PvE Feral Tank Druid Talents, Builds & Glyphs

pve feral tank druid talents, builds & glyphs

Cataclysm streamlined the talent system quite a bit, whittling it down to 41 points total. You must spend 31 points in your main specialization’s tree before spending the remaining 10. For us that’ll be going all the way down the Feral Combat tree. There’s also the addition of the Glyph system, with Prime Glyphs offering large changes to playstyle or number output and Major Glyphs offering more utility-focused enhancements to our spells.

Talent Builds

feral druid tank pve talents updated
Talent Build Calculator

This is going to be a fairly bulletproof talent build as we’ve taken essentially every talent that affects our Bear Form in Feral Combat that there is. The remaining points go into the Restoration tree to pick up Heart of the Wild for the stamina increase, and Master Shapeshifter for the fantastic value the single point offers. The talents are going to give us most of what we need to not be one-shot by bosses with Thick Hide preventing critical strikes against us as well as a bunch of raw survivability buffs in our Bear Form. There’s also Natural Reaction, which gives a massive amount of passive damage reduction in bear. Survival Instincts, our biggest defensive cooldown. And Pulverize needs to be mentioned as it’s an important DPS buff that needs to be kept up to make our damage more relevant as well as to more easily take advantage of mechanics that scale off hitting crits.


Prime Glyphs

Major Glyphs

Minor Glyphs


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