Arcane Mage Pve Stat Priority (wotlk)

As an Arcane Mage, you will want to prioritize your stats in the following order:

  1. Hit cap (210 Hit rating for most people, or 184 rating if there’s a Draenei in your party)
  2. Spell Power
  3. Haste rating*
  4. Crit rating
  5. Intellect / Spirit


As we get more Haste, the way we use our cooldowns changes slightly. That is because you cannot cast spells faster than 1 spell per second, meaning if a haste boosting effect (like Potion of Speed) causes you to caste faster than that, a part of its bonus haste is wasted.

Below will be the haste breakpoints during your burst window. These caps are with Bloodlust / Heroism (30% haste), Netherwind Presence (6% haste) and Wrath of Air Totem (5% haste). If you go past a breakpoint, you have to change your cooldown usage OR use a different potion, not Potion of Speed.

Icy Veins + Potion of Speed – 902 Haste rating

Icy Veins + Beserking – 656 Haste rating

Icy Veins + Hyperspeed Accelerators + Potion of Speed – 602 Haste rating

Icy Veins + Hyperspeed Accelerators + Embrace of the Spider – 597 Haste rating

Icy Veins + Embrace of the Spider + Potion of Speed – 437 Haste rating

Icy Veins + Beserking + Hyperspeed Accelerators – 316 Haste rating

Icy Veins + Beserking + Potion of Speed -156 Haste rating

For example, let’s say you have 350 Haste rating. This means you’ll only lose 34 Haste rating during your burst window using 316 haste breakpoint cooldowns, which is not a huge waste. If you had 450 Haste rating however, then you would be wasting a lot of it (134) when using the 316 Haste rating breakpoint cooldowns, and so it would be better for you to avoid stacking Hyperspeed Accelerators with Icy Veins & Beserking.


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1 month ago

210 hit rating its ok ?

Reply to  Amery
9 hours ago

Do arcane Focus and Precision stack? so ul get 6% hit from both?

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