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  • Author: Passion
  • Date: September 18, 2023
  • Updated: September 18, 2023
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Welcome to our guide to the Brewfest World Event! In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know to experience everything this event has to offer, as well as how to get the meta achievement, Brewmaster, and start your progress towards What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.

Brewfest is available from the 20th of September to the 6th of October.


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Brewfest has plenty to offer, including the boss Coren Direbrew, multiple mounts, and the most annoying teleporter in the entire game!

Finishing the meta-achievement for this event will grant you the title Brewmaster and get you one step closer to the year-long achievement Strange Trip.

The event boss, Coren Direbrew drops Trinkets that are identical to the item level 200 Emblem Trinkets. Coren also drops the uniquely slow Direbrew’s Bloody Shanker, bind-on-equip Tankard O’ Terror, as well as the Swift Brewfest Ram and Swift Brewfest Kodo. These mounts are unique in that they are available to both factions, allowing Horde players to ride a Ram, and Alliance players a Kodo.

brewfest kodo

Finally, Coren can also drop Direbrew’s Remote. This is a one-of-a-kind item that creates a mole machine, teleporting any party member that right-clicks it straight into the Grim Guzzler. This can be a fantastic time saver if you have any reason to be in Blackrock Depths, Molten Core, or Blackwing Lair. Despite all of that, the main use for this item is simple. Create a mole machine somewhere party members will right-click, and give them a free ride into the middle of a dungeon nested at the bottom of a mountain, in a level 50 zone. You could also not do that, and have a much happier raid, but where’s the fun in that?

Coren Direbrew

brewfest coren direbrew 2

Coren Direbrew is only accessible through Blackrock Depths, inside the Grim Guzzler. Directly to your right upon entering the dungeon you’ll find a handful of NPCs surrounding a mole machine. You could use this to get a shortcut straight to the Grim Guzzler, but if you want a route with some chest hair, make the trek there on foot, running through Blackrock Depths. If you’re lucky, either you or someone in your group got their hands on Direbrew’s Remote already. In this case, gather your group and hop into the very safe mole machine to be teleported straight to the Grim Guzzler from anywhere in the world.

Each player can summon Coren Direbrew once per day but can roll for loot as many times as they’d like. Players with a lot of alts may want to find a group that rotates in characters, allowing for the maximum potential kills per day. Remember, this boss can be done in a raid group, but the instance can never hold more than 5 players at a time.

The boss itself is designed to be clearable by players of all skill levels, so the fight isn’t very punishing.

The Fight

brewfest grim guzzler

There isn’t a lot to this fight, but a group full of fresh-level 80s, drunk on all that Brewfest has to offer may get overwhelmed if they’re unlucky.

Now and then a mole machine will pop up during the fight, knocking back everyone close to it, and spawning a handful of adds. You don’t need to kill them, but you do want to make sure they aren’t harassing your healer at the very least.

The most annoying part of the fight is the Brew Maidens. These will throw drinks to players, and if you fail to drink it fast enough, they will throw the whole keg at you instead. Get to chugging! Finally, Coren will chug his drink and cast Direbrew’s Disarm. Anyone in melee range will be disarmed, so make sure to dip out to avoid it.

That’s all there is to the fight, nice and simple, easily repeatable.



Brewfest provides a few opportunities for achievements, including the meta-achievement Brewmaster, a criteria for Strange Trip that is only available during this event. For details on how to get all of the event achievements, check our Brewfest Achievement Guide!


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5 months ago

Shame they are ilvl 200 when we’re about to enter ICC. Nice for fresh 80s, I suppose.

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