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In Cataclysm every profession gains access to a unique perk. For crafting professions these typically amount to roughly an extra 80 in a stat. Some professions, such as Alchemy come with small additional bonuses, but these will rarely make or break your choice of profession. Some professions do offer more flexibility, for example, Engineering offers Secondary Stat choices, and Tailoring offers strong but short-lasting stat boosts.

Gathering professions also have their own unique perks, but these are not as powerful. They are a lot easier to achieve, making it a good choice for anyone unwilling to spend a lot of time or money on their professions. Secondary professions offer no unique combat bonuses or perks.

wow classic professions alchemy icon Alchemy Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Alchemy 1-525

Alchemy offers different stat boosts and enhanced effects/durations for flasks and elixirs.

wow classic professions blacksmithing icon Blacksmithing Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Blacksmithing 1-525

Blacksmithing offers extra gem sockets for Braces and Gloves, which helps with stat customization. This allows you to equip one additional Gem in each slot. This means that in the early stages of the expansion, you get +80 in your chosen stat, but once Epic Gems are introduced that goes up to +100, making it one of the strongest perks available.

  • Socket Bracer – +40 Strength, Agility, Intellect, or +60 Stamina
  • Socket Gloves – +40 Strength, Agility, Intellect, or +60 Stamina

wow classic professions enchanting icon Enchanting Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Enchanting 1-525

Enchanting comes with exclusive enchants for boosting various stats on Rings. You can only enchant your own Rings, but you can enchant both of them, doubling the stat bonus.

wow classic professions engineering icon Engineering Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Engineering 1-525

Engineering comes with exclusive helms and gem sockets (Cogwheels), as well as unique gadgets, which we will list below.

Engineering Helms

This profession offers several Epic Engineering Helms:

Engineering Cogwheel Gems

These helms can only be socketed with Engineering-exclusive gems, called Cogwheels:

These allow for even further stat customization for your build.

Engineering Gadgets

In addition to the helms, Engineering offers a few useful Gadgets. The most important of these is Synapse Springs, offering 480 in their highest primary stat for 10 seconds once a minute. If you use this on cooldown every time its available, this averages out to 80 in that stat.

An important bonus mention is Loot-A-Rang, which loots a nearby corpse and can be very nice for leveling a ranged character.

professions - inscription icon Inscription Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Inscription 1-525

Inscription offers some exclusive shoulder inscriptions for superior stat boosts.

professions - jewelcrafting icon Jewelcrafting Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Jewelcrafting 1-525

Jewelcrafting comes with an exclusive gem, Chimera’s Eye. It gives +27 stats over normal gems, or +41 Stamina. Note that you can only use 3 of these on your gear, which means a total of +81 to stats or +123 to Stamina.

It is important to note that once Epic Gems such as Delicate Queen’s Garnet are added, Jewelcrafting falls significantly behind, going from +81 to your chosen stat to +51 when compared to full Epic Gems.

wow classic professions leatherworking icon Leatherworking Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Leatherworking 1-525

Leatherworking comes with Draconic Embossments — exclusive bracer enchants with various stat enhancements.

wow classic professions tailoring icon Tailoring Bonuses

Profession Type: Crafting
Profession Guide: Tailoring 1-525

wow classic professions herbalism icon Herbalism Bonuses

Profession Type: Gathering
Profession Guide: Herbalism 1-525

The bonus from Herbalism is Lifeblood, which offers a temporary Haste boost: +480 Haste for 20 seconds, with a 2-minute cooldown.

wow classic professions mining icon Mining Bonuses

Profession Type: Gathering
Profession Guide: Mining 1-525

The bonus from Mining is Toughness, which gives +120 extra Stamina, for increased health.

wow classic professions skinning icon Skinning Bonuses

Profession Type: Gathering
Profession Guide: Skinning 1-525

The bonus from Skinning is Master of Anatomy, which offers +80 Critical Strike Rating.

Secondary Professions

Secondary professions generally do not offer specific bonuses. One exception to this is Archaeology, which offers some very rare items if you are willing to spend the time getting them.


This profession offers a chance to obtain some epic items, some of which are comparable or even better than the first-tier raid gear. However, note that it takes a lot of time to level this profession (epic items start at skill level 450) and it’s quite possible to solve nearly everything and still not get the weapon or armor item you would find useful.


Cooking enables the creation of food that grants various stat bonuses and buffs when consumed.


Fishing provides a source of fish, which is a primary ingredient for many cooking recipes, and occasionally yields valuable items.


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