PvE Combat Rogue Rotation & Cooldowns

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Combat Rogues have one of the easiest rotations to perform among the majority of the DPS Specializations. In this section of the guide, we will go over the rotation and abilities of Combat Rogue, in both Single-Target and AoE/Cleave encounters.

Single-Target Rotation

  1. Activate Slice and Dice & Maintain it
  2. Cast Killing Spree on cooldown
  3. Cast Adrenaline Rush on Cooldown
  4. Cast Expose Armor (If any other similar effects are not present)
  5. Cast Eviscerate at 5 Combo Points (Main Finishing Move)
  6. Cast Revealing Strike at 4 Combo Points
  7. Cast Sinister Strike (Main Ability)

The Single-Target rotation is extremely easy as you will spam Sinister Strike consistently to generate combo points while using Revealing Strik before your finishing moves to empower them. Slice and Dice must be maintained consistently while Eviscerate acts as your main Finishing Move. Use all of your big offensive cooldowns whenever they are available and time them with other unique offensive effects such as Trinkets or Potions.

AoE/Cleave Rotation

  1. Cast Fan of Knives (When there are multiple enemies)
  2. Cast Blade Flurry (Cleave Scenario)
  3. Repeat Single-Target rotation while Blade Flurry is active (Cleave Scenario)

In terms of AoE, all that you have to do is spam Fan of Knives as much as possible when there are more than 3 targets. For any Cleave scenario where there are two targets, you will only have to activate Blade Flurry and repeat your Single-Target rotation.


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