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A short and sweet blue post by Kaivax has confirmed that despite popular belief, the meta achievements from Phase 1 of WotLK Classic will remain obtainable throughout the entire expansion.

This includes the Plagued Proto-Drake obtained from the Glory of the Raider achievement, the Black Proto-Drake from the Glory of the Heroic Raider achievement, as well as the Undying & Immortal achievements and their matching titles.

Hopefully this can reduce the stress of some players that have a fear of missing out. Good luck!

Kaivax – (Source)

As we approach Wrath Classic 3.4.1 and the release of Ulduar, we want to make sure all players know that the Glory of the Raider Black Proto-Drake, Plagued Proto-Drake, the Immortal title, and the Undying title will remain available to be earned throughout Wrath Classic.

Good luck earning these rewards in the months to come!

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