Stormvine Farming Guide

Stormvine Farming Guide
  • Author: Luxrah
  • Date: June 5, 2024
  • Updated: June 5, 2024
  • Expansion: Cataclysm

This Stormvine farming guide is intended to help you find the best route for picking this sometimes hard-to-find herb. Stormvine has a tendency to hide at the base of larger plants, blending in somewhat with the scenery. It can be found in Mount Hyjal and all three Vashj’ir subzones, with the Shimmering Expanse offering the best farming location.

  • Stormvine requires an Herbalism skill of 525
  • Found in Mount Hyjal and Vashj’ir (all three subzones: Abyssal Depths, Shimmering Expanse, and Kelp’thar Forest)

Best Zones to Farm Stormvine

Level Range
Mount Hyjal
Vashj’ir world of warcraft star icon
world of warcraft star icon Zones denoted with a star tend to be the best for farming the herbs.

Vashj’ir: Shimmering Expanse world of warcraft star icon

  • This is the best location to farm Stormvine, with good density and respawn rate.
  • Stormvine grows in clumps in the Ruins of Thelserai Temple, Silver Tide Hollow, Ruins of Vashj’ir, and Bel’aran Ridge. You’ll have to cross the chasms between, but there isn’t anything to pick down there.
stormvine farming shimmering expanse map
Shimmering Expanse Stormvine Farming Route

Vashj’ir: Abyssal Depths

  • This is the next best option if the Shimmering Expanse is being farmed by other players.
  • Stormvine nodes can be found in clumps around Promontory Point and the ledge to the north of it, as well as south and west of L’ghorek and in the chasm to the east of it.
stormvine farming abyssal depths map
Abyssal Depths Stormvine Farming Route

Vashj’ir: Kelp’thar Forest

  • Kelp’thar Forest is not a great place to farm, but we’ve included this map in case the other locations don’t work for you for some reason.
  • Stormvine nodes are scattered around the Seafarer’s Tomb, Gurboggle’s Ledge, and The Clutch. You won’t find any in the ravine that separates this subzone from the Shimmering Expanse.
stormvine farming kelpthar forest map
Kelp’thar Forest Stormvine Farming Route

Mount Hyjal

  • Vashj’ir will generally be the best place to farm Stormvine, but there is also plenty to be found in Mount Hyjal if you don’t care for underwater zones or if you want to pick up some Cinderbloom as well.
  • Stormvine nodes can be found in the northwestern green areas of the zone. You won’t find any in the scorched lowland areas to the south and east.
stormvine farming mount hyjal map
Mount Hyjal Stormvine Farming Route


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