Stranglekelp Farming Guide

cataclysm classic herbalism stranglekelp farming guide
  • Author: Furious
  • Date: October 12, 2023
  • Updated: March 13, 2024
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

This farming guide is designed to assist players in efficiently gathering Stranglekelp herbs, which require a Herbalism skill of 85 and are found underwater. The guide will provide specific zone recommendations, detailing where to find the herbs and how to optimize the gathering process. Relevant quests and buffs that facilitate underwater farming will also be outlined to enhance the farming experience.

Best Zones to Farm Stranglekelp

Level Range
Thousand Needles world of warcraft star icon
Western Plaguelands
world of warcraft star icon Zones denoted with a star tend to be the best for farming the herbs.

Thousand Needles world of warcraft star icon

  • Get the Speedbarge Diving Helm
    • Increases swimming speed by108% and running over the ocean floor by 160%.
    • Questline
      • Starts with The Grimtotem are Coming quest
        • Alliance: Started by Caryssia Moonhunter in Feralas
        • Horde: Started by Kanati Greycloud in Thousand Needles
      • Two If By Boat
      • Do Me a Favor
      • Down in the Deeps
    • With the diving helm it’s faster to run on the bottom of the water instead of swimming
cataclysm classic herblism stranglekelp thousand needles


  • Wetlands is a viable zone for farming Stranglekelp, especially for lower-level Alliance players.
cataclysm classic herblism stranglekelp wetlands

Western Plaguelands

  • Multiple nodes in Darrowmere Lake, the lake containing the island where Scholomance is.
cataclysm classic herblism stranglekelp western plaguelands


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