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Blizzard has tried to keep information regarding the next World of Warcraft expansion hush-hush, until their planned official reveal date of April 19.

It would appear however that someone on their engineering / web development team had a bit of a slip-up, as new code added to the World of Warcraft website reveals that 3 new products have been added to the list of valid product identifiers: “WoW Dragonflight Base prepurch”, “WoW Dragonflight Heroic Prepurch” and “WoW Dragonflight Epic prepurch”, as well corresponding upgrades between game versions, as has long been the tradition with digital pre-purchases.

This all but confirms that the next World of Warcraft expansion will be titled “Dragonflight” and center around the long-rumored Dragon Isles & the various Draconic factions. This new information legitimizes a recently leaked cover image for the new expansion depicting Alexstrasza, aspect of the Red Dragonflight, which was unconfirmed up until this point but may now be a legitimate internal leak, as well as a recent discovery of the web domain “” being registered.

next world of warcraft expansion leaked dragonflight cover art
A supposed leak picture showing what appears to be the cover art for the new expansion, which was unconfirmed up until recently, but may indeed be a legitimate leak showing the new expansion’s cover art after all.

This revelation further lends credence to a supposed leak from February that claimed the next expansion would be titled “Dragonflight”. Initially dismissed as blatantly false due to being considered too far outside the norm for World of Warcraft, many are starting to reconsider its validity. Specifically, that leak claimed the following about the new expansion:

  • New location based on the Dragon Isles, with certain old zones being revamped and/or combined, such as Tirisfal Glades and the Plaguelands becoming Lordaeron. New capital city is Dalaran, once again.
  • No increase to the level cap. If you reached level 60 during Shadowlands, you will not need to level up, but your Shadowlands gear gets scaled down.
  • 4 new “micro-classes”, with 1 spec each: Dragon Knight (tank using two-hander weapons, plate and fire), Tinker (DPS using guns, mail armor and a mech suit), Minstrel (Healer using leather and musical instruments) and the Chronomancer (Healer using cloth as well as time & sand magic).
  • 5 new “skins” for existing classes: Dark Ranger Hunters (Dark spell effects, tames undead instead of beasts), Necromancer Warlocks (Uses plagues instead of curses, summons undead instead of demons), Nightmare Druids (Corrupted spells and forms), Dragonsworn Shamans (uses dragon-based spells and forms), Warden Demon Hunters (uses arcane and holy magic instead of fel / shadow, similar to Maiev). These are not new specializations for these classes, but rather a replacement for the class entirely, though their changes are largely aesthetic only.

While it is still very much possible that this leak just happened to guess the name of the expansion correctly and could very well be completely baseless, it is certainly looking a good bit more likely than before. If it does turn out to be true, these are some very interesting developments for World of Warcraft.

One thing is for certain: a poor web developer at Blizzard will be getting yelled at big time. The higher-ups cannot be happy over having the title leaked in such an unfortunate manner, just 2 weeks prior to the official announcement!

What are your thoughts on this leak? Are you excited about finally getting that long-awaited dragon-themed expansion? Do you think the February leak may just be true after all, or are you still convinced it ‘s too crazy to be real? If so, do you plan to try any of the new micro-classes? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 months ago

Usually this happens because word travels downhill and they get “told” what to post, so some where along the line an executive is to blame for the leak not the actual developer.

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