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Guild Perks and Achievements
  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: April 30, 2024
  • Updated: May 9, 2024
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

A whole new set of guild features were added to World of Warcraft with Cataclysm. This system is making a return in Cataclysm Classic, but it has been overhauled from its original version. Blizzard has also chosen to implement the Guild & Communities interface from modern WoW in Cataclysm Classic, adding another set of features for guilds to take advantage of.

Creating a Guild

To form a guild, you’ll need to speak with a Guild Master NPC in a major city. There you can purchase a Guild Charter for 10 silver.

As of Cataclysm, you will only need 5 signatures on the charter to create a guild (down from 10 in previous expansions). These must be from characters on different accounts. Your own signature counts as 1 of the 5.

When you have the signatures, return to the Guild Master to register your signed charter and create the guild. The same NPC can also help you create your guild crest, which will appear on your guild’s tabard as well as some of your guild reward items.

cataclysm classic guild charter orgrimmar
Talk to a Guild Master to get a Guild Charter

The Guild Vault

Nothing about the existing Guild Vault has changed with Cataclysm, but you will now be able to purchase two additional vault tabs through the new Guild Rewards system. You’ll also be able to access your Guild Vault from anywhere in the world with the Mobile Banking perk.

Here is the cost of each of the Guild Vault tabs in Cataclysm Classic:

  • Tab 1: 100gold
  • Tab 2: 250gold
  • Tab 3: 500gold
  • Tab 4: 1000gold
  • Tab 5: 2500gold
  • Tab 6: 5000gold
  • Tab 7: 10,000gold (through Guild Rewards)
  • Tab 8: 25,000gold (through Guild Rewards)

cataclysm classic guild vault
Ready to be filled with whatever junk your guild members don’t want anymore

Guild Perks and Rewards

The original guild leveling system from Cataclysm has been nixed in Cataclysm Classic, but most of the perks and rewards will still be obtainable.

Some guild perks will be unlocked for all characters right away, regardless of guild status. Others will be available immediately upon joining a guild. The Mass Resurrection ability has been made into a baseline spell for all healing classes. Two perks from Cataclysm are not being added at all for Cataclysm Classic: Cash Flow and Have Group, Will Travel.

All of the guild rewards from Cataclysm are returning for Cataclysm Classic. Purchasing these rewards will require a certain level of reputation with your guild. Some must first be unlocked by completing guild achievements. These rewards include Heirloom pieces for the Head and Back slots, two additional tabs for the guild vault, new feast and cauldron recipes, tabards, toys, pets, and mounts.

Check out our Guild Perks and Rewards Guide for a complete accounting of everything you can earn through your guild in Cataclysm Classic.

Guild Achievements

Guilds get their own set of achievements to farm together in Cataclysm. These are similar to character achievements, but can only be completed by the collective efforts of your guild members. Some achievements are required to unlock specific guild rewards. Many need to be completed in a group that is made up mostly of guild members.

Our Guild Achievements Guide has a complete list of all of the achievements you can get with your guild in Cataclysm Classic.

Guild Reputation

Another new feature in Cataclysm is the ability to earn reputation with your guild like you would any other faction. Earning reputation unlocks the ability to purchase higher level guild rewards. You can earn reputation by completing quests, getting honorable kills, or completing group content in a majority-guild group.

We have a Guild Reputation Guide with more details about how to get reputation with your guild as well as what counts as a guild group for reputation and achievement purposes.

New Guild Interface

In addition to the new guild perks and achievements, the Guild & Communities interface from modern World of Warcraft has been implemented in Cataclysm Classic. You’ll have an entirely new window for your guild with tabs for Chat, Roster, Perks, and Info. You’ll also be able to join and create Blizzard Groups and Communities from this window.

The Guild Finder and Guild Events Calendar features will be introduced in a later phase and are not in the game for the Cataclysm Pre-Patch.

Guild Chat Tab

Your Guild Chat now has its own window, separate from the main chat window (although guild messages will still show up in the chat window as long as it’s enabled in the tab’s settings). This window saves chat messages so they can still be read even after you log off. Other players who log on later will be able to read back through your conversation, allowing for more asynchronous communication.

Just be careful what you say about your guildies when they’re offline, because now they might see it. 😉

wow classic cataclysm guild chat
The new guild chat window

Guild Roster Tab

The Guild Roster gets is own tab as well, with a new column showing each character’s total Achievement Points. Otherwise everything in this pane is pretty much the same as it has always been.

wow classic cataclysm guild roster
The new guild roster has a column for Achievement Points

Guild Perks Tab

This tab displays all of the Guild Perks on the left side of the pane. In the original version of Cataclysm, these perks were unlocked by leveling up the guild. Now they are unlocked immediately for everyone who joins a guild.

On the right side of this pane is a list of Guild Rewards, showing which Guild Achievement or reputation level you need to obtain to unlock them.

Both of these features are covered in our Guild Perks and Rewards Guide.

wow classic cataclysm guild perks and rewards
Cataclysm adds new perks and rewards for guilds

Guild Info Tab

On the last tab, you can see the guild’s Message of the Day, Guild Information, a tally of the week’s Guild Challenges, and a Guild News section where guild achievements are logged. There’s also a View Log button that will show you a log of member promotions and demotions.

wow classic cataclysm guild info
The Guild Info tab gives you a nice place to type out messages your guildies still won’t read


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