Fire Mage Pve Stat Priority (wotlk)

As Fire Mage, you want to focus on mainly Spell Power & Crit. Choosing the Spell Power over crit will generally give more damage but causes more RNG so the the stats goes as following:

Hit (till capped) > Spell Power = Crit > Haste > Spirit > Intellect.

Generally, a level 80 Caster requires 17% (446 Hit Rating) against level 83 raid boss to guarantee no misses to spell casts. And as a Torment the Weak  Mage (a.k.a TTW Mage), you don’t have Precision in your talent tree so you are required to build up the Hit on your gear with the given raid buffs.

  • In every raid composition, you should at least have either a Balance Druid for Improved Faerie Fire or a Shadow Priest for Misery and either of them gives a Target debuff that increases the Hit with spells by 3% so that should leave you with 14% (368 Hit Rating) needed from your gear.
  • Heroic Presence is a Draenei racial passive aura that affect the raid party in a 30 yard range and increases the Hit Chance (Melee and spells) by 1%

Spell Power and Critical Strike Rating are the primary stats for this spec. As a Fire Mage, the more crits you do, the more consistent the DPS is. The spec heavily relies on Hot Streak talent, so it only makes sense to have frequent and powerful crits. This spec requires a minimum amount of 45% (1478 crit) to be viable. 71% (2332 of Crit) is required to have a 50% chance to proc Hot Streak after casting a Fireball. Increase Haste with gear upgrades, and even as it is a secondary stat for this build, you should be roughly around the soft cap 22.18% (728 Haste : 4 Fireball during Living Bomb) and you’ll only get to your hard cap 29.58% (971 Haste : 5 Fireball during Living Bomb) with full bis gear. Spirit is another useful stat for this build. Molten Armor converts Spirit into Critical Strike Rating: 

  • Standard Molten Armor converts 35% 
  • Glyphed Molten Armor converts 55% 
  • Glyphed & 2pc T9 set bonus (Khadgar’s Regalia) converts 70%

Tip: You can use the 2pc T9 set bonus to buff an improved Molten Armor and then switch to your regular items while still preserving the improved effect. 

Intellect is last in the list due to a mage’s abilities being a percentage of your maximum mana.


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11 days ago

Intellect is last in the list due to a mage’s abilities being a percentage of your maximum mana.

This is incorrect, Mage abilities in WotLK are based on base mana, not maximum mana. So increasing your total intellect with gear does not increase the mana cost of spells.

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