PVE Shadow Priest DPS Guide WotLK 3.3.5a

Welcome to the Shadow Priest guide for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King. In this guide, you will learn about playing a DPS Priest spec including : Introduction, Talents, Glyphs, Gems, Enchantments, Professions, Gear, Stat Priorities & General numbers, Gameplay & Skill rotation tips, and Consumables.

Shadow Priest is one of the classes to have in the raid: good DPS, incredible off-healing, amazing utilities and excels in short period fights with multiple targets 

Best Races


  • Undead: Will of the Forsaken (CC breaker on some bosses)
  • Troll: Berserking (Cast Speed CD)
  • Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent (Mana) and Highest Base Intellect (Little extra crit)

Ever since TBC, Shadow Priests barely even use 30% of their mana. Troll by far is the best race for any spec of priest in PvE.


  • Human: Increased Spirit (More crit with Molten Armor)
  • Gnome: Increased Int (more crit)
  • Draenei: Increase Raid Hit by 1%.

For Alliance, Human is the best race for Shadow Priest due to the fact that they convert spirit into pure Spell Power with Twisted Faith

Best Professions

Tailoring : Effectively 98 Spell Power: 295 SP proc for 15 seconds and a 50% proc chance, this equates to roughly a consistent +98 spell power assuming it procs right after the Internal Cooldown finishes (45 second). 

Engineering : Effectively 68 Haste and 12 Crit with movement speed boost : (Hyperspeed Accelerators) 340 Haste active with 20% uptime.& (Nitro Boosts) 3 Minute CD movement speed boost along with 24 Crit rating. 

Jewelcrafting : Effectively 48 Spell Power: 3 Dragons Eye Gems (39SP, 34 Crit, 34 Haste). Generally SP dragons eyes are taken. This equates to 48 Bonus SP compared to normal epic gems.

Alchemy : Effectively 47 Spell Power: Mixology gives bonus SP on Flask of the Frost Wyrm.

Enchanting : Effectively 46 Spell Power: 2 ring enchants (23×2).

Blacksmithing : Effectively 46 Spell Power: 2 bonus gem sockets, 1 on Wrists, 1 on Hands.

Inscription : Effectively 46 Spell Power: This replaces the 24 SP and 15 crit rating Shoulder Enchant from Sons of Hodir.

Leatherworking : Effectively 46 Spell Power: Fur Lining – Spell Power (76 Spell power) replaces the Standard 30 Spell power wrist Enchant.

Skinning : 40 Crit Rating: Master of Anatomy.

Mining : Gives Stamina (Not worth it)

Herbalism : Only gives a heal (Not worth it)

Tailoring is must for every caster due to how much Spell Power you gain from it and Engineering is second best due how much valuable the movement speed can be in some crucial situations along with the haste bonus.


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7 months ago

what about shadow word death? lol

Last edited by dan
Reply to  dan
6 months ago

You should use it while moving/evading aoe

Last edited by Aellis
8 months ago

thank you for this guide is helpet alot and the way you explane it was perfect for new players in shadow priest

Last edited by [email protected]
Best Spriest OCE
Best Spriest OCE
5 days ago

Petty shity guide lmao

  • Human: Increased Spirit (More crit with Molten Armor)
  • Gnome: Increased Int (more crit)

If anyone wants to know how to spriest go to the waybackmachine and look up shadowpriest.com, the ape who made this is some pepega mage andy.

9 months ago

this is what you really want: https://wotlkdb.com/?talent#bVcbbZZGefVofzffqczAo:ahqVcz

Dispersion glyph lowers your DPS because you have to cancel cast, get pain instead. You should be able to rely on SWP tick, VT Proc, and Fiend to keep you up using dispersion between trash pulls mostly or during longer fights. the extra point in threat reduction if you are closer to BiS and your tank isn’t quite there and for AOE pulls is pretty useful. If it isn’t an issue for your raid put one point back over into disc for Meditation.

this is for PVE, Spriest not all that good at pvp, but getting improved shadowform and the silence and horror would be “okay” against people who are not fully geared.

Last edited by Redrage
Reply to  Redrage
5 months ago

The improved shadowform is mainly for 70% less time lost while channeling and taking dmg.

Last edited by Unella
Reply to  Redrage
5 months ago

You can use either dispersion or SW:P glyph but if you want to down LK (easiest way possible) is quite usefull to be able soak more times. If you dont cancel last tick of mind flay you shouldnt have mana issues at all.
Improved mind blast is bullshit since healing reduction is useless on bosses and casting mind blast is DPS loss! And you shouldnt bother with replenishment since you will have retri paladins whose will be spamming judgements.
Putting points into threat reduction is useless since shadowfrom grants you 30% threat reduction (thats more than most classes takes) and you will not be highest dps by far. Anyway since you dont have better talents I put here 2 talents
2 points of improved shadowform is must have if you want to raid ICC.
2 points into veiled shadows is optimal I recommend it but not necessary is more a gimmick 😀
3 points in meditation is must have. Dont be idiot with trying to find mana somewhere else.
Inner focus Optimal but not necessary. If you know you will not press the button dont take it.

Last edited 5 months ago by Zathe
Best Spriest OCE
Best Spriest OCE
Reply to  Redrage
5 days ago

Just came by to say this guy is a tool.
Pre T10 4pc you spec this
With 1 point spare.
Post T10 4pc move mind blast points wherever else you like.
If you’re going to pull threat, tell your tanks to get good, or just get a salv cooldown.

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