Arcane Mage Pve Stat Priority (wotlk)

As an Arcane Mage, you want to focus on mainly Spell Power and Haste, depending on which of these two stats you lack.

  • Hit (till capped)
  • Spell Power
  • Haste
  • Crit
  • Spirit
  • Intellect

Generally, a level 80 caster requires 17% (446 Hit Rating) Hit against level 83 raid bosses to guarantee no misses to spell casts. In the Arcane Mage’s case, this is a completely different story because you get 3% from Precision and another 3% from Arcane Focus, so you only need 11% (289 Hit Rating) to build up with your gear when including given raid buffs.

  • In every raid composition, you should at least have either a Balance Druid for Improved Faerie Fire or a Shadow Priest for Misery and either of them gives a target debuff that increases the Hit with spells by 3% so that should leave you with 8% (210 Hit Rating) needed from your gear.
  • Heroic Presence is a Draenei racial passive aura that affects the raid party in a 30 yard range and increases the Hit Chance (Melee and spells) by 1%.

Spell Power is the primary stats for this spec as it heavily increases your DPS after reaching the Hit cap needed. Haste is crucial for Arcane as you want to lower the cast time of Arcane Blast as much as you can. The minimum haste required for Arcane mage is 18.6% (610 Haste Rating), and the rest comes from Self & Raid Buffs such as Bloodlust / Heroism, Icy Veins, Berserking, Wrath of Air Totem, Power Infusion, Black Magic, Hyperspeed Accelerators… At 1350 Haste Rating your Arcane Blast cast time is 1 second, so going beyond that would be a waste. Critical Strike Rating is a secondary stat that will be obtained mainly from gear upgrades. Arcane Mages have more frequent crit procs through the Arcane Potency talent. Spirit is filler stat for this build. Molten Armor converts Spirit into Critical Strike Rating: 

  • Standard Molten Armor converts 35% 
  • Glyphed Molten Armor converts 55% 
  • Glyphed & 2pc T9 set bonus (Khadgar’s Regalia) converts 70%

Tip: You can use the 2pc T9 set bonus to buff an improved Molten Armor and then switch to your regular items while still preserving the improved effect. 

Intellect is last in the list but still good to build especially if you have some mana problems.


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6 months ago

Useless for warmane, the haste cap is not so. I hit 1400 and still casting for 1.6s

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