WotLK Classic – Free Dual Spec Fixed, Bounty Satchels Changed To Multidrop

WotLK Classic January 19th Hotfixes Featured Image Auction House Settings

As is tradition, we have a large hotfix drop just after a big patch. This time we have a few much-needed fixes, alongside something that may be a bit more disappointing to some.

Right off the bat, we have some incredibly important Auction House changes. Diverging from the original Wrath of the Lich King release, the Classic Auction House will now be able to sort by Buyout Price and Unit Price. This was previously only available by using addons, and addons would consistently break on larger servers whenever a big patch hit. Adding these options allows players to much easier calculate the actual cost per item of things, as well as avoid absent-mindedly falling for low bid high buyout tricks.

The total buyout price will now also be displayed next to the Buyout button, making the UI clearer and easier to use for players. Along with this, you can search for an exact item by adding quotes to it. An example would be searching for “Scarlet Ruby” which would only give you the uncut gem, whereas searching for Scarlet Ruby would give you the uncut gem alongside all the cut versions. To go with this, you can also shift-click an item from your inventory with the Auction House window open to paste the name of that item into the search box instantly. These functions were something that people appreciated in addons and it is fantastic to see them added to the base game functions.

In perhaps less exciting news, players are currently unable to purchase Dual Specialization from their class trainer. For a brief window, players were able to buy Dual Spec from their trainer without having to pay. While the root cause of the issue is being looked into, purchases have been disabled. Anyone that did manage to get Dual Spec free of charge is allowed to keep it with no repercussions.

In the world of Heroic+ or Titan Rune Dungeons, Bounty Satchels have received a few fixes. Bounty Satchels are the reward for completing the daily Heroic+ dungeon. They contain 3 Emblems of Conquest and a small stack of gold. Previously, one of these would drop from the final boss of the daily Heroic+ dungeon, and players would be allowed to roll on it or potentially use Master Looter to reserve these bags. This has now been changed, allowing everyone in the group to pick up their own Bounty Satchel and receive a daily boost to Emblems of Conquest.

Finally, Sartharion in the Obsidian Sanctum has received two fixes. Both versions of Hard Mode will now drop an additional item, as well as the 10-player version giving the Reins of the Black Drake, instead of the Reins of the Twilight Drake.

The full patch notes can be found below.

Sanq – (Source)

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

January 18, 2023

Wrath of the Lich King Classic

  • Auction House
    • Added options to sort by Buyout Price and by Unit Price. These can be selected via a gear icon button to the right of the search sorting headers.
    • Now, when you select an item to purchase, the total buyout price is displayed next to the Buyout button.
    • Searching an item name in quotes will now perform an exact match search for that item name.
    • Shift-clicking an item with the Auction House open will now paste the name of that item in quotes to the Auction House.
  • Creatures and NPCs
    • Class trainers were inadvertently forgetting to charge money for the dual talent specialization, profession respecialization, and other paid options. While we investigate the cause of their inadequate accounting practices, we’ve asked them to stop selling the dual talent specialization ability. Anyone who has already purchased dual talent specialization will be allowed to keep it, and we’ll re-enable it once we’ve fixed the issue. The profession specialization services will continue to be offered, but may spontaneously start charging their intended fee.
  • Dungeons and Raids
    • Defense Protocol Alpha
      • Bounty Satchels from Heroic Daily Dungeons, with Defense Protocol Alpha active, are no longer tradeable to party members.
      • The Frostbite effect from Heroic Utgarde Keep and Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, while Defense Protocol Alpha is active, now appears as a debuff and cannot be cancelled via the UI.
      • The Bounty Satchel from the Heroic Daily Dungeon, when Defense Protocol Alpha is active, is now multidrop. This was an accidental oversight and was always intended to be multidrop. This means all members of the party can loot the item and receive 3 bonus Emblems of Conquest.
    • Obsidian Sanctum
      • Sartharion
        • Now drops an additional item when 2 or 3 drakes are alive, similar to 3.4.0.
        • 10-Player now drops Reins of the Black Drake (instead of Reins of the Twilight Drake) when 3 drakes are alive.

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1 year ago

The auction house changes are great to see, long overdue imo!

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