The Conclave of Wind Raid Guide

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Al’Akir’s lieutenants, comprised of Anshal, Lord of the West Wind, Rohash, Lord of the East Wind, and Nezir, Lord of the North Wind make up this frightful trio.

(You can reference the The Conclave of Wind Loot list if you want to see all of the boss drops.)

Role Summaries

  • Don’t stand near Ravenous Creepers
  • Don’t stand in bad
  • Don’t get hit by frontals
  • Burn down Ravenous Creepers ASAP
  • Don’t be close to Ravenous Creepers
  • Manage your cooldowns carefully, and communicate their use during the ultimate Phase.
  • Don’t let the bosses stand in either Soothing Breeze or Ice Patch
  • Keep your mitigation for high stacks of Wind Chill, especially in the ultimate Phase.
  • Communicate with each other to swap platforms at the end of the ultimate Phase.



30 seconds into the encounter, Anshal summons Ravenous Creepers every second for 5 seconds. These emit Toxic Spores, placing a stacking Nature damage debuff on all nearby players. Avoid standing near these!

These can be handled by preemptively placing slows like Earthbind Totem and Frost Trap under the boss, and then having the raid focus on nuking all the adds down ASAP.

Periodically through the fight, Anshal will conjure a Soothing Breeze on a random Ravenous Creeper. This will heal Anshal and his Ravenous Creepers every second, as well as pacifying every player standing in the area. The tank will need to drag Anshal out of this area as fast as they can to avoid him healing more than necessary.

After 90 seconds, all four Conclave members will teleport to the middle of their platforms and channel a unique ability. Anshal channels Zephyr, healing all Ravenous Creepers and increasing their damage dealt with a stacking buff. To appropriately counter this, the raid will need to make sure all Ravenous Creepers are dead before Zephyr is cast.


Rohash will cast this in place of auto attacks, targeting a random player every time. Because this is not threat based, no tank is needed for Rohash.

Periodically through the fight, Rohash will channel Wind Blast, rotating in a circle and knocking any player in front of him off the platform, to their death. Don’t get caught in the storm.

During the fight there will be tornadoes circling around the platform in random directions, knocking any player they touch off the platform. Avoid these at all times!

After 90 seconds, all four Conclave members will teleport to the middle of their platforms and channel a unique ability. Rohash channels Hurricane, knocking all players into the air and dealing a small amount of Nature damage to them. You will also take fall damage upon hitting the ground, so be ready for that!

Every time Rohash reaches 30 energy, he will shield himself. This shield deals heavy damage to all players on the platform every second until the shield is broken. Make sure to break it as fast as possible, use DPS cooldowns if necessary.


Every 10 seconds, Nezir will give players on his platform a stack of Wind Chill. This deals moderate Frost damage and increases their Frost damage taken. This effect stacks and can quickly ramp up and requires players to regularly rotate out of Nezirs platform.

Nezir periodically targets the tank with Permafrost, dealing heavy Frost damage in a cone every second for 3 seconds. It is important that this only ever hits the tank. This will need to be healed through or otherwise mitigated.

Nezir periodically creates an Ice Patch at the feet of a random player, dealing Frost damage every second to all players within. Move out of this ASAP.

After 90 seconds, all four Conclave members will teleport to the middle of their platforms and channel a unique ability. Nezir channels Sleet Storm, dealing massive Frost damage split between all players on the platform. To handle this, everyone not necessary on the other two bosses will need to head over to Nezirs platform.

Raid Composition & Preparation

You will ideally want at least 5 healers, split between the three platforms. Some raids may opt for 6 for symmetry and simplicity.

This fight generally favors ranged DPS, but melee are still worth bringing.

You will need two tanks, one for Nezir and one for Anshal.



Nezir’s platform is the North platform. You will need a tank here. The tanks primary duty is to drag Nezir out of Ice Patches and to survive Wind Chill. The healer on this platform will have to manage Wind Chill, and because of this it can be advantageous to have two healers able to rotate effectively. DPS players will need to regularly rotate out, at around 3 stacks of Wind Chill. Nezir is the simplest of the three, but requires the most movement.

For the most part you don’t need many DPS players here, as Nezir will be burned down during the second Phase.


Rohash’s platform is the East platform. This boss does not need a tank, and is primarily focused around dodging swirly things. Don’t get hit by anything wind-related here.


Anshal’s platform is the West platform. This boss is the most involved, but is still relatively simple. The tank will need to drag him out of Soothing Breeze. Ranged DPS will need to slow and nuke Ravenous Creepers whenever they spawn, while melee DPS should avoid being near them.

100 Energy

Once the Conclave begins to reach 100 energy, they will all begin casting their “ultimate” abilities. Before this happens you will want to make sure all Ravenous Creepers are dead. If they are, Anshal’s Zephyr ability is toothless. Rohash will knock players upwards, dealing damage to them. This isn’t something that needs to be actively dealt with, just make sure everyone has high enough health to survive the fall back down.

Nezir is the key to this Phase. He will deal massive damage split between all players on his platform. You will need as many players as you can muster on his platform to survive this. This means that all players except a single tank and healer for Anshal, and at least one player, preferably a healer for Rohash, will need to go to the North platform. While there, you can use Bloodlust and burn Nezir as much as possible. Once the cast is over, players can return to the other platforms

As this Phase is ending, the Anshal tank and healer duo will want to swap places with the Nezir tank and healer duo. This is to mitigate stacks of Wind Chill.


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