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  • Author: DanielD
  • Date: May 17, 2024
  • Updated: June 25, 2024
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

Cataclysm brings a number of new fishing dailies to World of Warcraft, and many are well worth doing. In addition to being a good way to level fishing while earning gold and XP, you can also get unique fishing-related rewards, and earn some achievements. This guide will cover all you need to know about the Azeroth, Outland, and Northrend fishing dailies available in Cataclysm.

This is a large guide, so make use of the Contents button above if you’re looking for something specific!

Azeroth Daily Fishing Quests

The new Azeroth daily quests only require character level 10 and 1 fishing skill to accept, and you can complete them with those stats as well (though you’ll fish up some junk if you aren’t at least fishing skill 75. You may only complete 1 daily from this category per day. Additionally, note that each quest-giver will only offer 1 random quest from the pool of the 5 dailies.

They are well worth doing if you are interested in fishing long-term, as they include some rare rewards that make a significant difference when it comes to open water fishing — not to mention the Weather-Beaten Journal can be found in the Bag of Shiny Things. This item allows you to learn Find Fish, an incredibly useful spell for would-be anglers. Here are all of the rare and unique Bag of Shiny Things drops you might receive:

Additionally, doing all 5 daily quests in each city earns you the “Fish or Cut Bait” achievement for that city — do all 15 dailies to earn the Gone Fishin’/Horde achievement.

Don’t forget:

  • Quest fish cannot be caught while in a raid group!
  • If a location is named (such as Bladefist Bay or Valley of Heroes), make sure your minimap has that location indicated while you are fishing — if you’re standing a few meters out of the named area, you will often not be able to catch the fish you’re looking for.

Horde Dailies


All 5 Orgrimmar dailies are picked up from Razgar (65.8, 40.8), who is by the water in the Valley of Honor. He’ll offer one of the following quests each day. The first three can be completed just outside of the city:

You don’t even need to worry about fishing skill for this quest, as you’ll be collecting Monstrous Clam Meat from the Monstrous Clams found on the seafloor in Bladefist Bay, east of Orgrimmar in Durotar. You’ll loot 1 or 2 meat from each Monstrous Clam.

Fishing skill 25 is required to not fish up junk in the Southfury River, which is where you can catch your Giant Furious Pike. Fish the river that runs north-south, just west of Orgrimmar.

Head to Thunder Ridge, south-southwest of Orgrimmar. Find a Drowned Thunder Lizard, and use the knife provided to cut off a Drowned Thunder Lizard Tail. Then look for Golden Stonefish in the water, and right-click the tail while near one or more of the Stonefish. It will kill any nearby Stonefish, and you can collect them. Since you aren’t catching any fish, once again, fishing skill is irrelevant.

daily quests horde outside orgrimmar duratar cataclysm fishing guide featured image
Quest fish found outside Orgrimmar

The other two dailies are completed within the walls of Orgrimmar:

You’ll need 75 fishing skill to fish up the Toxic Puddlefish without catching junk. You’ll find these nasty fish in the Goblin Slums, in the southern side of the Valley of Spirits.

Head out of the northern Orgrimmar gate to Azshara, and kill a Weakened Mosshoof Stag. Loot a Stag Eye, then return to Orgrimmar and head to the Valley of Wisdom. There, right-click the Stag Eye and fish up a Sandy Carp — make sure you’re ready to fish to completion before using the Stag Eye, as the buff it gives you, requisite for fishing up the quest fish, only lasts 10 minutes.

daily quests horde inside orgrimmar duratar cataclysm fishing guide featured image v2
Quest fish found inside Orgrimmar

Thunder Bluff

All of the Thunder Bluff quests are picked up from Kah Mistrunner (56.1, 46.4), who can be found on the highest tier of the central rise.

These can be picked up from the bottom of the water they’re in, which in this case is Stonebull Lake, next to Bloodhoof Village. You can also fish them from the lake, but the catch rate isn’t very high — you’ll also need Fishing (25) to fish there without catching junk.

Another quest where you can fish in Stonebull Lake (Fishing (25) to not catch junk). These fish will no doubt get renamed soon.

stonebull lake fishing location cataclysm horde daily quests thunder bluff fishing

This one’s nice and close — you can catch Azshara Snakeheads in the pond just across from the bank and auction house in Thunder Bluff.

You’ll need 75 fishing skill to avoid catching junk while fishing up the Blind Cavefish in the Pools of Vision. Once you find Poshken’s Ring in a Cavefish, you can return it to him — he’s the Inscription trainer on the X side of the Pools of Vision.

entrance to pools of vision cataclysm horde daily quests thunder bluff fishing
The entrance to the Pools of Vision is on the side of the Spirit Rise
shiny stones cataclysm horde daily quests thunder bluff fishing
The Shiny Stones found at the base of Thunder Bluff’s central rise

Yet another fishing quest that requires virtually no fishing, this one sees you collecting Shiny Stones on the ground in Mulgore, which are scattered around the base of Thunder Bluff’s central rise. Once you’ve collected all 20 you need, you can give them to Nahari, who is by the crossing to Spirit Rise on the central rise.

map for cataclysm horde daily quests thunder bluff fishing


All of the Undercity quests are picked up from Armand Cromwell (81.0, 31.6), on the pier in the Magic Quarter.

You can fish up the Severed Abomination Head in any of the green slime in the city — you’ll need 75 fishing skill to avoid junk while fishing in the Undercity. Once you find the head, go turn it in to Master Apothecary Farnell, who is in the lowest part of the Apothecarium (see map for path — it can be confusing reaching Farnell).

You can fish for these (75 skill to avoid junk), but it’s generally faster to pick them up from under the ooze.

cataclysm horde daily quests map undercity fishing v2

Head to where you enter the Undercity — the Ruins of Lordaeron courtyard. Stand by the moat and use the Alliance Decoy Kit to summon the Moat Monster, target it, then use the Bloated Frog you received to feed the monster. You will probably have to summon it a second time with the decoy kit to complete the quest.

corpse worm location cataclysm horde daily quests thunder bluff fishing
The graves here can be looted for the Corpse Worm you need

First, you’ll need to grab a Corpse Worm from the graves at the entrance of the Undercity. Then head to Brightwater Lake in Tirisfal Glades, use the Corpse Worm on your fishing pole, and fish the lake until you catch a Corpse-Fed Pike.

The tadpoles can be caught in Stillwater Pond, west of Brill. You will need 25 fishing skill to avoid catching junk.

cataclysm horde daily quests tirisfal glades undercity fishing

Wow Alliance CrestAlliance Daily Quests


The Stormwind fishing dailies are picked up from Catherine Leland (55, 69.5), who is found on the small pier in the Trade District.

sparkling dirt patches for diggin for worms cataclysm alliance daily quests stormwind fishing
Sparkles indicate a worm mound

To catch a Crystal Bass, you’ll first need to loot an Overgrown Earthworm from the Worm Mounds (the areas where the ground is sparkling) around Olivia’s Pond in Stormwind City. Once you have a worm, use it on your fishing pole, then fish Olivia’s Pond until you fish up the Crystal Bass — make sure you’re ready to fish before using the worm, as the buff it gives you, requisite for catching the quest fish, lasts 10 minutes. You’ll need Fishing (75) to fish here without catching junk.

North of the cathedral you’ll find Stormwind Lake, where you can fish up the Hardened Walleye you need for this quest. Yet again, 75 fishing required to not fish up junk.

No fishing required for this one — just dive to the sea floor in Stormwind Harbor and loot Stormwind Lobster Traps until you have the x6 Rock Lobsters you need. Watch out for sharks!

You can fish up Royal Monkfish in the Valley of Heroes, which is right outside the entrance to Stormwind. Many of the Monkfish will contain random junk, but eventually you’ll open one up and find the Precious Locket. You’ll need Fishing (75) to fish the valley without catching junk.

stormwind alliance fishing dailies map inside the city

These fish are caught west of the entrance to Stormwind, in Thunder Falls. You’ll only need Fishing (25) to avoid fishing up junk.

stormwind alliance fishing dailies map outside the city elwynn forest v2


You’ll pick up the Ironforge dailies from Grimnur Stonebrand (48.6, 6.4), who hangs out in The Forlorn Cavern.

You can catch these right by the quest giver, from the pool in the Forlorn Cavern — you’ll need Fishing (75) to avoid fishing up any junk. Once you have three, feed them to Squirky, the murloc next to Grimnur Stonebrand.

You can catch the Young Ironjaw in the Forlorn Cavern’s pool, right by the quest giver. Once you catch a Young Ironjaw, head to the Hall of Explorers, where you’ll find an empty plaque to the left of the entrance to the library (71, 10). Use the Young Ironjaw while standing by the plaque to mount it!

ironjaw plaque location cataclysm fishing daily quests alliance ironforge
The Young Ironjaw, in the plaque

The Rat Traps are found in the Ironforge station of the Deeprun Tram. You can buy Shiny Baubles from Tansy Puddlefizz (47.8, 6.6) in the store Grimnur is standing in front of. A Hair Trigger can be purchased in Ironforge’s Tinkertown from Gearcutter Cogspinner (68.2, 44.0) — he is in the northernmost Tinkertown shop.

ironforge map cataclysm fishing daily quests alliance ironforge

Make sure you apply the bait before jumping in the water (83, 51), or it may not work. You can head to Cook Ghilm (75.6, 52.8) once you are covered in Crayfish — don’t forget to head to the cook, not the questgiver. Do not mount or shapeshift, as this will cause the Crayfish to fall off.

Despite what the quest description says, the Arctic Char can be caught anywhere in Dun Morogh, where you’ll need 25 fishing skill to avoid catching junk.

dun morogh map cataclysm fishing daily quests alliance ironforge


All of the dailies in Darnassus are picked up from Astasia (49. 61), who is found in the Temple Gardens in western Darnassus.

Another no-fishing-skill required daily, this one sees you looting clams from the clam objects found on the seabed around Rut’theran village.

Another quest you can complete in the waters around Rut’theran village — you’ll need Fishing (25) to avoid catching junk while fishing up the herring.

The third quest that takes place near Rut’theran, and the second that doesn’t require any fishing skill. Like the clams, look for Baby Octopi on the sea floor around the village.

darnassus alliance fishing dailies map outside city ruttheran village v2

You can fish in the waters of Darnassus, right next to Astasia, for this quest. Eventually, one of the catfish will yield Aquinne’s Moon Pendant. 75 fishing skill is required to not fish up junk.

You can stand next to Astasia to complete this one as well — fish up whitefish from the waters of the Temple Gardens until you have 6. You’ll need Fishing (75) to avoid catching junk while doing so.

darnassus alliance fishing dailies map

Outland Daily Fishing Quests

You can pick up the Outland dailies from Old Man Barlo (38.6, 12.8), who hangs out on the western shore of Silmyr Lake, northeast of Shattrath City. You’ll need character level 70 to pick these quests up, but fortunately, you will be able to complete them all without a flying mount. While you only need Fishing Level 1 to take these quests, you’ll fish up a lot of junk if you aren’t close to the no-junk level listed. Like the Azeroth dailies, you can do only one of the Outland dailies each day, and you will be offered one at random.

Completing all 5 dailies will earn you the Old Man Barlowned achievement.

The Bag of Fishing Treasures will mostly yield about 7gold worth of vendable or auctionable items, but there are a few notable drops from the bag:

Unlike the Azeroth Dailies, the Outland daily fishing quests are neutral — none are Alliance or Horde specific. Except for Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy, the following quests only require you to catch a single fish and return it to the quest giver.

Reminder: Leave your raid group before trying to catch quest fish!

You’ll need to fish open water — rivers, mainly — in between Shattrath and Allerian Stronghold. You cannot fish Blackfin Darter from Silmyr Lake, nor can you find them south of Allerian Stronghold. You’ll need Fishing (450) to avoid catching junk.

Felblood Snapper can be fished from any open water in Hellfire Peninsula (the only water there is at the Pools of Aggonar) and Shadowmoon Valley. The closest place to make this catch is actually on the Terokkar map, south east of the quest giver — you can stand on the far bank of the river that divides Terokkar and Shadowmoon (see map), and as long as your minimap is showing you in Shadowmoon, you can catch the Snapper. Fishing (375) to avoid junk.

terokkar forest map outland cataclysm fishing daily quests

Head to Nagrand for this one — the mudfish can only be caught in Lake Sunspring or Skysong Lake. Make sure the your bobber is landing in the actual named lake location — when you put your character in said spot, the location above your minimap should show the name of one of the lakes. You’ll need Fishing (490) to avoid junk.

nagrand map outland cataclysm fishing daily quests

Gill Trout can be caught in Zangarmarsh, in any open water. That said, south Umbrafen Lake is closest to the quest-giver; additionally, the eastern lakes of Zangarmarsh have the lowest Fishing skill requirement to not catch junk (400). Each Gill Trout will contain 1 or 2 Shrimp. While you cannot find shrimp once you have 10 in your inventory, you can sometimes find 2 shrimp in the last trout you open — if this occurs, you can save the shrimp for the next time you roll this daily.

zangarmarsh outland cataclysm fishing daily quests

The Baby Crocolisk can be fished for in any open water in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, as far as we can tell. You need Fishing (75) to avoid junk in the capitals.

Northrend Daily Quests

All of the Northrend fishing quests are picked up from Marcia Chase in Dalaran — you can find her at the fountain south of Runeweaver Square (53, 65). You’ll need to be level 70 and have learned Fishing to access the Northrend daily quests. As with the other dailies, you’ll get offered 1 at random each day — the quests are neutral, not faction-specific. Also like the other dailies, there is a lot of vendable junk, but also some rare, unique items you can find in your Bag of Fishing Treasures:

killing beasts for blood is thicker fishing dailies wotlk cataclysm fishing guide

Go to the Borean Tundra, and kill any “beast” mob you can find (and safely kill). This will cover you in blood (you’ll see it pretty clearly when it happens), and now you can head to any open water in Borean Tundra. The lake in the middle is a good spot, since there are plenty of beasts nearby. Jump into the water, and you’ll create a pool of blood there — fish the pool of blood and you should start catching Bloodtooth Frenzy! The bobber needs to be relatively close to the blood, so if you have trouble casting your line in the right spot, you can kill another beast and create a second pool of blood to make it easier. Because you’re fishing pools, you only need Fishing (1) for this quest!

Fished in Sholazar Basin. If you have 525 Fishing skill (or close to it), you can fish any open water in the zone. Otherwise, stick to Nettlefish schools to avoid junk — these can also be found in any of the rivers or lakes. Once you catch a ghostfish, eat it within 1 minute — you’ll go to the spirit world for a moment, completing the quest’s objectives.

You can fish up the Terrorfish anywhere in the open waters of Wintergrasp. This is a contested zone with battles every 3 hours, so either time your fishing correctly, or else stand at the spot indicated below when fishing — this will put you in Dragonblight, but your bobber will be in Wintergrasp. Head to (47.5, 83.2) and walk south until your zone changes to Dragonblight, and your coords change to (12.7, 40.4). Note that there is an elemental mob you’ll have to kill to fish this spot. In Wintergrasp, you’ll need 525 fishing skill to avoid junk.

safe fishing spot for dangerously delicious fishing dailies wotlk cataclysm fishing

This quest is completed in Dalaran — head over to the waters of The Violet Hold and fish until you find a Bloated Slippery Eel. When you find one, loot it to find the Severed Arm, then turn it in to Olisarra, who is found in the Magus Commerce Exchange (36.8, 37.2). Apparently she’s going to reattach it. You’ll need 525 fishing skill to avoid junk, so if you’re below that, consider heading into the Underbelly and picking up Underbelly Elixirs, and drinking them for the 1/3 chance of the Hungry Tuskarr fishing buff.

Another Dalaran daily you can do it Dalaran, this quest requires you to fish in the Underbelly. Head into the sewers by going down the ramp at (35, 45), at the base of The Violet Citadel. Continue into the Underbelly and on your right is an inn — go past the entrance and fish from the dock. While you can theoretically fish this up from any of the water in the Underbelly, we’ve had the best results from the deep water by the dock. Again, you can use the Underbelly Elixirs to improve your fishing skill if you’re below Fishing (525).

dalaran daily fishing map marcia chase location and quest info cataclysm fishing


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