Fire Mage Pve Stat Priority (wotlk)

As Fire Mages, we want to focus on a balance of Haste and Critical Strike, while maximizing Spell Power and taking care to remain hit capped.

  1. Hit rating until cap (446 Hit rating, or 368 if your raid has Misery / Improved Faerie Fire, 342 if your party also has a Draenei player)
  2. Spell Power
  3. Crit rating
  4. Haste rating
  5. Spirit
  1. Hit rating is your most important stat. If you can’t hit your targets, you’re not dealing damage. The cap for spell hit versus level 83 (boss) enemies in WotLK is 446 (17%). In raids, you will likely have either a Shadow Priest for the Misery debuff, or Balance Druid for the Improved Faerie Fire debuff, increasing your chance to hit with spells by 3% — though you should note that those two do not stack with each other. This will push down the amount of hit rating you need to 368 (14%). Fire has no talents to help with hit, unfortunately. If you’re a Draenei, or expect to have one in your PARTY (their aura is party wide, NOT raid wide!), you require 342 rating (13%) so you never miss with spells. Therefore, have 368 rating (14%) ready for raiding and few items as backup to increase hit to 17% once you know there’s no mind melters or owlkins around.
  2. Spell Power increases your raw damage output. Fireball, Frostfire Bolt and Pyroblast get 15% increased spell power bonus, meaning they get a lot of extra damage from your spell power stat. Living Bomb, Scorch and Fire Blast and other spells do not get any special increases, unfortunately.
  3. Crit Rating increases the frequency of your Hot Streak procs; therefore it’s your most valued stat after hit, competing with spell power. Your DPS increases exponentially the higher your critical strike chance is. You’ll want to aim for about 50% crit chance to begin with, so you’ll need another ~30% from your gear, after the ~22% crit chance increase you have on Fireball from talents & raid buffs. In later tiers, you’ll ideally want to have 70-80% Fireball crit chance, at which point you should focus on increasing your haste instead — this will typically be when you’re using BiS T9 or T10 gear. As a fresh level 80 Fire Mage, getting that 30% crit from gear will be your top priority — though you should know that Arcane will be out-DPSing you at this point.
  4. Haste is a very strong stat for fire, reducing Fireball‘s massive 2.85 second cast time (after talents). However, as Fire, we rely on repeated crits above anything else, so we cannot focus on haste until we have enough crit. Each tier has a different “ideal” balance of crit and haste.
    *1 haste rating equals ~0.03% haste. To get 1% haste, you need 32.79 haste rating.
    Ideal haste pre-T9 heroic gear is ~12% (+8% from raid = 20%).
  5. Spirit is a weaker form of crit, while also increasing your mana regeneration slightly. Spirit is an “okay” stat for mages, just not as good as pure crit, haste or hit stats.
    *Not that it’s bad since 55% (70% with T9(2) set) of it turns into crit rating, but that itself is the “problem” – it would be better if it was pure critical strike rating instead (or any other stat for the matter). If you’re able to, replace any spirit item if/as soon as possible.


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1 month ago

Doesn’t Arcane Focus in the TTW build give 3% hit, thus reducing the hit requirement from gear?

30 days ago

i dont undestand why you put spirit like a last stat?

you can get 55% from molter armor into your crit + 15% of bonus from T9 + 20% of glyph so totally 90% of your spirit ll be transferred into crit str rat.

remember that spirit is a stat which can proc. so if you use arcane talent you can increase you spirit by 10% + if you get bok then is another 10%

you can get finally from 100 spirits => 108 critical str rat.

not bad? why we should replace it a soon as possible?

8 days ago

How much exactly the haste cap is? You say you need 32.79 haste for 1% but never said what the cap is (soft or hard)

5 days ago

Thank you for putting together this excellent guide, and being responsive to everyone’s questions! My planned talent build differs a little from the TTW suggestion, taking two less points in Playing With Fire and a different selection of Arcane talents (my guild is a bit on the casual side so fights tend to run a bit longer).

Reply to  Braunt
11 hours ago

Why would you remove Playing with fire (pure dps upgrade) over World in flames (crit chance) and why skipping on Spell impact (again a pure dps upgrade)? seems ur focusing on lowering ur damage instead of increasing it?

11 hours ago

Im thinking of a build like this: I miss some on world in flames but I gain so much more damage done % instead and on my sims flat damage done % is worth more then the 4% il miss from that.

Reply to  Amery
6 hours ago

are you sure it does in raidenvironment? With the buffs from raid (kings, spiritbuff/scroll,gotw)? Prob with World in Flames is that it only works on Pyro and LB. It wont help FB while student talent works on all spells and since ul use fb the most feels like a waste to not boost that spell the most?

Last edited 6 hours ago by Idodamage
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