wow tokens now available in wotlk classic!
  • Author: Shadostruct
  • Date: May 24, 2023
  • Updated: May 24, 2023
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

This is definitely a bit divisive of a feature being added to the WotLK Classic servers. WoW Tokens are essentially a way to either convert in-game gold into subscription time, or real world money into in-game gold. This system has been present in retail WoW for quite awhile now, and is just now being introduced into WotLK Classic. Do note that this is only for WotLK Classic and “Classic Era”, the Classic Vanilla servers, are not currently going to be using the WoW Token system.

There is also two more major restrictions being placed on the WoW Tokens system as of right now. First, you cannot trade or transfer WoW Tokens between retail and classic. Second, you cannot use WoW Tokens gained from WotLK to add to your Balance. For the second limitation that means you can only trade in any WoW Tokens you attain for gametime or gold. This could be a temporary limitation and might have to do with the imminent release of Diablo 4 in early June. Otherwise anyone with a stockpile of gold in WoTLK Classic could turn that into Balance and buy the game outright.

For the full details make sure to check out the article below and the support article!

Blizzard – (Source)

The WoW Token is now available in Wrath of the Lich King Classic™. This in-game item is a great way to exchange gold for game time in a convenient and secure way.

Please keep in mind that WoW Tokens cannot be transferred between World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic* and World of Warcraft. Certain restrictions apply. Visit our Support article for more details.


* Not available in World of Warcraft® Classic Era.

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I've been playing WoW since beta with some breaks here and there. I'm a semi-hardcore to hardcore raider that focuses on retail mainly. I'm a big fan of giant dragons and am excited for all that Dragonflight will have to offer.

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9 months ago

I’d like to have the old dungeon finder back… When i have to play with the other “new Stuff” from Blizzard why keep that from us. The new one did not achieve what it was supposed to do – at least not on bigger realms and to have the old dungeon finder that only works on the server I’m on (without the cross realm stuff) will work in a similar manner than what we currently have.

Reply to  Strecher
8 months ago

Cross-realm dungeon finder is also largely pointless now, as the vast majority of each faction are gathered on one server per region.

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