WotLK Classic Hotfixes – November 16th: Minor PvP Fixes

wotlk classic arena tournament finals november 11th

In this recent hotfix, we have two changes, both related to PvP. To start with, Warlock pets should now share their owners Resilience, significantly boosting how tanky they are in PvP and hopefully preventing them from being one-shot.

In addition to this, PvP rating calculations have been tweaked. The developer note seems to imply that this will make it easier to reach higher MMR and the rating requirements for PvP gear.

For the full patch notes, see below.

Linxy – (Source)

Here are today’s hotfixes for Wrath of the Lich King Classic:

NOVEMBER 16, 2022

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Classes
    • Warlock
      • Fixed an issue where pets were not properly benefiting from resilience.
  • Player versus Player
    • The PvP rating calculation has been adjusted to provide a continuous, modest increase of MMR for the rest of the season.
      • Developers’ note: We’ve been monitoring players’ rating distribution, and the percentage of players who have reached the rating requirements is much lower than we want it to be.

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