Chimaeron Raid Guide

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A twisted nightmare. No one knows the intention when Chimaeron was created, but I’m sure the original plan didn’t include a hand where a head should be. Someone needs to put this creature out of its misery.

(You can reference the Chimaeron Loot list if you want to see all of the boss drops.)


A gnome locked in a cage behind Chimaeron. Talking to him activates Bile-O-Tron 800 and wakes up Chimaeron shortly after.

The Bile-O-Tron 800 is a friendly robot that patrols around the room. While active and regardless of his location, he will provide the Pip’s Mixture buff to the raid. This buff prevents anyone whose health is above 10000 from going below 1 health (dying). This is key to surviving the encounter.

A stacking debuff applied to the Chimaeron’s target that increases damage taken by 25% and healing done by 15% for 1 minute. Stacks up to 4 times. Note that this ability only reduces healing done and not healing received. This affects abilities such as Death Strike.

Deals fatal physical damage to the entire raid. Only survivable when Pip’s Mixture is active. Only used when Chimaeron is above 20% health.

Massacre has a chance to deactivate Bile-O-Tron 800 for 30 seconds.

If Bile-O-Tron 800 is deactivated by Massacre, Chimaeron’s heads start fighting each other, making the boss unable to attack in melee. However, he still keeps using Caustic Slime.

Deals strong physical damage to the tank twice within a very short time interval. Used shortly after Break.

Picks two random players & deals massive nature damage that gets split evenly between players within 6 yards of those targeted. Only used when Chimaeron is above 20% health.

Only used after Chimaeron reaches 20% health. Reduces healing taken by players by 99%. Increases damage taken by Chimaeron by 10% and makes him immune to taunt.

Only used after Chimaeron reaches 20% health. Deals moderate Shadow damage every second to the entire raid.

Raid Composition & Preparation

This is a healing heavy fight, so the more the merrier. 4-7 healers is the standard range, reducing healers as your raid gathers more gear. AoE healers like Shamans are very powerful here.

There are no preferred DPS classes or specs for this fight. Bring what you have.

You will need at least 2 tanks for this fight, as Double Attack and Break are important to tank swap for.


This is a healing heavy fight, as the entire raid needs to be high health each time Massacre is cast. Additionally, Double Attack makes this a rough fight for any tank, especially if they have poor gear. For DPS this is a very simple fight.

Whenever the Bile-o-Tron is active, players will want to spread out, relying on Pip’s Mixture to survive Caustic Slime and Massacre. Healers should focus on making sure everyone is above 10000 health first and foremost. Players do not need to be full health! Tanks will want to taunt swap for Break, whenever the stacks are too high to handle (2-3).

Once Massacre has been cast and the Bile-o-Tron is offline, the raid will want to stack in one lump to mitigate Caustic Slime. Rinse and repeat whenever the Bile-o-Tron wakes up.

At 20% health this becomes a burn fight, with healing being effectively useless. Everyone should focus on dealing as much damage as possible!


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