Even if all mechanics are dealt with properly, you can expect extremely heavy tank damage.
role icon 0001 melee A balanced DPS composition is ideal for this encounter, but at least a couple ranged DPS are necessary to kill the Sheep boss, since melee can’t get close to him without taking heavy nature damage from Binary Bleat.
Wow Classic Kick Icon Two interrupters are ideal to kick casts of Widget Volley.

The Pull

A synchronized pull is necessary to prevent a single tank from taking aggro on all bosses and dying instantly. If your raid team is struggling with this, have a ranged DPS start the fight at maximum range. The tanks will then have several seconds to take control of their respective bosses as they pursue the distant ranged DPS.

The Fight

menagerie fight

You’ll be fighting all four bosses (Chicken, Squirrel, Dragon & Sheep) simultaneously. All four bosses should be taken down as evenly as possible, and players should stop attacking a boss if their health gets too low relative to the others. This is due to their self healing mechanic: if one boss’s health hits zero before the others, after 30 seconds they will heal back up to 30% health.

The positioning in this encounter is determined entirely by STX-13/LL, or the Sheep boss. It’s impossible to actually tank the Sheep, because if you get too close to it, you’ll be silenced from Frayed Wiring and take a big hit of nature damage from Binary Bleat. So instead of tanking it like the other 3 bosses in this encounter, simply let it wander around slowly toward the raid. Keep the Sheep a healthy distance away from players by kiting it as a team; moving the other three bosses in a circle around it, shifting whenever the Sheep gets too close. By doing this you also handle the fire left by the Dragon’s Slag Embers without too much trouble. The other three bosses (Chicken, Squirrel & Dragon) should stay relatively stacked to facilitate cleave damage.

Before the encounter begins, work out who is responsible for killing Explosive Eggs and interrupting Widget Volley. Both of these mechanics are trivial, but can wipe the raid if left unchecked. It may also be a good idea to create DPS assignments for each boss to ensure that they are killed as evenly as possible. The sheep boss should be focused by most, if not all, of the ranged DPS, since melee DPS will be unable to get close to him. Beyond that, split the remainder of the DPS evenly between the other three bosses, slightly prioritizing the Squirrel boss as he takes reduced damage.


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