Race Change Added To WotLK Classic With 30% Discount

Race Changes Now Available Featured Image

Once again Blizzard has decided to surprise the player base. This time by adding race changes on a Tuesday night. These can be purchased in the in-game store at the following prices:

1 Race Change – $17.50/€17.50/£13.30
3 Race Changes – $35/€35/£25.90
8 Race Changes – $80/€80/£60

Regional pricing may apply. The 8 pack is not currently on sale, but is still the best value if you do happen to need 8 race changes. Race changing will apply a 30 day cooldown to that specific character, restricting you to one race or faction change per month per character.

This offer is only available until the 17th of April, after which the 8 pack will be discontinued, being replaced with a 6 pack for the same price. The 1 pack and 3 packs will also no longer be 30% discounted after this date.

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