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Darkmoon Faire Portal

Darkmoon Faire Guide

July 2, 2024  • Luxrah

The Darkmoon Faire is a monthly celebration of all things mysterious and weird in Azeroth! After many years as a smaller, traveling attraction, the Darkmoon Faire found its permane…

Midsummer Fire Festival Event Guide

Midsummer Fire Festival Event Guide

June 21, 2024  • Luxrah

We’re feeling hot-hot-hot, so let the festivities begin! This in-game holiday is a nod to real world Midsummer celebrations that occur during the summer solstice. In World of Warcr…

Darkmoon Cards Guide

Darkmoon Cards Guide

May 24, 2024  • Luxrah

The first phase of Cataclysm brings a new slate of Darkmoon Faire rewards to the game, including some powerful trinkets in the form of new Darkmoon Cards. Like their counterparts f…

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