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Kul Tiras is the home of the Kul Tiran Human faction, a kingdom of humans known for their naval prowess that seceded from the Alliance after the Third War. Within this continent is Boralus, the Alliance capital city for the Battle for Azeroth (BFA) expansion.

This area also serves as the hub for the quests that will unlock the Kul Tiran & Dark Iron Dwarf allied races for the Alliance. If you want to proceed further and check out the lore of these new additions to the Alliance while also unlocking either of these races as playable characters make sure to check out our How to Unlock the Dark Iron Dwarf Allied Race & How to Unlock the Kul Tiran Allied Race guides!

There are multiple ways to get to Kul Tiras:

  1. The Alliance Introductory Quests
  2. Portal from Stormwind
  3. Teleport: Boralus / Portal: Boralus spells from Alliance Mages
  4. Boat from Stormwind
  5. Sailing from the Banshee’s Wail boat docked in Dazar’alor (Horde only)

How to Start the BFA Introductory Quests For Alliance/Horde

There are a few different options to get to Kul Tiras, but if you’re looking to head to the zone for your first time there is an introductory scenario for Alliance that lets you head to Boralus, as well as unlock the portal room present within. Those amongst you that are Horde will have to unlock your faction’s BFA war campaign and sail to Kul Tiras once you’ve gotten to the point that you can establish footholds.

To begin the quest chain that leads into the scenario, see the guard next to the “Hero’s Call Board” in the Trade District of Stormwind who will offer you the ! Battle for Azeroth: Tides of War quest.

stormwind tides of war quest start
Hero’s Herald, highlighted, is the questgiver

From there you’ll attend a meeting at Stormwind Castle wherein several important figures discuss the war efforts against the Horde and the direction it’s moving in. After a bit it will be brought up that the naval fleet of the Kul Tirans is thought to be crucial for victory over the Horde, of which Jaina Proudmoore has close ties to in the past.

Jaina asks you to accompany her to Kul Tiras to ask for an Alliance, and you’ll meet her at the Stormwind docks to begin the intro scenario that will get you to Boralus.

speak to jaina at the harbor sw map emphasized 1

If you have already completed this scenario on another character on your account you will get the option to skip the scenario by selecting the dialogue option “I’ve heard this tale before” when speaking to Jaina at the harbor.

The scenario itself is straightforward enough and will have you breaking out of jail in Boralus and getting acquainted with the city and the main players for the expansion’s story. Once you’ve reached the quest “Sanctum of the Sages” you’ll escort some alliance mages to open up the portal room in Boralus and, for the sake of having portals available and the war campaign opened, you’ll be done with the introduction for BFA!

boralus portal room

To start the quest chain that will get you to Dazar’alor, speak to the guard next to the “Warchief’s Command Board” who will offer you the beginning quest.

orgrimmar warchiefs herald quest start
The Warchief’s Herald NPC right outside the Warchief’s hut in Orgrimmar

The amount of travel required to start this scenario is minimal, thankfully. You’ll go directly into the warchief’s hut and get a cutscene where you speak to Sylvanas about helping the Horde’s war effort against the Alliance. After that, a small hut nearby will have Nathanos with a couple of other conspirators to get you started on your journey into the Horde intro scenario.

meeting the team
Make sure to get the silver flask on the table!

The scenario is sort of the opposite of the Alliance one and involves you breaking into a prison to break out some political prisoners. Again, the scenario is very straightforward and should be easy enough — just follow the directions and keep moving forward.

Once you get to Dazar’alor there will be a few introductory quests that involve you speaking to the king of the Zandalar Trolls and setting up the Horde embassy. Once you reach the quest “Speaker of the Horde,” you’ll open up the portal room and have the war campaign available.

With the Horde war campaign available if you want to continue the story for BFA you can also unlock Mag’har Orcs and Zandalari Trolls as playable races for Horde. The requirements for these unlocks can be confusing, but we have easy guides available at these links: How to Unlock the Mag’har Orc Allied Race & How to Unlock the Zandalari Troll Allied Race.

summon the horde to make embassy
Plant the flag at the yellow outline to summon the Horde

To find the Banshee’s Wail ship to start the horde campaign, you’ll need to take the flight path right outside embassy you have just set up, and you’ll have a flightpath to the southern tip of the city unlocked by default.

Once on the ship you’ll be able to talk to Nathanos to get started on your war campaign and use the command table to choose a foothold in Kul Tiras. To sail there, make sure to talk to Dread-Admiral Tattersail at the helm once you’ve chosen a foothold.

Where Are Portals to Boralus/Kul Tiras?

The first option: if you have the ability to get to Stormwind city easily, you can use the portal room within the tower in the Mage District.

stormwind map portal room

The portal room will be within the tower, through a blue shimmering gateway. Within the room itself there will be portals leading to all sorts of areas from different expansions on both sides. Below are pictures of the one that leads to Boralus in Kul Tiras.

If you’re a Mage yourself, the Teleport: Boralus spell will send you straight to Boralus. This teleport spell can be attained by the Portal Trainer in Stormwind called Azunla, who offers all the teleport and portal spells that Your Mage-esty may require to get around. She is located in the Old Town district, seen below.

For those that are not Mages, or those magnanimous Mages that offer to open a portal for others to take there is the Portal: Boralus spell. You must be in the same group and faction as the Mage to be able to take the portal they summon.

Where Are the Boats to Boralus or Kul Tiras?

There are two boats that lead to Kul Tiras, with the Alliance one easily leading to their capital city: Boralus. For the Horde players the boat from Dazar’alor is actually the only feasible way of getting to Kul Tiras, so make sure to refer to how to unlock your war campaign above to be able to use this mode of transportation.

Located in the Stormwind Harbor there is a boat with anchors on the sails that comes by every so often to take you straight to Boralus.

Make sure to take the correct boat (seen above), as the same dock is also used for a boat that will take you to the Dragon Isles.

Since the Kul Tiras locale is under Alliance control it’s going to be a bit more complicated to get there for Horde players. First, you’ll need to unlock the Horde war campaign up to the point where it asks you to establish footholds on Kul Tiras for the Horde. From that point you can use the Banshee’s Wail to sail to each of the three zones in Kul Tiras.

If you’re wondering where the Banshee’s Wail is located, there is a flight path starting from right outside the Horde Embassy in Dazar’alor leading to where it’s docked, in the south:

Once you’ve gotten to the point where you are asked to establish a foothold on Kul Tiras, speak to Dread-Admiral Tattersail to set sail to the zone you picked to invade.


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