soul of iron achievements accidentally awarded on wotlk servers featured image 2
  • Author: Pride
  • Date: September 20, 2022
  • Expansion: WotLK Classic

Back in October of 2021, Blizzard added a very cool system to the Season of Mastery: the Soul of Iron. This system is meant to officially facilitate the “Ironman” challenge that players would previously undertake unofficially, wherein a player reaches the maximum level (60 for Classic) without dying once. This system was kept exclusive to the Season of Mastery and Classic Era servers, and was never added to TBC Classic servers.

A funny little bug introduced with the WotLK pre-patch however has caused players on the WotLK Classic servers to occasionally get the Soul of Iron feat of strength achievement as well, as players are reporting. This is despite the fact that these characters died multiple times on their way to level 60, or the fact that the Soul of Iron system doesn’t exist on those servers! Moreover, the achievement is explicitly tagged as “(Season of Mastery)”, which is interesting.

soul of iron achievements accidentally awarded on wotlk servers featured image 2
Hold on Blizzard, I don’t remember seeing any level 68 Draeneis or Blade’s Edge Mountains on my Season of Mastery server…

The Season of Mastery servers don’t have the achievement system at all, so the fact that there is such an achievement at all, and that it is tagged as “(Season of Mastery)”, is slightly peculiar in and of itself. This could indicate several different possibilities:

  • Though very unlikely, they might be thinking of adding the achievement system to Season of Mastery
  • Slightly more likely, they might be considering adding the Soul of Iron system to WotLK servers
  • Perhaps the most likely scenario, they plan to allow players to show off the fact that they completed the Soul of Iron challenge on SoM, on WotLK servers. We know that they plan to allow players to transfer their SoM characters to WotLK Classic once SoM concludes, so this could be designed to facilitate for that possibility.

Regardless, it’s very funny to see Draenei characters run around and unlock a Season of Mastery achievement at level 68, upon dying occasionally!

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6 months ago

Yeah got this on one of my random alts, even though it was never on a SoM server.

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