Wrath Classic Community Council Live Chat – May 25

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Last night, a live chat between the WoW Community Council and Classic Developers took place, giving the council members the opportunity to ask questions directly. During the 50 minute chat, questions were focused primarily around the future of Ulduar in Phase 3.

A handful of questions regarding how the developers feel about the state and future of the game gives some insight into who they are and where they want the game to go. Many of the questions were prefaced with “How do you feel” or “How does the team feel”.

However, this live chat did not give us many of the responses players may have been hoping for, or waiting for. The potential for skips and shortcuts being available in Ulduar received a disappointing “It’s definitely something we’re considering”. When asked about changes for Fragments drop chance in Phase 3, the response was “We haven’t landed on an answer just yet”. On the topic of allowing more abilities to reset their cooldown once an encounter ends, the response was “We’ll talk about it and see if that’s something we’re willing to make a change on“.

Unfortunately, a lack of concrete answers here leaves us with very little, outside of a general look into how the Classic developers think.

We did on the other hand receive a decent amount of information about the intentions of Heroic++/Defense Protocol Beta. Currently on the PTR the bosses also drop gear from Naxxramas 10, but do not drop their original Heroic drops. This was an intentional decision, hoping to make Heroic++ more appealing as a catch up mechanic, hopefully making it easier to find groups for it later in the Phase.

On the topic of Random Dungeon Finder(RDF) being added prematurely, it was said (paraphrased)“We’ve been very clear that we were not going to introduce RDF before 3.4.3”. Despite searching, I have found no reference to RDF not being added before 3.4.3. The primary quotes I can find, by Brian Birmingham, allude to us not getting RDF at all. This quote does seem to be the first time we are getting any hint that RDF will be added during Wrath Classic, which for some may be something to get excited about.

Another contentious topic now has an official statement, even though it is unlikely to calm any online debate. The topic of cheesing Alone in the Darkness by exploiting mob pathing and AI was brought up. This strategy was said to be against the “spirit of the encounter”, and something that they would like to fix. Whether or not this was exploiting, or against the rules in any way, was not touched on.

Alongside the video, the thread it was posted in allows the council to continue their discussion or ask further questions. As of this article, there is only one additional post there, by Riokaii. This post details a handful of suggestions for making Ulduar Hard Modes less boring.

The first of these suggestions is for Vezax to trigger hard mode at a health threshold, removing the need for faster guilds to wait 60+ seconds doing nothing. The second is for Runemaster Molgeim to spawn a Rune of Power at his feet upon death, or for him to get his priorities straight and cast things in a consistent manner. The post contains more suggestions, but so far without response.

You can find the full video and thread below.

Kaivax – (Source)

Today, members of the WoW Community Council met with Classic devs to talk about the development of current content in Wrath Classic, as both a retrospective on Ulduar and a look forward to the Call of the Crusade.

Please feel free to continue the discussion here, and ask any follow-up questions that you might have.

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