PvE Balance Druid DPS Guide

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The often overlooked caster DPS spec of the ever versatile Druid brings some new tricks in Cataclysm, including mushroom landmines and a significantly more defined Eclipse mechanic.

Balance Druid in Cataclysm

Balance is one of many specs that have received significant overhauls to how they work. Instead of fishing for an Eclipse proc, you now have a meter swinging in either direction. Once it reaches either side, an Eclipse will occur, boosting the relevant spells.

This changes the general flow of gameplay a lot, even if you are mostly casting the same spells as before. The main new addition to your rotation is Starsurge, an instant damage spell. Most of the time, you would want to throw this out whenever available. Your DoTs (Damage over Time) are also no longer as muddy as they once were, and now you just want to keep them ticking at all times.

Balance Druid Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Consistent rotation
    Balance Druid can often feel like a pendulum, swinging between Solar and Lunar Eclipses at regular intervals. This allows players to build solid muscle memory and familiarity instead of constantly reacting to procs.
  • Versatile
    Druids are always a versatile class, and Balance is no exception. The ability to swap form on a whim opens up a lot of possibilities. Anything from a quick swap to Bear Form with AoE taunt to buy a second or two, to throwing out a few heals to assist.
  • Strong utility
    Balance Druids bring a Haste Buff, Innervate, Faerie Fire, Mark of the Wild, Rebirth, and a Spell Damage Taken Debuff. These utility spells alone make them worth bringing even if they aren’t topping the meters.
  • Mobile
    While Balance Druids prefer to have their talons firmly planted in the floor, they have the same movement options as always, including Dash and Travel Form.


  • Lacks DPS Cooldowns
    Balance Druids don’t have big burst cooldowns the same way other classes do. The closest available is Treants, but even they aren’t quite the same as something like Recklessness.
  • Struggles to dynamically adjust their rotation
    With the rotation being relatively set and unwavering, having to change things around because you are unable to cast Wrath or Starfire can throw things heavily out of balance.

Best Races for Balance Druid in Cataclysm



Cataclysm brings some new Race/Class Combinations to the game, and among them is the addition of Troll Druids. This race is great for Balance Druids for the same reason it’s great for any other caster or healer: Berserking.

  • Berserking gives you a 10 second Haste buff every 3 minutes, making up somewhat for your shortage of healing cooldowns.
  • Regeneration gives you a little extra survivability.
  • Da Voodoo Shuffle is nice to have, although you can always shapeshift to get out of movement-impairing effects.


Taurens were the only race for Horde Druids until now. Unfortunately, it’s not as good as the new Troll option because none of the racial abilities do anything to improve your damage.



Alliance also gets a new race option for Druids in the brand new Worgen race. This option has a solid bonus over Night Elf, but it isn’t massively significant.

  • Viciousness increases your Crit by 1%, the most significant boost on Alliance.
  • Darkflight gives you an extra option for moving fast when Dash is on cooldown.
  • Flayer works well for Druids, who are excellent gatherers due to their Swift Flight Form.

Night Elf

Night Elves don’t have anything that can help your damage as a Druid, but they do have some useful utility that may be valuable to you.

  • Shadowmeld can rarely allow you to drop combat and even survive a wipe.
  • Elusiveness helps you get around while on the Prowl.
  • Quickness gives you a little extra survivability.


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